Hey guys, how's it hanging?????? I am REALLY glad to see this forum up and running again, even though it's populated by homophobes who accuse me of being gay even though I AM ***NOT***GAY!!!!!! The lockdown these past several months has been tough for most but I've been having a BALL (heheh!) with my two homies from the local university who came to live with me when they weren't able to go home after the uni shut down!!!!!! My wife (who thinks I'm gay even though I am NOT GAY) went to visit her mother early this past spring and still hasn't come back, so there's been plenty of room for these two dudes to live with me!!!!!! I've had more butt sex over the past four months than in my ENTIRE LIFE prior to that!!!!!! I've buttfucked these two dudes' AWESOME ASSES so many times I now have CALLUSES on my COCK!!!!!! Which is amazing because I'm NOT GAY!!!!!! Really, I'm not!!!!!! I AM ******NOT****** GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *NM* *PIC*

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