Get a little fed up with the "OMG, our economy can't take 2 weeks of being shut down!" First, it's not shut down. SOME parts of it are. Medical-related stuff is on a war footing and is exploding. Work from home is continuing. I know numerous businesses doing this. Second, during the Great Depression, the country was indeed actually "shut down." 25% PERMANENT unemployment, not just for a month. FDR did not do a damn thing that actually fixed it. In fact, his minimum wage law as part of the NIRA guaranteed work hours/employment would NEVER get back to 1928 levels. Sure 'nough, by 1939, we were back to 19% unemployment, as though nothing had happened. And yet . . . Within 2 months of Pearl Harbor, the US economy ROARED. We were turning out more weapons than anyone thought possible. No, we won't have a war this time, but the US economy will absolutely be EPIC in its recovery one month after the "all clear" is given. Now, when will that be? Outside, Ap. 20.>>>>>

Perhaps within another week given this reality: From Jordan Schachtel on Twitter, here are the deaths as a % of confirmed infections.
3/16: 1.84%
3/17: 1.70%
3/18: 1.62%
3/19: 1.50%
3/20: 1.29% (Actually this was high. Final numbers were closer to 1.24%)
In other words, the death to infection rates is falling, and has fallen EVERY DAY. It is irrelevant if there are more infections---this only reflects a lot more testing going on. (If you "test" every house for termites, sooner or later you will find some,even if the homeowners didn't know they were there). Expect infections to rise, while the death rate as a % continues to fall. When this gets at 1 or below, I think they will pull the plug on the hysteria and quarantining.