And now you know who "lily" was in Todd Daugherty's rape story he wrote. He even boasts in the story that he raped a "neice". Lily is the nickname they use for Allyson.

Lily By Todd Daugherty © Copyright; 2013 Todd Daugherty All Rights Reserved
In the small town of Silva, located in the western plains of Dane county, lives a little ten year old girl who is loved by all named Lily. One day Lily mother called her into the kitchen and ask Lily if she wanted to deliver some food to her sick aunt. Lily's aunt was pregnant and became dreadfully ill. Lily nodded and grabbed her red and coat. “Now Lily” said her mother “Go straight to your aunt's house and do not take shortcuts.” she said “OK” replied Lily as she grabbed the basket and made her way out the door. Lily skipped down the sidewalk and the warm spring breeze blew her long black hair in the air. As she went farther down the sidewalk where she stopped in front of dark alley. She stood there looking down the alley and thought to herself, it would be a faster to go down this alley to get to her aunts house. But, she remembered that she told her mother that she would stay on the sidewalk. After standing there a while and thinking it over, she decided to go down the alley, because after all nothing will happen and no one will ever know. She traveled a little way down the alley when she was stopped by an old man who was smelly and dirty. The man had wrapped around him a fur coat, that was Grey, like a wolf's “Hello little girl, where are you off to today?” he asked Lily didn't say anything at first, but thought to herself this guy was old and kind of reminder of her grandfather. “I am off to my aunt's house who is sick due to the fact that she is going to have a baby.” said Lily The old man lick his lips and nervously and gave off a little smile at Lily. “where does she live?” asked old man “Down at the end of the alley” said Lily as she pointed down the end of the dark alley. “You said your aunt is sick” said the old man “ know what will cheer her up?” he said “what?” asked Lily “See that vacant field, there are wild flower on it” said the old man as he pointed to a field of flower. “Pick her some flower and take them to her” he said with a smile “That's a good idea, thanks mister” said Lily as she went over to the field. Lily began picking flower unaware that the old man had disappeared into the darkness. The old man shortly arrives at Lily's aunt's house and knocks on the door. After a few minutes the door is opened by a very pregnant women with long brown hair and pretty face. “Yes?” she asked “Excuse me madam can you spare a poor old man a glass of water” he asked her in a very depressing voice. The women being kind to the old man said “Sure” and opened the screen door to let him in. “follow me” she said as she lead him to the kitchen. She went to the sink and grabbed a glass out of the cabinet and began filling it with water, unaware the old man had grabbed a pan from the hanging rack. As she turned around he smacks her in the head with the pan, knocking her out. He dragged her into the bedroom where he took her clothes. She laid on the bed knocked out and naked, as he began to take off what little clothes he had on off. He old wrinkled penis throbbed as he looked at this lovely naked pregnant lady laying on the bed. His penis throbbed as he could no longer control himself, he spread her legs, grabbed his penis rubbing it up and down her pinkish hole, teasing her clitoris, causing her to pussy to get even wetter. He would stop and lean down and lick her wet juices. Standing it no longer he
placing his penis into her hairy tight hole, and proceed to have sex with her. As he thrust himself deep into her warm cavity he grabbed her breast and began sucking on it, his mouth began filled with the sweet nectar of her milk, as he continued to drink her sweet milk with his other hand he squeezed her other breast and a milk stream shot high into the air. He ran his hand down her fat belly ans could feel the baby as he continued to thrust himself deeper and deeper inside of her, The old man finally came and just in time as he noticed in the distance, through the window that his real prey was coming. He wanted that little girl, and he penis which started getting soft, once again stood up and throbbed as he saw her coming up the alley. He put the woman's clothes on and dragged the now naked, semen covered aunt into the closet and locked the door. Jumping into the bed, to cover his face with the covers, and as he did the doorbell rang. “Come in” he yelled in a very feminine voice. He heard the front door open and close and a sweet voice came from the living room. “Where are you Auntie?” asked Lily “I am in the bedroom dear” said the old man in a woman’s voice. The bedroom door opened and Lily stood in front of the bed, with the old man hiding his face partly with the covers. “Auntie what a deep voice you have?” asked Lily puzzled “Well, It my illness dear, but I can still greet and talk to you with it” said the old man in a women voice. “My, you're eye's have even gotten bigger too and have changed color” said Lily “HAHAHA that so I can see you better, my darling niece” said the old man in a women voice. “Auntie what happen to you're hands, They are so big?” asked Lily “Oh” said the old man in a women voice “it this illness, it's made them large but I an still hug you with them” he said, The old man pulls the covers down a little and he smile dementedly as drool came from his mouth and he licked his lips. “Auntie what happened to your mouth, it's changed?” asked Lily “Oh” said then old man, who couldn't hold himself back any longer “It so I can pleasure you better!” said the old man as he leaped up. Lily tried heading out the bedroom door but the old man grabbed her and slammed the door shut. He held both her arms and his wrinkled old penis began began throbbing ever so harder. He took his right hand and grabbed Lily's clothes and ripped them off of her. His penis continued throbbing as he saw Lily standing there, her arm in his hand, naked with only her underwear on. He grabs some rope and ties her arms and legs to the bed post He gags her moth so she couldn't scream and grabs hold of her panties and rips them off. He takes the aunts clothes off and his penis stood erected and throbbing as he takes his tongue up her inside leg until he reaches her tiny ten year old crack. He opens it up and teases her clitoris with his tongue. She arches up into the air as he he continued to pleasure her clitoris with his tongue. He no longer could stand it, he wanted this girl, ever since he saw her in the alley. He takes his penis and rubs the head up and down her crack, then without a word thrust his penis into her tight ten year old hole. Lily eyes widen and tears pour from them as she lets out a scream that no one could hear due to the gag over her mouth. Blood slowly exited her vagina as he pound her. He had pleasurable smile on his face as he continued to fuck Lily. “Dam, you're tighter then your aunt” he told her as he moved in and out of her, with a musical rhythm. Lily's eye's roll upward, as slowly passes out as he moved faster and faster. He lets out a howl as he shot a massive load of semen into her tiny hole. He opened her legs and licked the excess semen and blood from her hole. Lily awoke in a dark dirty room, only lit by a small fire. She leaned up from the dirty mattress that she had been laying on, her hands where tied with leather straps and her legs were chained to the wall. She felt a little cold as she sat there naked. She noticed dry blood between her legs and her body was full
pain. She noticed her belly was now large as if she was pregnant and tried feeling it and felt a little kick coming from it. She looked around the room, she noticed the little fire and a figure that looked like a wolf sitting on the other side. The figure stood up and she noticed that was the old man, the wolf coat he wore opened up to reveal that he had nothing on underneath, his large wrinkled penis sticking outward towards her, throbbing up and down. “Don't worry little girl we will get back to our pleasure after we eat.” said the old man as he threw an arm onto a big skillet. Lily turned and noticed in the corner her aunt sitting there, with one arm missing her belly gutted. Lily screamed as the old man began cooking her aunt's arm.
Ten months later...
Local police are still baffled by the disappearance of Lily and her aunt. The town of Silva and the surrounding area had been searched with no leads. Lily sat on a dirty mattress crying, thinking to herself, she should of listen to her mother.

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