Right, Harry, I too want to get drunk with Nancy Pelosi and tittie fuck her all night long, while discussing how to load up emergency "health crisis" legistlation with all manner of liberal pork to kill more innocent infant human life, shackle business with racial and gender diversity accounting bull-schiff, increased use of minority businesess not based on merit but loco-demmunist standards, increased bargaining power for commie-unions, canceling debt of the US Postal Service to the US Treasury, increased fuel emission standards for the anthropogenic global warming hoax wackos, more carbon offsets for airlines, plus more federal subsidies for failing alternative energy programs. $9,500,000,000 give away to acaDUMBia already charging confiscatory tuitions for a failing product, suspends enforcement of immigration laws so that more disease ridden illegal alien invaders can become guest Democrat voters. Plus it legalizes several additional Democrat Party vote fraud schemes. We should h *NM*

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