Extended Quote of the Day, from Joe Biden: "Here's what's happening. The White House and the Senate Republicans have proposed a $500 billion slush fund for corporations, with almost no conditions," Biden said. "Donald Trump's Treasury Secretary would decide which big businesses get how much, and he can give out billions with virtually no strings attached." As a result, he said, "the Trump Administration could even allow companies to use taxpayers' money for stock buybacks and executive pay packages, and they don't have to tell Americans where the money is going for months." Read more COVID-19 Pandemic Could Cost U.S. $7 Trillion, Professor Estimates "This is par for the course for this president," Biden continued. "We have just watched too many CEOs spend the last few years squandering the massive Trump corporate tax cuts on buying back their own stock and increasing their own compensation, rather than investing in their workers or making their businesses more sustainable." For a stim *NM*