Guys, I think that corono virus is a spell from a 8 year old girl named Fanny Adams who was brutally murdered by a solicitor named fredrick baker up in u.k back in aug,24/1867 because the sailors back in 1869 found their cooked meats spolied, but when they tasted the cooked meats they were sweet&sour. So instead of saying yuck they said fuck all, which means Fanny Adams beacuse when they saw their food it reminded them about Fanny Adams the murdered girl&when they finished their meats they said sweet fanny adams after saying fuck all, so my point of view is that shes in spritual contaminating all the world with corono virus which means Fannys getting her revenge on us by making us all sick with coronovirus. So we all will slowly be extinct. Thers another girl who was murdered, a 5 year old named Elsie Paroubek who was kidnapped&murdered by gypsies in chicago back on april,8/1911&I bet she told Fanny to start with china becuase probaly Elsie was murdered by a chinese gypsie, probaly

So I guess this world is coming to an end starting with humans slowly. This must be a severe punishment by Fanny, but from Elsie shes making the weather around the world so damn fierce, I dont know for sure but probabaly, maybe Fanny told Elsie to stop with that because shes going to start the virus from china becuase Elsie may have been murdered by a chinese gypsie, I dont know for sure but probabaly.