Crime&punishment action/porn story/show-starring 17-22 year old Amanda Seyfried, Danny Trejo&Mason Sato Cary tagawa from baywatch tv series.:Amanda Seyfried, Danny Trejo&Sato were on a motor water float on the maho beach water where the saint marteen airport was, Danny gave Amanda a mini missle rifle instructing her how to shoot down planes landing close by, so the UAE double decker jumbo jet came in to land, Amanda shot one missle into the engine on the left edge of the wing&one missle into the right one one the edge of the wing when the plane came thundering down to 500 feet, so the plane crah landed over them skidding onto the water chugging up the mud on the bottom while wiping out the tourists on the beach, then it skidded through the road by the runway with all the vehicles crashing into the plane. After that the double decker air france came in to land&Amanda shot the last two missles into both its engines when the plane came thundering down to 500 feet&crashed over them onto...

the uae jumbo jet when poeple were evacuating the plane making a extremely loud massive explosion killing all the people on the beach to. So everybody including the ones evauating the jumbo jet died instantly&no peoples remains could be found because they were all burnt to a crisp&blown away in ashses. When they were done they hid out at a semi attached two story bungalo house up in scarborough area of toronto ontarion at 34&36 millhouse crescent by meadowvale rd-sheppard avenue area off dean park rd, close to metro zoo&They hid in the upstairs bedroom of the 34 side. When it started to rain outside some guys came in the house&apprehended them. Hardeep SIdhu, Quoc Nyguyen, Colin Craydown, Adam Nye, Nicolas Mancini&Pardeep Seran wree upstairs in the room having an altercation with Amanda. Sato demanded that they leave her alone while he held his samurai katana sword beacue she had her two samurai dagger sais on the bed&could not get them in time. Then Hardeep grabbed her by the coller of her track jacket lifting it over her head to suffocate her while he took one of her sais, slashed her across her head a few times taking out her pony tail with some chunks of her hair, chugging the dagger in both her eyes cutting two blooded lines down both her cheeks while Quoc grabbed her legs up tearing off her track pants to pices while her t-shirt&jacket got shreded. SO Quoc&Hardeep dropped her down, Sato sliced Quoc in half yelling "HOOOO!!", then ADam in half yelling "HOOO!!" to, then he chugged the sord through Colins chest, then threw him out the window slicing up his head out onto the wet mud on the lawn where Gargamel was staing while Sato yelled "HEEESH" while killing him, then Danny shot Nicolas into his big red nose blowing up his head to bloody chunks sending him crashing through the bedroom wall into the 36 side bedroom of the house, then Sato&Danny both jumped through the window onto the lawn to fight Gargamel while Amanda got up barenaked jumpping on Hardeeps head with her legs around his head&cock knocking onyo the orange ball piece of his orange turban while she yelled "YAAAAAAM!!!"so gargamel took Dannys rifle to press agiants his neck putting him in a chokehold, then Sato yelled once more "YYEEEESSSHH"!! while chopping the rifle in half killing Danny Trejo to. So Gargamel took Satos sword, s;iced across his belly&chugged it through his chest. Then Gargamel broke the living room window with the bricks at the 34 side&chugged Sato onto the wooden floor with the sword going through his chest&the floor where the basement was. Meanwhile Amanda was knocking her cock on Hardeeps turban she took the dagger from his pants&chugged it into his chest because he kept holding her legs around him tight, so Hardeep fell out the window onto Gargamel with AManda Seyfried knocking them both out, so they both were dead, then AManda took a 9mm bretta handun&shot up at Pardeep killing him last, after that she was out of bullets&a alien robot byborg from doctor who tv show appeared. So Amanda tried to get her other dagger because the other one was chugged into Hardeep, but the blue&red cyborg robot got her only dagger, so when she tried to punch the robot, he slashed both her fists&arms. Then the robot gravved her arms, twisited them around&kicked her in the stomach knocking her down on the muddy lawn while it was still rainging. So the robot got down on her, they both rolled onto the muddy lawn of the 36 side, then Amanda was on him instead, then he started punching her in the nose&mouth knocking some of her teeth out. Then they rolled back on the 34 side with the robot on her&AManda was crying alot&screaming alot "TUTTAH MUTTAH TUTTA MUTTAH TUTTA MUTTA TUTTA MUTTA TUTTA MUTTA!!!!" nonstop. So when the robt started to get off her, she tried to kick him, but her foot hurt&he twisted her leg around very hard&whipped it very hard shattering her bone. After that he took a steel barbell rod, then swung it across her legs&arms numberouse of times shattering the bones of her limbs. Then he kicked her over numberous times while beating her whole entire barenaked body, brusising up her back, face, legs arms&chest with blood&mud all over her back&forth onto both address sides of the muddy lawn. When he finished he held her leg swinging her around&smashing through the glass window of the living room into the 36 side of the house. SO she layed face down onto the broken coffee tabble. Then he lifted her head throwing her upside down smashing the dinning lights&the dinning table along with the chairs face up. After that the robot started smashing all the living room lamps across the walls, then he took some chairs&broke down the hutch. Then he lifted the sofa&smashed it though the wall in the next door living room on the 34 side. Then the robt had its automatic cannon rifles&shot up all the sofas&couches in both sides of the house living rooms into shreeded softy fluffs. All the lamps, lights, coffee table, dinning table&hutch on the 34 side were shotup&tattered to. After that he dragged AManda outside breaking the bottom vricks of the window into the middle of the lawn on both address sides, AManda had her belly stomach slashed with her only dagger to after she had both her fists&arms slashed. SO the robot took an old timer 6 shooter pistol, shot her 4 times all over her back&2 times, one in her chest&one below&above her slashed belly. Then he took her only dagger&slashed her through her throat cutting it out&her screaming&crying stopped. When the robot finished he lifted a car, flew up towards the house in the middle&smashed it through the top side middle where the vynl siding was, so the car blew through the house walls&all over crashing the topside down onto the main floor, main floor broke to down into the basement with all the house blowing up with the bathrroms, bedrooms, tv rooms&any other rooms with the water pipes blowing out includindg the gas pipes, with the furnace tanks blowing up with the water along with the rain mixing lots of fire with lots of water along with lots of rain. After that the house was dcompletely destroyed&charred becuase of the smoke that was developed with fire&water. After that the robot threw Gargamel down in the iddle of the charrded basement, then he broght Amanda down there laying on her side with Gargamel to along with his big ass head between her legs hanging around on him like that. WHen the rain started diminishing with the clouds the robot wrapped her cock in indian roti with brownish/greenish indian daal spreaded smudging around her cock, then he put pumpkin guts&cheese slices on her cock&patted jamacian beef patties on her tits. After that he flew away&it became all clear with the full moon shining on Amanda laying Barenaked with gargamel. So when the pumpkin guts&cheese slice put between her cock&Gargamels head she started to ejaculate&piss throgh the cheese slice onto the big wide bald scalp of Gargamels big fucking head. Then she shitted herself there to, then she ejcacluate more&piss more all over Gargamels head with the roti getting soaked around her cock along with the pumpkin guts&cheese sclice melting wet onto her cock on gargaemels head. So she kept ejaculating alot&pissing alot intgo the cheese slice all over Gargaemlks big fat ass head while the roti&daal Absorbed&dissolved with the pumpkin guts&cheese slice dissoling&absorbing onto her cock. When all the roti, daal, pumpkin guts&cheese slice were all absorbed&dissolevd completlety into her cock after ejcaulating alot&pissing alot all over gargaels head She ejaculated so much&pissed so much all over Gargamels big fat ass fucking head from smurfr cartoon she died out after losing so much consciousness when ejaculating alot&pissing alot all over gargames fucking head. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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