I figure it's time for me to once again remind everybody around here that I am a retired doctor. Does anybody think I'm lying? I doubt any of you would say it to my face, being that I'm also 6' 6" and a former weightlifter. My father would not have called me a liar or much else. By the time I was 12 I would decide what our family would watch on TV over my father's objections. Pop would just whine some complaints but I was too big for him to do anything about it. Did I mention that I am a retired doctor? I am also an expert marksman. I can hit a target bullseye at 1000 yards with an M16. I also used to be a gymnast as well as a bodybuilder. How many 6' 6" gymnasts do you know? How many GREAT 6' 6" gymnasts do you know?? Both of my parents were envious of me since I could flawlessly perform pieces by Liszt and Rachmaninoff on the piano, as I was also a virtuoso pianist as well as a child prodigy in the hard sciences. *NM*

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