GTFO of your thread? Is that an order, Fucktard™? Sorry, I don't take orders from Fucktards™. And the only protectionism going on here is for Mohel Marty's racial degeneracy, which includes attacking racially aware White people instead of jews, along with Marty's extremely jewish penchant for and fascination with fecal matter. William Luther Pierce was one of the greatest ever educators for White people on the criminality and evil of kikes. Marty, OTOH, celebrates and wallows in the debauchery of kikes. That's why no racially aware White person (which excludes a filthy yid like you) will have anything to do with Marty, whose sordid legacy will die with him, unlike Pierce, who will remain a WN hero forever. Not that a Fucktard™ such as yourself is capable of understanding this, but others around here actually can see the difference. ;-) *NM*

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