The Candy Butcher Strikes - by Dr. Lloyd A. Davies, Timelord.

The Candy Butcher Strikes
By Dr. Lloyd A. Davies, Timelord
all rights reserved.

Detective Peter Miller was only a week away from retirement, when he had gotten that call on that dark cold foggy night in October. He arrived at one am in the morning to scene, and god what a scene it was. Blood was everywhere and as walked down the dark alleyway he came to the other squad cars that were being used as lights to light up the scene. neighbors stood on their back porches and yards, far enough away to no interfere with the police, but close enough to see the ungodly horror. Detective Miller arrived at the scene and adjusted his bet that encompassed his massive belly; thinking it was just another homicide, he sees the horror only to turn away and vomit from the horrific scene. This was the first time he had ever vomited at crime scene, the last time he had done it was when he had just gotten out of the academy and was on his first case, a man had beaten his wife head in with a piece of lead pipe, which came from underneath the kitchen sink.

This however was horrific compared to the things he had scene. In the middle of the alley way of Market and Adams was the body of a ten year old. The body was void of any clothing, and the insides were strung ever where.

"What do have?" he asked one of the officers

"Female, age ten. We have no id on who she is. but who ever did this was violate and mad" said the officer

"Do you think it was him?" as Detective Miller

"It looks like the Candy Butcher MO" said the officer

"We had the artist sketch the face and showed it to the neighbors, but none of them had never seen her. There is one other thing though" Said the officer

"Yeah what that?" asked Peter

"There was a small tattoo on her right side." said the officer

"A tattoo? a tattoo of what?" asked Peter

"The tattoo is some kind of number" said the officer

"Do you think the Candy Butcher is tattooing his victims?" asked Peter

"Don't know, but this, this is just way to violate even for him." said the officer as he slowly walks away.

Peter stood there puzzled as the morgue came to collect the body.

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