Uh oh. It sounds serious this time. We should help out if we can

Today is October 26 and that leaves SIX days until the Bills become payable to keep this web site and the radio show alive. This month is particularly important because the show has now EXPANDED to 5 days a week, Monday-Friday 9-10 PM eastern US time. About $4200 is needed in total to keep this endeavor going 5 days a week.

As of 5:00 PM Staurday, the following donations have come in:
10/21 -- Robert M. $25
10/23 -- Alfred D. $20, Thomas L. $25, Michael H. $25
10/25 -- Peter D. $10, Grier E. $50, Bertram A. $10, Michael G. $10
10/26 -- Jared P. $50, Richard S. $100, Austin F. $10,
POSTAL MAIL -- Bonnie M. $40, Craig B. $50, Sharon H. $100


It may be free for YOU to read much of this site and tune-in to the streaming audio for the show, but it is not free for ME to put it all out here. This is a "cloud-based" site and that means the Primary server sends data out to nineteen data centers worldwide to handle traffic. The hosting company, Amazon Web Services, charges for "Bandwidth" which is the data sent to you to read this site or listen to the show.
I pay for that.

So each month, I have to ask YOU for financial help to keep this endeavor alive.

PLEASE make a donation using the button on my site to sustain this site and radio show.