Oh, piss off, you twat!!! I told you, I AM NOT NOT NOT GAY!!!!!! I am an unabashed fan of MAN-ASS!!! That's OTHER man-asses, NOT MINE!!! Some might call me a "top", and not a "bottom", I don't care, I am STILL NOT GAY!!! I buttfuck as many dudes with hot asses as I can find on this campus and being Saturday night, EVERYBODY here is drunk or stoned!! Which isn't necessarily a bad thing since dudes are easier to pick up when they're wasted, lol, but seriously, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO'S GAY, NOT ME!!! Unlike YOU, I am NOT afraid or ashamed to admit my fondness and appetite for MAN-ASS!!! Just TRY and tell me you wouldn't want to SLAM this dude's ass into oblivion!!! You'd probably also try to claim you don't get an instant stiffy just LOOKING at him!!! I do and I'm NOT EVEN GAY!!!!!! *NM* *PIC*

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