HELLOOOOOO fellow Nimonians!!!!!! How are all of you on this BEAUTIFUL, SIZZLINGLY HOT SUMMER DAY?????? I and My fellow Democrat Activists had a SPLENDID, albeit HOT day!!!!!! Today, while washing the feet of several BLM demonstrators after they had broken a few store windows, we helped local law enforcement enrich the city treasury by around $10,000!!!!!! We did this by identifying scofflaws milling around without masks, then alerting the police who would show up a minute or two later to either fine or arrest the selfish miscreants!!!!!! And I did this without even ONCE using My Iphone's contact tracing software, though I use this too at other times!!!!!! NOBODY will disobey COVID-19 safety laws while LLOYD DAVIES, SUPREME CONTRACT TRACER is on the job, nor will mask-patrol LEOs be defunded and there ABSOLUTELY won't be ANY understandably angry Black demonstrators with DIRTY FEET in our midst, lol!!!!!! :-D *NM* *LINK*