I’m a blatant dangler of prepositions, and agree with you that it’s nothing to make a big deal about. But I have a problem with your conjunction advice, because that rule can be broken badly by writers that don’t have as much experience as you do. And don’t understand how the writing can become stilted. And choppy. But you know what I mean. So are all the words in every language ever in existence and every single meaning attached to them. So it is, too, with all the laws of civilization, how we identify and label what occurs in nature, keep track of time, utilize mathematics, the names we call each other, the places we live and the maps we use to locate them and our place in the universe. Practically our entire human experience, how we relate to it, identify it and communicate our perspective on it is made up. It’s all made up! Do you suggest total abandonment of it all? Where shall the embarkation point for a return to total chaos be marked as you recreate things? ....

For the longest time I was unwilling, but this restriction was a boon to the creativity of my copy. I wouldn’t twist my language in any unnatural ways, but I would come up with entirely new ways to say things. Now that I’m confident I can do this 100% of the time, I have greatly relaxed with the rule. All my life I’ve broken rules, because a lot or rules to me get in the way of what it is I’m trying to accomplish. As a kid, a loved calling teachers on the carpet when it came to speaking, and writing or acting out a creative thought. I call this my Mark Twain Argument. Hopefully someone reading this post sees what I call this feenahm and is now nodding their head. You have to choose when to fight the battles, but also know why and how to fight it, and I ‘spose with whom. A few random thoughts on a topic I’ve always loved, breaking the rules. Thanks.

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