Through the first two months of 2020 look inside for where coronavirus is among the leading causes of death in the US. And yet this is the excuse the demuTWATS, fake news media, flunkey bureaucrats are fear-mongering, lying through their teeth using to destroy the economy, cause unnecessary pain in the population, etc., in the mistaken belief they can convince enough weak minded fools to blame their own handiwork on one of the absolute Greatest Presidents in US history.

(1) abortion, number one, 141,000. The most dangerous place to be in America is not attending an NHL, or NBA game. It’s in the womb.
(2) Heart disease killed 104,000.
(3) Cancer, 96,000.
(4) Accidents, like when you fall off the ladder, 26,000.
(5) Chronic lower respiratory disease, 25,000.
(6) Stroke, 2,300. We’re still not at the flu, have you noticed that?
(7) Alzheimer’s kills 19,000. This is in January and February. Not for the year. This is in two months.
(8) Diabetes, 13,140.
(9) Flu, pneumonia, 8,460.
(10) Kidney disease 8,220.
(11) Coronavirus, 2. Two.

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