Fight&Brawl at the Ala Moana beach&Park area down in honolulu, hawaii starring 17-22 year old scarlett pomers who played Kyra Hart on reba tv show. Scarlett Pomers&her friends landed their helicopter down on the park grass by the beach on ala moama blvd, they saw a dark brown muslim girl standing up on the hill, scarletts friends walked up to the hill with her walking up the hill to confront the girl saying "no prayer sermons are allowed down here" the muslim girl was named Aartie Raj, Aarti was about 17-22 years old to&told Scarlett "we just started, see my car there&more people are coming, so dont cause trouble" Scarletts friend Johnathon Barnes told Aartie "there wont be any trouble as long as you move your car because this is a tourist area, the heaven of america" Aartie told him "you guys get lost go get out of here" Scarlett yelled "ALL YALL ARE GOING TO GET TICKETS IF YOU COME DOWN HERE&PARK!!" Aarti scolded "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS TELLING ME THIS!!? ARE YOU GUYS WORKING FOR

LAW ENFORCEMENT!!?" scarletts other friend justin collins scolded "YA WANNA TALK TO THE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS!!?? WELL THEY"RE COMING AFTER THEY SEE ALOT OF YALL DOWN HERE!!" Aarti screamed at the top of her lungs "THIS IS AMERICA, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO WHAT WE PLEASURE!!!" then justin yelled "THEN GO BACK TO AFGHANY, PAKI ARAB WHEREEVER THE HELL IN MIDDLE EAST YOU CAME FROM!!!' Scarlett asked Aarti firmly "Whatever happened to your mosque you had up in canada? yall have so many jammats up in canada&all over the usa!!" Aarti shouted "WE CANT FUCKING PARK ANYWHERE BECASUE ALL YOU STUPID WHITE PEOPLE&EVEN BLACKS ALONG WITH CHINESE&SOME OF US ARE ALWAYS ISSUEING EVERYBODY TICKETS!!! WE DONT DO ANY PARTIES LIKE YOU YOUNG FLITHTY SCUM BRATS LIKE WHAT YOU HAVE ABUNDANCES OF THEM DOWN HERE!!! WE JUST PRAY FOR PEACE!!! THATS OUR NAMAZE TIME!!!!" then justin said firmly "YOU MUSLIM FILTH DO ALOT MORE THAN WE DO BECASUE YOU KILL PEOPLE WITH BOMBS BLOWING THEM AWAY ALONG WITH CRASHING JETS TO!!! THEN YOU DESTROY PUBLIC PROPERTY ALONG WITH PEOPLES HOMES VERY MUCH BY BLOWING THEM AWAY JUST LIKE 9/11!!!! DO YALL REMEMBER 9/11!!!??" Aarti shouted firmly "FUCK ALL OF YOU VERY MUCH WITH YOUR STUPID TECHNOLOGY OF BIULDING THE ROADS!! WE COME TO PRAY&WE CANT PRAY IN PEACE WHENEVER WE HAVE OUR NAMAZE TIME!!!!" then Scarlett asked firmly "IS THAT WHY YOU GUYS CONSPIRED&CARRIED OUT 9/11!!!?" then scarlett sneered sarcastically "sheesh, I dont know whos worst, the amish white people who keep beating every young kid under 17 to bloody death&setting fires to stuff with candles&torches or the brown muslim people who set fires to every young kid under 17 burning them to bloody ashes, bombing airplanes&crashing them everywhere all over the world blowing up even normady like the amish storming normady with guns shooting everybody dead. I might as well state they both just as equally bad!!"........TO BE CONTINUED FOR MORE TO HAPPEN THE NEXT TIME AFTER!!!!

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