I once got fired from my 50,000K/yr job as a logistics technician at a well known international package shipping firm because I was caught browsing nimbusters which otherwise would not have prompted as much action from the higher ups attending my file until they viewed the board and saw the festering she males and virulent white power content run amok. When I was called into the HR office I yelled out SNAFU!!!!! (situation normal all fucked up) and knew I was a gonner! They sent me to a medical detox clinic facility to manage mymental discomforts from being cut off from my nimbusting addiction. Literally went homeless for a few weeks until I got myself a survival job at the staffing warehouse then got a room with a hot plate. Was some really fucked up times. (around when we hung around NSM talkshoe/ targetted individual shows) Almost got framed as a ped0 for pissing in a park. *NM*

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