Hey guys, what's happening? Had an interesting experience last night! Me and my two budds got rip roaring drunk and instead of me assfucking both of them (both of these dudes have BODACIOUSLY HOT BUTTS!), one of them suggested fucking ME instead! Now, as a str8 dude, I was unsure about this because I have ALWAYS been a top, NEVER a bottom because I am NOT GAY (really, I'm not)!!!!!! However, I was too wasted to complain, so I bent over the coffee table, and let Cody (Dude #1 and a former swimmer!) have a go at me. Cody says I have a GREAT ass, though I wouldn't know as I've never looked, but anyway, Cody starts rubbing his hands up and down my back and ass, after which, he starts smacking my cheeks with his cock! As drunk as I was, I have to tell you that I almost INSTANTLY got the biggest stiffy I've ever had! Then, Cody gave me my first ever REACH AROUND! Already lubed, he was about to penetrate me when suddenly and without warning, I SHIT ALL OVER MYSELF AND HIM!!!!!! *NM*

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