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I fail to see where Ol' Niggerlips as a Sephardic mamzer faggot shyster of limited intellect and even less ability to even pretend to impersonate a ZOGling whigger any more is so very "productive" other than when it is sucking off the very Satanic regime that gives it power over White Men. All this vicious critter is out to do is to try to steal my inheritance that my Geatish grandfather left me to live on in order to reduce me to to pennilessness as it gloated it would do back in August 2014.

Don't wonder again what happened at Sodom and Gomorrah to where through the very same process the local authorities abused legal process to where YHWH destroyed them all.

Well Bishop Lindstedt, why aren't you going to administer some YHWH's justice?

Or the Canaanite Amorites of Gibeah taking they sselfs within 50 years from hewers of wood and drawers of water to legal control over the Tribe of Benjamin to where the entire Tribe had to be destroyed in the Tribal Civil War.

Simply put this Satanic mamzer faggot is simply being itself and putting the Gliberal Whiggers of Northeast Ohio to where they must be exterminated

Well Martin, why don't you start exterminating them yourself? You are an agent of God right?

as an example of how we ZOGlings all across the Fruited & Nutted ZOG-Plain can no longer live together under One Mighty Evil Empire. I've never seen a more evil mamzer faggot abomination. But all of these spawn of Satan are this way. The big mistake is letting them in to live amongst us in the first place is what makes what they do once they inevitably take over and us having to exterminate them all alpng with the sick and diseased ZOGling whigger herd animals inevitable. Once you let any of them in they contaminate the entire herd of whigger.

But that all said here, I read the Nov 18, 2019 Judge's Scheduling Order and have to speak to Ol' Niggerlips, so might as well get it over with and agree to speak to it on the proposed date of this Thursday @ 2:00 CST and have done with it. And simply be to the point in my response as opposed to answering the Satanic Mongrel Abomination in an e-mail. So here goes . . .

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