Once again, Unwiped, you prove just how much of a Fucktard™ you really are. Firstly, "acerbic" is an adjective, not a noun. Secondly, describing Fatass Fatkins as a "douchebag hanger-on", as I did (whereas you're only a garden variety douchebag) does not mean I'm describing Fakins as being a legitimate part of the WN movement. I'm not. Your special ed. level of reading comprehension prevents you from understanding this, though. Fakins is a troll masquerading as a real WN as you're a troll masquerading as a sentient human being who does not drool all over your PC keyboard. And finally, you really shouldn't be using vocabulary words the meanings for which you do not understand, but it is what a Fucktard™ does, so I guess that means you're in your element (shit covered gefilte fish) after all, lol. As your other stinky sock, Observer would say, "Carry On..."!! :-D *NM*

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