Meanwhile, what no one seems to be talking about is that Joe Biden's is proposing an ideal solution where we could all CHOOSE the type of health care plan we want! ACA subsidies will be strengthened. If you want to keep your private insurance, you can. If you want to keep your employer's plan, you can. But most importantly, Bidencare will provide a new public option that anyone can enroll in. EVERYONE will have the option to enroll in the public option! The more people who enroll, the lower the prices will be. The Biden public option will reduce costs for patients by negotiating lower prices from hospitals and other health care providers. This has potentially huge implications. Biden’s plan will use bargaining and purchasing power to deliver lower premiums. Nobody would be “forced” onto the public plan, but once people see it working, lots of people would likely choose it. This new public option would build on Obamacare and help us potentially transcend it over time! This is *NM*

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