Has Tulsi gone full bagger? You don't see a lot of obscure "democrats" who are wartards that support gay conversion therapy, oppose Mueller and defend Trump that also get strangely praised by Breitbart, Fox News and alt-right fanboy Joe Brogan. You don't see a lot of baggers suddenly praising female democrats and swooning over them because of the propaganda on reddit and facebook they consume about their new darling. She's a useful idiot that doesn't realize it or a plant. Hillary isn't someone I would doubt, and she has really nothing to gain from randomly coming out of the shadows to just smear a candidate without any facts. Some reddit politicos say in tight 2016 districts that tilted things there are a shit ton of Tulsi signs in neighborhoods that have never heard of her and she's never visited or campaigned in. Grain of salt, but if true... *NM*

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