What have I been trying to tell you people for a long time now? Kelso, lifetime Mensa member that I am, has been proven right yet again: I TOLD all of you that WHITE NATIONALISTS like DAVID DUKE were EVIL and needed to be avoided at ALL COSTS! Now it turns out that White Nationalists, a/k/a/ ***NAZIS*** are responsible for the Corona Virus!! When are all of you going to understand that these hateful, monstrous creatures need to be quarantined from everybody else on the planet? My Jewish Patriot friends said this for decades, but even I didn't believe them until a few years ago, when I finally wised up and GOT AWAY FROM WHITE NATIONALISM, NOT ONLY BECAUSE IT'S A LOSING IDEOLOGY, BUT BECAUSE IT'S BEEN PROVEN TO BE A WRONG AND HATEFUL IDEOLOGY AGAIN AND AGAIN!! *NM* *LINK*