Hello again, fellow Nimonians!!!!!! Tomorrow I will be attending a BLM rally where I and my Democrat Activist budds will be washing the feet of no less than a dozen deserving Black people!!!!!! But today, I'm sitting here in my pizza wagon, surreptitiously watching EVERYBODY who comes and goes from this mini-mall, watching for anybody who's NOT WEARING A MASK!!!!!! My job is to alert the police vehicle parked half a block away so that they can come and arrest the miscreants who are putting everybody else in Alabama in danger by NOT wearing a mask!!!!!! So far, the cops have arrested ALL TEN people I've exposed as scofflaws today, thank you very much!!!!!! Masks are mandatory around here and WILL be worn by EVERYBODY!!!!!! If not, then there WILL be consequences!!!!!! So, to all tRump supporters: makes sure you DON'T wear masks so that you can be arrested and put into JAIL where you, like all republicans, BELONG!!!!!! :-D *NM* *LINK*

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