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from: Bryan Reo <>
to: Martin Lindstedt <>
date: Oct 26, 2019, 8:26 PM
subject: Reo v Lindstedt
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: Important mainly because it was sent directly to you.

Dear “Pastor” “Archbishop” “Archduke” “King” “Cheka Leader” Martin “Luther Dzerzhinsky” Lindstedt or whatever it is you are calling yourself this month,

I am not authorized to accept service of summons and answer containing a counter-claim on behalf of either Stefani Rossi Reo or Anthony Domenic Reo. Additionally, no summons was included. Neither of them will waive service.

I do not represent anybody but myself in Reo v Lindstedt 1:19-cv-02103-SO presently pending in US District Court Northern District of Ohio and I will not accept service on behalf of any other individuals. Furthermore, I will not waive service. Cut down on the twinkies and use your snack money to hire a process server.

Furthermore, no summons was actually included.

Furthermore, a jailhouse lawyer such as yourself should certainly know that per F.R.C.P 4(c)(2) YOU as a party may NOT conduct service of process. You are not authorized by law to do so. You have surely filed enough vexatious sovereign cases [and lost] that you ought to be well-versed in the rules by now.

Stefani declines to waive service to accommodate a “pedophile piece of shit” such as yourself. You publicly declared she is a whore who works as a prostitute, you can pony up the dough and hire a process server to serve your sovereign citizen jailhouse lawyer garbage.

Given that you have filed approximately 48 vexatious lawsuits against Missouri officials over the years, one might reasonably conclude you are well-versed with the rules of civil procedure. I recall your declaration at the trial in June 2019 wherein you stated that you knew the lawyer better than myself or the presiding judge. Incidentally, my memory is a bit rusty on how that trial concluded. What was the ultimate outcome of that 15CV 16CV Reo v Lindstedt case? How did the jury decide?

I would suggest you dismiss your counter-claim against me without delay because you will likely lose and I will seek sanctions and file an action for abuse of process and malicious prosecution.

In summary, I am not accepting service for anybody, I am not authorized to accept service, nobody is waiving service, you are an incredibly stupid piece of shit, Stefani considers you to be a pedophilic child molesting neo-Nazi piece of shit, and it seems it would be best that you dismiss the counter-claim before we pursue additional causes of action against you.

Have a blessed day, “Pastor” Lindstedt.


Bryan Anthony Reo

Bryan Anthony Reo (#0097470)
P.O. Box 5100
Mentor, Ohio 44061

(Business): (216) 505-0811
(Personal): (440) 313-5893

Admissions- Ohio Courts and Agencies [#0097470], N.D. Ohio, S.D. Ohio, E.D. Michigan, W.D. Michigan, 3rd Circuit, 6th Circuit, and Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (#37033)

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