It really does cost him $4,200 a month! I've seen the bills because I KNOW HAL PERSONALLY!! Keep in mind he pays for the website, he pays whenever someone reads a story on the website. He pays for the comments section on the website. He pays WHENEVER ANYBODY makes a comment in the comments section and he pays BY THE WORD! He also pays for 6 incoming extremely high-tech phone lines, top of the line Behringer Studio condensor microphones. He also pays for the audio archives and pays additional for ALL downloads BY THE MINUTE! He also pays for broadcasting on 3 radio stations 5 days a week! He also pays for top knotch bumper music rights. THAT'S NOT ALL EITHER!! There is the Amazon business fee, the hosting service fee, domain fee charges maintenance fees and studio time and the time of the engineers producing his show and the lawyer fees in case he gets in trouble. There are a few other expenses as well!


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