First of all, if you were a rich man (and the only way a dickhead like you could ever become rich would be if a rich relative left you money or you hit the lottery), your estate would be confiscated by the kike banks through probate. WNs have historically tried to edjewcate the public about how the international jew banks steal from everybody, something the neo-cohn republicants have always avoided discussing. But if somehow you did have the ability to leave your "fortune" to somebody, you'd leave it to JINSA, UJA or some other kike org, that is, after you finished sucking the dick of one of their representatives, the way any other neo-cohn republicunt traitors, such as "James" Kelso, would. Now waddle off and honor the memory of Barry Farber by listening to your extensive tape collection of his shows. You're a "great american", just like Sean Hannitool. *NM*

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