Poor attempt at creating variety with your sockpuppets, Unwiped Fuckwit, but at least the REAL 999 was a superb poster, unlike your very womanly "Observer" sock. So let's all get edjewcated by a nice, fat little girl such as yourself: instead of talking about douchebag hangers-on in the "movement" like Fakins the plagiarist, please edjewcate us as to what superior subjects of conversation would be more appropriate for a shithole forum such as this. I'll give you a hint: Linderwitz reject Fred O'Malley isn't much of an improvement, especially since Fast Freddy was enough of a fuckwit (on your level, actually) to have made Fakins a moderator on his (O'Malley's) forum, if I remember correctly. *NM*

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