1) Do you have more in common with, and are you personally more comfortable in the company of, a white leftist or a black conservative? -- 2) Would you rather have nine white leftists or nine black conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court? -- 3) Would you rather your child marry a black Christian conservative or a white non-Christian liberal? When asked by Dennis Prager, not once has a white Trump-supporting conservative said he or she would be more comfortable in the presence of a white leftist than a black conservative, or would prefer an all-white liberal Supreme Court to an all-black conservative Supreme Court. Not once has a white Christian conservative said he or she would prefer their child marry a white non-Christian liberal to a black Christian conservative. The great Dennis Prager has proven that the entire concept of "race" is meaningless and that David Duke is completely retarded, and could NEVER be a lifetime Mensa member like me. *NM* *LINK*

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