Re: I have reason to believe my home will be attacked by niggers tomorrow. I am alone. No guns. I have only improvised weapons. I have kill zones in the property I can prepare catch them. I an prepared to die before I give in to niggers. I have ammonia, cleaning products. Worse case I can let off the gas main and take us all out. Any ideas? Will not give in to nigger drug dealers. I have been making things difficult for them but they have my location because I got sloppy on opsec. I can still prove a point but I have limited time to prepare.

Call the cops in advance- chances are they are staking out your location. Just tell the cops you think you saw someone on your property stealing something. Describe the nigs, maybe a car. Ask for the cops card or number so you can call him with any further reports of them stealing things.

This does two things:
1. Creates a police file of initial contact and establishes the narrative with the cops
2. if shit does go down, call the cop or 911 immediately, then hole up somewhere secure with kill zones you can activate remotely so they can't pop a shot off at you- have an escape route too
3. When the cops do show up, if you hurt any of the nigs they are more likely to think it was in self-defense, you have already built a rapport with them too

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