HELLOOOOOO FELLOWWWWWW NIMONIANS!!!!!! I hope all of you are enjoying this very lovely Summer as much as I am!!!!!! During the three months or so that this forum was offline, I and My Democrat Activist friends have helped jail no less than 150 nazi scofflaws who refused to wear masks in public!!!!!! We tipped the police off to a weight lifitng gym which enabled them to raid the place, arrest the 2 owners and 40 members, and cart them away to jail where they are being held until the local health commissioner gets around to testing all of them for COVID-19!!!!!! We got several other businesses including a hair salon and two pizza parlors (neither one was mine, lol) shut down as well, permanently if the judge agrees. You want to be selfish and not wear a mask?????? Then you WILL PAY THE PRICE WHEN WE FIND YOU!!!!!! :-D *NM* *LINK*

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