The deep state is not God, though they surely believe they are God-on-earth. Yes, the American people are being punished by the deep state Ruling Class through their lackeys in the fake news media. The deep state is very angry that all their lies, and hoaxes about Donaldus Magnus have failed to sway all but the dumbest American fools into a state of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Now, through phony pandemic scare-mongering[h1][/h1] they are actually enjoying a victory by panicking many people, and destroying savings. The panic gives the deep state a trial run on herding the sheeple into staying home, panic buying, while at the same time panicking the stock market into a decline. Seamlessly we have been moved from one failed hoax (Russian collusion) to another failed hoax (Ukraine phone call) to what will inevitably be another failed hoax (COVID-19 virus pandemic). Trump 2020 and 2024. *NM*

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