Hillary Tuck aged 17-22&her two boyfriends Adrian Ried age 17-22&P,J Holecko aged 17-22 went down to Egypt, Cairo to fight a couple of guys by a siouix&after they murdred them a human alien came out the siuox named Mr.Ogg from tmnt cartoon 1987 tv series. Adrian&PJ ran away when Hillary tried to shoot Mr.Ogg, so Mr.Ogg made her gun disappear along with all her clothes, so she was stripped barenaked, after that he lifted her up with his same pschoconnetic powers, brough her down in the sioux, sat her down cross legged barenaked in a room with glowing lights, two cow clown mutants standing on both her siedes, ronald mcdonnald clown standing by her back&another clown named lunky standing in front of her all looking down on her like that. The half body of a indian boy named Manik Dos appearded laying in front of Hillary sucking on on her cock while gagging pineapples all over her cock yelling "LAMPY LUNKY LAAAARRRRRMK!!!" while gagging more&more pineapples on her cock. So she..............

ejaculate&piss down his throat with all the pineapples vomited all over her cock. After that Manik disappeared after mushing a banana&garbage slime all over her cock with the pinapples all over her cock along with a cheese sandwich placed on her cock standing up with her head&face down snubbing her own nose into the cheese sandwich on her own cock with pineapples bananas muched all over her cock along with garbage slime muches all over her cock. So Hillary ejaculated alot&pissed alot through the cheese sandwich up on her own nose. The cheese&bread soaked all around her cock with the bananas, pineapples&garbage slime mucshed dissolving&absorbing all over her cock. So she ejacul;ated more&pissed more through the cheesesandwich absorbing&dissolving into her cock. Afeter the cheese&bread absorbed completletly along with the banaanas, pineapples&garbage slime dissolved&absorbed completley into all over her cock she ejcaulate alot more&piss alot more into her own nose&all over her own face including all over her own self&when she was done she padded out after tiring so much from ejaculating&pissing. THE MORAL OF THIS STORY IS A PSA THAT THERE ARE FORBIDDEN PLACES THAT YALL NEVER GO TO OR THERWISE SOMETHINMG LIKE THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ALLOT OF YALL INCLUDING TODD DAUGHERTY&LLOYD DAVIES ALONG WITH DONALD TRUMP TO> THE END!!!!!

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