OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! BOB FILUS HAS CONTRACTED THE CORONAVIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The coroners and pathologists who have been attending to Bob Filus' 3 year dead corpse in the refrigerated morgue have determined that not only has Bob Filus' corpse contracted the virus, but Bob Filus' corpse, which has been GAINING WEIGHT POST-MORTEM for the 3 years he's been dead, is GAINING WEIGHT MORE RAPIDLY NOW THAT HE'S GOT THE CORONAVIRUS!!! There is now a huge panic at the refrigerated morgue containing Bob Filus' corpse, which now, thanks to the Coronavirus, is expected to top 400 POUNDS BEFORE THE END OF THE CALENDAR YEAR!!! Bob Filus' face is SO FAT that the coroners can't even keep his n95 mask in place without his chins causing it to pop right off!!!! Which only PROVES that Bob Filus was a great man. Bob Filus was a big man. Bob Filus was a fat man. Bob Filus is a dead man. Bob Filus is a Coronavirus man. Bob Filus is a great, big, fat, dead man who now has the Coronavirus!!! *NM*

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