Concerned Citizen remembering when we had a president who one could be proud of. No indictments, no affair cover-ups, no constant insufferable tweeting, no love letters from brutal dictators, no attacking the bedrock institutions of our country like the Justice Department and FBI, no partisan "rallies" for the base, no violation of the Emoluments Clause, no childish name-calling of public figures, no blocking the legislative authority of Congress...etc., etc., etc. Whether one agreed with all his policies or actions, what is missed most was Mr. Obama's basic humanity...tears after the Sandy Hook killings, speaking in the rain for our veterans at Normandy, singing Amazing Grace at the Charleston service, shooting hoops in the backyard of the WH, smiling at Michelle and the girls after a long absence, playing with the family dog Bo, speaking with eloquence and intelligence... That was/is a man of integrity and class. Probably the greatest irony is the attempts of the current president *NM*

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