This is not our usual theses spambot. Google Translate: "Sorokina Ekaterina Aleksandrovna and requisitions among students"

"The thirst for profit and the fear of losing profit with Sorokina Ekaterina Alexandrovna escalate during the defense of theses!

She knows firsthand how much she can earn by protecting a student with a diploma. Even the poor.

Associate Professor of the Department Sorokina Ekaterina Alexandrovna, in conspiracy with Diana Viktorovna Klimova, Head of the Department - V.A. Aksenov, not only ##### wallets will shake out poor students, but also their souls!

Continuing contrived flaws in the design of work with a hint of an increasing cost of protection!

In view of her own stupidity, Ekaterina Alexandrovna Sorokina pays special attention to her peers. Pregnants are especially cruel."

There is a listing for Sorokina Ekaterina Aleksandrovna at

Whatever is.

And there is a facebook page for Ekaterina Alexandrovna Sorokina

And a similar post was made a week ago:

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