The Excuses for Trump Just Keep Getting More Pathetic and Laughable Every Day *LINK* *PIC*

As the walls slowly close in on Donald Trump, his apologists are getting more creative.

Some of the most outlandish among them are trying to out the whistleblower, question the loyalty of a decorated military hero, and compare the impeachment process to a “coup” or a “Soviet-style show trial.”

Those lines of attack may play well in the fever swamps, but they are otherwise laughably easy to swat down.

What troubles me are the more insidious arguments.

Here’s one that caught my eye this week: Appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News’ senior political analyst Brit Hume suggested that Donald Trump’s extortion of Ukraine was just the result of his “bluster” and inexperience.

Trump’s Ukraine Clown Posse Sounds Like Shit

“It’s so like this president to kind of lay about himself, and demanding this and demanding that, and saying people are treasonous, and saying they ought to be fired and they ought to go to jail, and the rest of it. And a lot of it is just bluster,” Hume explained. “It’s just bluster on his part.”

In this paradigm, Trump is just a big kid who means well and can be forgiven for not really knowing what he’s playing with. Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations! But it didn’t stop there.

“He’s inexperienced in foreign affairs,” Hume reasoned, “so he’s on the phone with some leader and he has this rambling kind of disconnected conversation in which he says you need to do me a favor, and then he mentions some things, and then later on he says, you know, we need to investigate and see about the Bidens. Well, maybe he meant that as a quid pro quo, maybe he didn’t.”

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