Anglin mocks racism. Applauds China. Which ties in with his extolling Asian women. Which ties in with his Eurasian appearance. Looks like his yellow side dominates his white side.

"I do have a soft spot for vulgar racism, even if I know it is simply in service of a jingoistic ZOG agenda."


"Who knows, maybe he can fix it all with jingoism, blaming everything on the Chinese. People really enjoy a bit of hardcore racism when it is permitted by the state. I’m old enough to remember the abject insanity that took place after 911, when everyone was calling for a genocide of Moslems. People just really get into the whole spirit of blaming foreigners for problems.

"I wish they would blame the Jews. But they won’t."


"I am starting to feel like I would rather be ruled over by these Chinese than the Jews. At least the Chinese don’t lie to you about the efficiency of face masks because they want you to be infected with a deadly virus.

"I mean, if white people can’t run their own countries – and the evidence is that they either can’t or they won’t – then I’d prefer the Chinese to the Jews. No question. At least the Chinese are straight-shooters and not as weird and sadistic as these Jews."


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