I really hope Bryan Reo request a delay the day before this conference is to take place so Marty will have to keep traveling back and forth from Granby MO to Cleveland OH over and over and over. I bet Bryan Reo files for a postponement on Dec 12, 2019 just to fuck over Marty. Would be cheaper just for Marty to hire a local Cleveland attorney but nope, he won't.

SCHEDULING OF CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCEAll counsel and/or parties will take notice that the above-entitled action has been set for aCase Management Conference ("CMC"), on December 13, 2019, at 3:00 p.m., beforeJudgeCase: 1:19-cv-02103-SO Doc #: 20 Filed: 11/18/19 1 of 7. PageID #: 198
Solomon Oliver, Jr., Chambers 17A, Carl B. Stokes United States Court House, 801 W. SuperiorAvenue, Cleveland, Ohio.Local Rule 16.3(b) requires the attendance of both parties and lead counsel. "Parties" means either the named individuals or, in the case of a corporation or similar legal entity, that person who is most familiar with the actual facts of the case. "Party" does notmean in-house counsel or someone who merely has "settlement authority." If the presence of a party or lead counsel will constitute an undue hardship, a written motion to excuse the presence of such person must be filedwell in advance of the CMC.