Where do most Republicans stand when the microphone is turned off? The Republicans are kind of down to sock puppets now. They've lost all of their credibility. They’re also missing their dignity, they can no longer claim to be patriots, either. All they're going to be doing, is watching polls to see if Republican-base voters, the people they care about in their primaries, are starting to move away from Donald Trump and either join the democrats,vote libertarian or just not vote at all. Democrats right now are saying that they expect a vote on impeachment before the end of the year. Right now the Senate is stating they won’t break ranks and are willing to die on the Trump train in a fiery death. I doubt that is true. Many will quit and the rest will protect themselves in whatever way they can. Mainly, because they're hostages to their primary voters. They are between a rock and a hard place. As Americans and upholders of their oath to the Constitution, you hope they will do what’ *NM*

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