80 Donations out of 257,876 Unique Readers??? December Fund-Raising $3,064. . . . . . SHORT $1,136 . . .
Today is Sunday, December 1 and the Bills for this web site and radio show are DUE and PAYABLE NOW. Sufficient funding donations DID NOT ARRIVE. Out of 257,876 Unique visitors to this site in ten days, only 80 made donations.

As a consequence of inadequate funding, beginning with the Monday radio show, the Internet streaming audio will only be available to SUBSCRIBERS and will not be available to the general public. The links to "LISTEN ONLINE" have already been moved to Subscriber-only and no longer appear for the general public to click. The radio stations will still get their feed for broadcast; the public can listen by radio for free.

Another consequence of inadequate donations is that News articles on this web site will now be locked after the first paragraph or two, so the meat of the story can only be read by Subscribers. They pull their own weight with their $1 a week subscription, billed quarterly ($13) HERE

Of course, I can reverse these changes within minutes if the funding comes in. But the funding HAS to come in.

As you know, the radio show EXPANDED to 5 days a week, Monday-Friday 9-10 PM eastern US time. You're now getting the absolute LATEST news, five days a week, usually long before the mass-media reports it . . . if they even bother to report it! I do NOT KNOW if the show will continue 5 days a week in the absence of sufficient funds. I doubt it.

About $4200 is needed in total to keep this endeavor going 5 days a week.

As of Saturday, the following Donations came in:
Edward F. $10, Alfred D. $30, Michael G. $20, Michael H. $20, Grier E. $50, Kristen T. $20, Bertram A. $10, Thomas L. $25, Alan W. $25, William C. $20, Catherine J. $20, Deborah E. $50, "HJ" $25, Kenneth S. $10, Kevin M. $100, Thomas. D. $10, Kevin M. $100 (Second donation), Jeanne in France $400.

As of last Sunday, the following donations arrived all day Saturday:
Louise M. $10.

Sunday -- Thomas M. $25 and Julian J. $10

Monday (11/25) -- Robert M. $30

Tuesday -- John P. $10, Deborah L. $25, Marc D. $10, Larry S. $20, Jared P. $25, Karen H. $10, Bernadette S. $15, Andrea D. $20, Johanne G. (Germany) US$14, Judson P. $20, Gayle S. $30, Richard M. $20, Erik N. $22.11, James K. $25, Mark F. $50, Jeremy B. $13.50, William W. $30. Via Postal Mail: Craig B. $50, and Curt $23.10.+

Wednesday (so far) -- Geoffrey $13.60, John B. $20, Charles R. $10, James M. $20, Moses C. $5, Gale A. $5, Rebecca C. $25, Seth S. $50, Charles P. $5, Alexander K. $100, Peter V. $10 . . .

Frank A. $20, Sidney L. $85, Kathleen E. $50, Ralph P. $10, Matt W. $187, Bertram A. $10, Corey M. $200, Charles H. $30, Terry S. $40, Adam C. $5, Ken R. $75, Joseph A. $20.

Thanksgiving Day -- Matt D. $50, Joseph M. $20 . . . Charles S. $20, Stephen Y. $50

Friday -- Jeff M. $20, "Outer Banks" $25, Ashley W. $45, Luke S. $40, Michael P. $20, John M. $20, Stephanie W. $20, POSTAL MAIL: $80

Saturday 11/30 -- Preston F. $10, Thomas B. $13, Andrew S. $30, "CopperHead" $10, Ward M. $100, Evan B. $100. POSTAL MAIL: Stosh P. $10.

TOTAL: $3064. Need another $1136 to fund thru December.

It may be free for YOU to read much of this site and tune-in to the streaming audio for the show, but it is not free for ME to put it all out here. This is a "cloud-based" site and that means the Primary server sends data out to nineteen data centers worldwide to handle traffic. The hosting company, Amazon Web Services, charges for "Bandwidth" which is the data sent to you to read this site or listen to the show.
I pay for that.

So each month, I have to ask YOU for financial help to keep this endeavor alive.

PLEASE make a donation using the button below to sustain this site and radio show.

Those of you who cannot or will not use ONLINE FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS can mail cash, check or money order to:

Harold Turner
1906 Paterson Plank Road
North Bergen, NJ 07047

Thank you for your help.