Martin Lindstedt continues his stupdity, it's only a matter of time before all of Martin's properties his grandfather left go into the hands of Bryan Reo. GOD DAMN IT MARTY, HIRE A FUCKING LAWYER FOR CHRIST SAKE.

It's a 30 minute video but Bryan Reo basically gets Lindstedt to have another mental breakdown, gets Lindstedt to rant about shit, Lindstedt cries Reo is going after his inheritance, how Reo is "threatening" him, how Reo is striking every single motion Lindstedt files (with good reason because no one can understand what Lindstedt is saying in his filings.

Lindstedt too stupid to realize that Reo can't demand a jury trial in federal court unless Lindstedt allows it on a civil case but knowing Lindstedt, he'll fuck up by not filing the right stuff, and Reo will get a jury trial, which would award $100,000s toward Lindstedt once they hear the words "Aryan Nation" along with Lindstedt's physical appearance.

And Marty, you better remember to introduce evidence you are planning to use during discovery INCLUDING Reo's radio podcast on William Finck's site. DON'T FUCK IT UP THIS TIME.


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