Scarlett Pomers aged 10-13 was walking by the cobra kai dojo on 66th 4th street-wellington west street intersection corner down in chatham ontario after midnight, then she stopped by the window&saw a class going on in there with John Kreese training his students, Johnny Lawrence, Mike Barnes, Hawk, Miguel, Tory, Tanya Dearman&Diane Luckett with the janitor Milos Pressman in there. So Scarlett/Kyra gave them the middle finger through the window&walked away. Then Milos got mad, broke out the window, went after Kyra to grab her with his bald head underneath her with her legs around his head carrying Kyra like that back into Kreeses Dojo like that. So Milos put some indian greenish/brownish daal on his with bald scalp. then Kyra started knocking her cock on his bald head while Hawk, Johnny&mike with Tory started pelting cheese cubes on Kyras cock to smudge the cheese cubes into the daal on his head with her cock. So Tory started taking pictures&filming Kyra&Milos like that with her iphone

meanwhile tanya went up to snub her nose into the daal&cheese cubes smudging on kyras cock so she could take pictures&film up close with her iphone recording Kyras cock smudging the cheese cubes into the daal on his head only while Tory filmed them all three in the background. After several minutes Milos threw Kyra upside over onto Dianes head with her legs around her head along with her balls pressing against her ponytial&her cock going over it to on her head because Milos was pinning Kyra like that on Diane Luckett with his arm chokeholding around Kyras neck, so he crashed them both through the glass door outside onto a hood of a yellow taxicab. So Kyra layed down onto the car hood with her legs hanging over the windsheild. After That John Kreese lifted Dianes head up to crunch some indian sweet ladoos on Kyras balls&cock. So Diane Layed face down on top of Kyra with her nose snubbed into the crunched ladoos on her balls with her chin snubbed into the ladoos on her cock. So Kyra started ejaculating Lot& pissing alot all over diane including herself&when she was done she died out after loosing so much consciousness from ejaculating alot&pissing alot&diane was already dead long before when she was thrown out the window with Kyra onto the cab. THE MORAL OF THIS STORY IS ALL GIRLS NEED TO LOOK OUT FOR THEIR BOYFRIENDS WHEN THEIR BOYFRIENDS ARE HAVING PROBLEMS&NOT TO PICK ON THEM TO. ALL THIS BECUASE KYRA WAS BEING A SMART ASS SO THEY ALL POSTED HER PICTURES&VIDEO OF ALL THAT ON INTERNET&YOUTUBE FOR EVERYBODY TO SEE SO THEY CAN DOWNLOAD LIT ON THEIR MP3 PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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