I'm not aligned with any one candidate right now, but Biden, Bloomberg and Buttigieg among a couple others have a very viable chance at becoming nominee. If you have a problem with Bloomberg's billionaire status keep in mind, he worked for everything he's got. No silver spoons for him. He was also very respected as Mayor of NYC, one of the largest, most diverse and complicated places to oversee. I'd take him over Steyer (great guy but belongs in the trenches supporting the party with his money). With regards to Buttigieg, there is no disputing that this guy is extremely intelligent and versatile, so we really need to get over the fact that he has no upper tier government experience. Senate and Congress are important positions but this guy could skip a few "classes" and still graduate to the top. Biden... I have tremendous respect for him, but he has no place in this race. Its his last chance and he's gunning for POTUS before he's done but I'm afraid its not going to happen. *NM*

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