Day 1 of Lindstedt vs Reo transcript

I am stripping out the parts where they were putting in jurors, due to the fact their names shouldn't be published in case of harassment The idea behind this is to make a real easy to search document of what was said at the trial

5 Plaintiff ) CASE NOS. 15CV1590
6 -vs- ) AND 16CV825
8 Defendants ) 2019-L-073 AND 2019-L-074
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12 VOLUME 1 OF 3
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15 CONDON, MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2019 AT 8:30 A.M.
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23 Susan Goodell, Official Court Reporter
Lake County Courthouse
24 47 North Park Place
Painesville, Ohio 44077
25 (440)350-2720
1 W I T N E S S I N D E X
6 BRYAN REO 199 212
1 (Whereupon, the following
2 proceedings were held in open court without
3 the jurors present.)
5 THE COURT: Good morning.
6 MR. REO: Good morning, Your
7 Honor.
8 THE COURT: We're here on Case
9 Nos. 15CV1590 and 16CV825. Just for brevity's
10 sake, I'll caption them Reo vs. Lindstedt.
11 They were consolidated for purposes of trial.
12 We will try them under Case No. 15CV1590.
13 I'll note for the record that the jurors
14 are not present in the courtroom. They will
15 be reporting at 10:00 this morning. On behalf
16 of the plaintiff Bryan Reo is appearing. On
17 behalf of the defendant Martin Lindstedt is
18 appearing. I just want to put down some
19 ground rules before we start this trial, the
20 first being when I talk, you listen; the
21 second being when you talk, I'll listen; the
22 third being one person talks at a time; and
23 the fourth being you need to speak slowly so
24 the court reporter can take down what's being
25 said.
1 I want to advise you that any conduct
2 which brings the administration of justice
3 into disrespect or which tends to embarrass,
4 impede, or disrupt this court in the
5 performance of its functions will not be
6 tolerated and may result in a finding of
7 direct contempt of court.
8 Mr. Reo, you filed, I believe, a motion in
9 limine as to admissions. Do you want to
10 briefly put on the record what you're asking
11 this court to do?
12 MR. REO: What I'm asking the
13 court to do is --
14 THE COURT: Please stand.
15 MR. REO: Yes, Your Honor.
16 What I'm asking the court to do at this time
17 is basically accept that the admissions are
18 admitted and that they cannot be refruted
19 since the defendant did not cooperate with
20 discovery in any manner. He did not respond
21 to interrogatories, he did not produce
22 documents, he did not respond to our request
23 for admissions, and he has never made a formal
24 or timely motion to withdraw or amend those
25 admissions which line up point by point with
1 the allegations in the original 15CV complaint
2 and ask him to admit all allegations factual
3 or legal.
4 THE COURT: Did Mr. Lindstedt in
5 one of his responses to summary judgment
6 answer the bulk of the admissions?
7 MR. REO: I do not believe that
8 he did. He just made a, what I would consider
9 incoherent rambling, diatribe that I was not
10 entitled to summary judgment and that he
11 didn't want me to get summary judgment. I
12 don't think that can be construed in any
13 meaningful way as trying to refrute or
14 withdraw the admissions.
15 THE COURT: Very good.
16 Mr. Lindstedt?
17 MR. LINDSTEDT: Yeah, I didn't get
18 most of Bryan Reo's papers. What he does is
19 he claims he mailed it on a date. He waits
20 two or three days. He gets four or five days
21 to get there. I don't get it. You know, I
22 don't receive it. I have not received his
23 motion in limine. I assume it's like the
24 motion in limine of two years ago when he said
25 I was too crazy -- his lawyer said I was too
1 crazy to be allowed to testify.
2 As far as his claiming admissions in both
3 the federal case, which he lost, and, you
4 know, in this one, what he does is that he
5 writes up his idea of what discovery papers is
6 and I go ahead and answer it, you know, you
7 know, not the way he wants and then he goes
8 ahead, I turn these questions back on him and
9 he said, well, they were overbroad and he
10 wasn't going to answer them.
11 So he claims that I admitted to something
12 I didn't admit. What -- what I've done with
13 Bryan Reo's paperwork over the past five years
14 in federal and in this court is to pretty much
15 take his nonsense, post it up on my web -- on
16 my church web page on the internet, and then
17 pretty well ridicule. I went ahead and looked
18 and he was supposed to only get 25
19 interrogatories. He had --
20 THE COURT: All right. I just
21 want to talk about the admissions at this
22 point.
23 MR. LINDSTEDT: I have made -- I have
24 made no admissions. That's only in his --
25 that's only in his mind. Whenever -- whenever
1 I ask for discovery, he says he's already won
2 the case and so --
3 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, in
4 your response I believe you captioned it
5 Defendant Pastor Lindstedt's Response to Reo's
6 Fraudulent 90 Request for Admissions Posing as
7 Interrogatories. It does appear that you
8 answered --
9 MR. LINDSTEDT: 44 of them, I think.
10 THE COURT: Well into the
11 forties.
13 THE COURT: And that was part of
14 a response that you filed here in this court?
15 MR. LINDSTEDT: Yeah, I was with the
16 previous judge.
17 THE COURT: Okay. And --
18 MR. LINDSTEDT: I heard he was only
19 supposed to get 25, but he asked about 100 and
20 I went ahead and said, "I'll give you 40," and
21 I gave him 44.
22 THE COURT: Now, what Mr. Reo is
23 asking me to do is for anything that wasn't
24 answered, have those questions be deemed
25 admitted, that you're admitting to those
1 things.
2 MR. LINDSTEDT: No, no.
3 THE COURT: Are you asking me to
4 not to do that?
5 MR. LINDSTEDT: I'm not admit -- I'm
6 not admitting to anything -- I'm not admitting
7 to anything he wants to claim.
8 THE COURT: All right. In
9 response to Question 48, "Admit to all
10 allegations whether factual or legal in
11 plaintiff's complaint," you deny?
12 MR. LINDSTEDT: I deny all his -- you
13 know, I deny all --
14 THE COURT: But in this document
15 you denied it?
16 MR. LINSTEDT: I think I did.
17 THE COURT: Okay. And then in
18 No. 49, "Admit that plaintiff is entitled to
19 no less than all of the relief pleaded for in
20 plaintiff's complaint," you denied that as
21 well?
22 MR. LINDSTEDT: I think so. I don't
23 -- I don't -- no, I think I quit at 44 and
24 then I turned the questions on him and he
25 refused to answer because they were overbroad
1 or something. So -- and also he played games
2 in discovery to where he sent to me emails
3 saying he sent it through the mail, so I went
4 ahead and turned the questions on him, mailed
5 it via first day delivery. He got it and then
6 he claimed that I or the post office had
7 poisoned it or something and so he was
8 refusing to accept it. So he claimed that he
9 was first or something like that. And I think
10 Magistrate Roll was there on December 17th of
11 2015.
12 THE COURT: Okay.
13 MR. LINDSTEDT: So he plays games
14 with discovery and what happens is I like -- I
15 like --
16 THE COURT: Okay. I've heard
17 enough that I need to hear on this issue.
18 Okay. Mr. Reo, are you prepared to
19 proceed with your case regardless of the
20 court's ruling on this?
21 MR. REO: Respectfully, Your
22 Honor, if the admissions are not going to be
23 deemed admitted, in light of the defendant
24 having not cooperated with discovery --
25 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
1 MR. REO: -- I would ask for a
2 several week continuance to reopen --
3 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
4 MR. REO: -- the discovery.
5 And I would like to speak to his allegation
6 that he responded to the admissions. What he
7 did was he took my questions, flipped them
8 around and then propounded those on me as his
9 own request for admissions. I responded with
10 point by point denials on the requests for
11 admissions, but he has never served upon me
12 any responses to any of those admissions.
13 THE COURT: Why are you not
14 prepared to go forward with your claims today?
15 MR. REO: I was relying on the
16 requests for admissions to the extent that the
17 defendant has not cooperated with discovery on
18 what ---
19 THE COURT: Did you file a motion
20 to compel?
21 MR. REO: Discovery closed a
22 long time ago.
23 THE COURT: That wasn't my
24 question, Mr. Reo. Did you file --
25 MR. REO: No, Your Honor.
1 THE COURT: -- a motion to
2 compel?
3 MR. REO: No, Your Honor, a
4 motion to compel was not filed.
5 THE COURT: I'm going to allow,
6 since Mr. Lindstedt did respond to the bulk of
7 the admission requests and flat out denied the
8 two gotcha ones, 48 and 49 where you wanted
9 him to admit the entirety of the case, I am
10 gonna grant his motion to withdraw any
11 admissions. I believe that the presentation
12 of the merits on the action will be subserved
13 thereby and the party who obtained the
14 admissions has not satisfied me that he would
15 be prejudiced in this action or any defense on
16 the merits of this case.
17 Is there any other motions in limine,
18 Mr. Reo?
19 MR. REO: None presently, Your
20 Honor, that I can think of, no.
21 THE COURT: Now, you did move to
22 continue this case because you were set in
23 Eastern County Court. That, quiet frankly,
24 irritates me, because that was a case that was
25 set about a week or so ago and it's just a
1 hearing, not a trial on a case that's been
2 pending for four years. What efforts did you
3 take to continue the case in Eastern County
4 Court?
5 MR. REO: I've conferred with
6 opposing counsel to ask if he would stipulate
7 to a continuance and I've conferred with
8 co-counsel, Mr. Sidoti. Mr. Sidoti has
9 advised me that he has absolutely no
10 availability in July and that he wouldn't be
11 able to do anything until August and he
12 advised me that the trial court judge there
13 wants the eviction proceedings to go forward
14 because they're tired of how long the case has
15 been dragging on.
16 THE COURT: So you did nothing as
17 far as asking the court for a continuance?
18 MR. REO: No, but we've since
19 resolved the scheduling issue and I believe
20 that there is not going to be a problem.
21 THE COURT: Well, I did speak
22 with Judge Specht. He's aware that you will
23 be here and you'll be here for the next few
24 days. If you are still here on Wednesday, he
25 wants you to make arrangements with his clerk
1 to appear at another time and all other ord --
2 all others who are ordered to appear must
3 appear as scheduled on Wednesday, including
4 but not limited to Attorney Sidoti.
5 Which claims are you proceeding on during
6 this trial, Mr. Reo?
7 MR. REO: The claims that are
8 articulated in the September 12, 2018 notice
9 to court regarding causes of action, claims of
10 common law defamation against Martin
11 Lindstedt, common law invasion of privacy -
12 false light against Martin Lindstedt, common
13 law invasion --
14 THE COURT: You can slow down.
15 MR. REO: Sorry, your Honor.
16 THE COURT: Defamation?
17 MR. REO: Defamation, invasion
18 of privacy, public disclosure of private
19 facts, intrusion and invasion on seclusion as
20 to Lindstedt.
21 MR. LINDSTEDT: Can I make an
22 objection?
23 THE COURT: What's your objection
24 first?
25 MR. LINDSTEDT: The objection is I've
1 never heard of private facts. I mean, I just
2 pretty well -- I just pretty well put whatever
3 facts I get on my web page. I didn't know
4 there were private facts or such a thing.
5 THE COURT: Okay. So invasion of
6 privacy, public disclosure of private facts,
7 intrusion on seclusion.
8 MR. REO: And then a claim for
9 punitive damages and a permanent injunction.
10 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection. Gag
11 orders have been ruled unconstitutional since
12 1931. Mr. Reo should know that.
13 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, when
14 you object, I will call on you if I wish to
15 hear what your objection is about; otherwise,
16 just make your objection; okay?
17 MR. LINDSTEDT: I don't -- I just --
18 you know, it says in the court rules to not
19 explain it in front of the jury. I am not a
20 professional lawyer, so I don't really know
21 the procedure.
22 THE COURT: You're going to be
23 held to the same standards during this trial.
24 MR. LINDSTEDT: I think that is an
25 unjust thing to do, to essentially say that my
1 life, liberty, or property depends on what
2 professional lawyers say or do or whatever to
3 someone who doesn't know anything about this.
4 THE COURT: Well, you've had an
5 opportunity to obtain counsel if you desired
6 to. You have decided to exercise your right
7 to defend yourself and Ohio law is clear that
8 you will be held to the same standard as an
9 attorney.
10 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. Pretty well --
11 you know, pretty well my position is that, you
12 know, I don't really recognize this court's
13 jurisdiction and I don't really think I should
14 be under Ohio law. I live 900 miles away.
15 THE COURT: I appreciate that and
16 you've preserved your objection for the record
17 and it's overruled.
18 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. Thank you.
19 THE COURT: Now, Mr. Reo, what do
20 you believe the statute of limitation on your
21 causes of action are?
22 MR. REO: I believe the statute
23 of limitations -- well, this case was
24 originally filed in April of 2014 in the
25 United States District Court for the Northern
1 District of Ohio. It was dismissed otherwise
2 than upon the merits for lack of subject
3 matter jurisdiction after it was transferred
4 to Missouri.
5 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
6 THE COURT: Overruled.
7 MR. REO: It was transferred to
8 Missouri electronically where it was then
9 dismissed in August or September of 2015.
10 MR. LINDSTEDT: September 10th.
11 MR. REO: And then it was
12 refiled timely. Your Honor, can I please move
13 that the defendant be instructed not to
14 interrupt me when I'm speaking?
15 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, you
16 know that; right?
17 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. Can I make an
18 objection then?
19 THE COURT: When he's speaking,
20 if you want to make an objection, just say,
21 "objection."
23 MR. REO: The case was
24 transferred electronically to District Court
25 in Missouri where in September of 2015 it was
1 dismissed without prejudice and timely refiled
2 in Ohio --
3 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
4 THE COURT: Overruled.
5 MR. REO: -- invoking the
6 savings statute relating back to the original
7 date of filing, which would have been April
8 18th or 19th of 2014. Therefore, the statute
9 of limitations, I would say, would be one
10 year, so anything that occurred from 2013
11 forward, April of 2013. If it was timely
12 filed at the time of the original Northern
13 District of Ohio filing, then I would say it's
14 still timely and valid today and not time
15 barred.
16 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
17 THE COURT: Overruled.
18 Okay. Now, Mr. Lindstedt, you have some
19 counterclaims. What are the counterclaims?
20 MR. LINDSTEDT: The counterclaims is
21 that -- it's been a while and I'm not really
22 prepared, but what I claimed is that Bryan Reo
23 is a limited purpose public figure. He filed
24 -- he filed in the Ohio court. It got
25 transferred, according to law, to the Missouri
1 court. The -- the judge waited about a year
2 and a half and when I added -- when I added
3 about forty other defendants for him making
4 bogus DMCAs, the judge decided the circus was
5 to an end. Mr. Reo could have refiled but had
6 to pay the docket fee of $400 instead of
7 getting it for free. Could have filed it in
8 federal court. I don't feel -- the Ohio
9 statute of limitations says that the -- says
10 that the for libel and slander is one year. I
11 say that Mr. Reo -- Mr. Reo has routinely
12 called me a convicted child molester along
13 with his -- you know, on the forum he was
14 given by the co-defendant, William Finck. He
15 went ahead and took down about ten to fifteen
16 -- well, about a dozen web pages, about four
17 or five of other people's. So he was tortious
18 interference -- tortious interference of
19 contract.
20 So what I have done as far as -- as far as
21 what he -- as far as what he said is he says
22 that I published known as private facts, that
23 I published a Lexis Nexis file when he
24 interfered.
25 THE COURT: That will be your
1 defense to his allegations. I'm just trying
2 to get on you what you're affirmatively saying
3 he did.
4 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. Abuse of
5 legal process; tortious interference, you
6 know, of that; slander. Shoot, let me -- let
7 me look on my motions what I went and filed.
8 I filed jury instructions and then amended
9 them.
10 Let's see. Where is it? As far as Roxie,
11 she -- she weighs 400 pounds. She's got a
12 broken hip. She's 63 years old. She has not
13 been able to get out of bed except for firemen
14 carrying her out and Mr. Reo knows that.
15 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, my
16 question was what are your causes of action?
17 MR. LINDSTEDT: My causes of act --
18 mainly abuse of legal process and invasion of
19 privacy. Invasion of privacy. Pretty well
20 everything he claims against me, you know, but
21 I don't -- I don't want a gag order against
22 him or -- well, I could maybe do a gag order
23 against christeogenea because they printed
24 he's libel for slander against me. But, you
25 know, I don't see Mr. Finck or William Shawn
1 DeClue here at all.
2 Could I take a small time to go ahead and
3 look at what my causes of action? They were
4 printed up recently.
5 MR. REO: Your Honor, I also
6 have some causes of action that I didn't get
7 to read off, if you would like me to finish.
8 MR. LINDSTEDT: Oh, okay.
9 THE COURT: Let Mr. -- well,
10 since you're looking --
11 MR. LINDSTEDT: I had an objection, I
12 had an objection because Mr. Reo keeps on
13 wanting to sneak in stuff from 200 -- you
14 know, 2016 -- 2015, 2016, 2017 and I think
15 2018 and that's why he asked for, you know, to
16 amend his complaint beyond -- what he did is
17 when he lost the federal case, he just simply
18 stripped the DMCA stuff out and resubmitted it
19 to this court. So he's already had a bite at
20 the apple.
21 MR. REO: Objection.
22 THE COURT: Why don't you take a
23 chance to look through your documents --
25 THE COURT: -- while Mr. Reo
1 outlines the rest of his claims.
2 MR. LINDSTEDT: Your Honor, I have a
3 few motions pending, including a motion
4 regarding trial exhibits, but they said I
5 can't put it in until I file with the clerk of
6 the courts.
7 THE COURT: Mr. Reo?
8 MR. REO: Common law
9 intentional infliction of emotional distress
10 as to Mr. Lindstedt and the church, common law
11 defamation as to Mr. Lindstedt and the church,
12 common law invasion of privacy - false light
13 as to Mr. Lindstedt and the church, statutory
14 criminal liability under Revised Code 2307.60
15 as to Mr. Lindstedt and Ms. Fausnaught, common
16 law civil conspir --
17 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
18 THE COURT: Overruled.
19 MR. REO: Common law civil
20 conspiracy against Mr. Lindstedt, Ms.
21 Fausnaught, and the church; punitive damages
22 claims against Mr. Lindstedt and Ms.
23 Fausnaught; piercing the corporate veil of the
24 church --
25 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
1 THE COURT: Overruled.
2 MR. REO: -- a director and
3 individual liability against Mr. Lindstedt and
4 Ms. Fausnaught.
5 MR. LINDSTEDT: I have so much Bryan
6 Rio papers to sort through. I would first
7 like to say whatever he accuses me and Roxie
8 of doing, I would like to accuse him of doing
9 the same stuff. Let's see.
10 THE COURT: Mr. Reo, when did you
11 say you filed in the Northern District of
12 Ohio?
13 MR. REO: That would have been
14 April of 2014, so that would be one year on
15 the libel defamation and two years on the
16 IIED.
18 MR. REO: Intentional
19 infliction of emotional distress.
20 MR. LINDSTEDT: You want 10,000,000
21 from me for that; right?
22 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, you
23 seem pretty familiar with the date. When was
24 the case dismissed out in federal court?
25 MR. LINDSTEDT: September 10th and
1 he --
2 THE COURT: Which year?
3 MR. LINDSTEDT: No, it's September
4 10th of 2015 after the judge gave -- the
5 magistrate judge gave twenty days Mr. Reo had
6 to claim and then Mr. Reo asked for thirty
7 days, so he got fifty days and --
8 THE COURT: I just needed the
9 date. Thanks.
10 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. September 10th
11 and he filed this September 18th.
12 THE COURT: Thank you.
13 MR. LINDSTEDT: I'm looking for my
14 amended jury instructions and pretrial things
15 here, causes of action.
16 THE COURT: Well, we will give
17 you some time to do that. We will look
18 through your documents as well. Is there
19 anything else for the record at this time?
20 It's about 9:00. Mr. Reo?
21 MR. REO: No, Your Honor.
22 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt?
23 MR. LINDSTEDT: I want to file for
24 Mr. Reo -- I was waiting for Mr. Reo's
25 exhibits and pretty well he told me this
1 morning that he was going to use the same
2 exhibits that he used two years ago when he
3 was trying -- he had a motion in limine to say
4 that I was crazy and I couldn't testify in my
5 defense two years ago, and the judge, previous
6 judge said that upon trial I could seek
7 sanctions against Mr. Reo and his lawyer,
8 Brett A. Klimkowsky at the time. And Mr. --
9 Mr. Reo --
10 THE COURT: So did you receive
11 those two years ago or whenever that was?
12 MR. LINDSTEDT: I received, you know,
13 what -- what the judge at the time said is --
14 THE COURT: Did you receive them?
15 MR. LINDSTEDT: What? I received --
16 I received a bunch of you stuff which said,
17 and Mr. Reo sent me something different, about
18 how -- what they are is they are a
19 cherry-picked selection from my web page.
20 MR. REO: Objection.
21 THE COURT: Overruled.
22 MR. LINDSTEDT: They're a
23 cherry-picked selection from my web page.
24 THE COURT: So you've seen them?
25 MR. LINDSTEDT: I have seen -- I have
1 seen some of them, because they're on my web
2 page. He's just -- he's just putting stuff
3 that I put down about him on my web page.
4 THE COURT: So it's no surprise
5 to you?
6 MR. LINDSTEDT: No, he just -- I
7 just was surprised that he would try to go
8 ahead and carry through, but --
9 THE COURT: Go ahead and file it
10 and --
12 THE COURT: -- and I'll reserve
13 ruling -- I'll reserve ruling until it becomes
14 ripe during the course of the trial.
16 THE COURT: I am going to order a
17 separation of witnesses, so anyone who you
18 believe --
19 MR. LINDSTEDT: This is -- this is my
20 -- this is my son-in-law. He --
21 THE COURT: Well, let me finish.
22 Anyone who you think is going to testify in
23 this case cannot sit in court during the
24 trial. They can't sit and listen to other
25 people's testimony. If someone is in court,
1 hears testimony and then you want to call them
2 to testify, I'm not going to allow that. So
3 anyone that you think might testify, you have
4 to advise them that they cannot sit in court
5 during the pendency of this case.
6 MR. LINDSTEDT: I think Mr. Reo
7 has his father, who I tried to add to the
8 suit, but Mr. Reo and his father managed to
9 evade service. As far as Roxie is concerned,
10 she is 891.1 miles away, you know, in her bed.
11 She -- she can't get out of bed unless I get
12 six firemen to take her to her doctor's
13 appointment and she's -- she's functionally
14 iliterate. As far as the church is concerned,
15 wherever I am, that's where my church is, so
16 no, I don't see any witnesses on my behalf
17 here.
18 THE COURT: Okay. Well, the jury
19 should be here at 10:00. If there's any other
20 issues that I think we need to raise before
21 the jury gets here, I'll summons you back into
22 the courtroom; otherwise, I want you to be in
23 the general vicinity so we can find you and we
24 will start the jury selection process at ten.
25 It's probably going to take a little while.
1 The jury needs to watch a video and the
2 parties will not be in court during that
3 portion of the -- when the jury is here and
4 then we'll start picking the jury shortly
5 thereafter.
7 THE COURT: So stick around, go
8 file what you think you need to file.
9 MR. LINDSTEDT: I don't think you
10 file exhibits. What about my, I guess, causes
11 of action and what I filed today? And what I
12 filed, it takes about five, six, seven days
13 here, you probably got it in the mail today,
14 what I sent.
15 THE COURT: What was that?
16 MR. LINDSTEDT: I think it was the
17 amended cause of action.
18 THE COURT: Well, we're not
19 amending things on the day of trial.
20 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. The problem --
21 the problem is is that I sent -- I sent it
22 via --
23 THE COURT: Well, we wouldn't be
24 amending it five days before trial either.
25 MR. LINDSTEDT: Well, that's what --
1 that's what -- that's what gets me is that
2 Mr. Reo continues to hold -- hold his papers
3 for two or three days and I get it about a
4 week or so after and then by then, you know,
5 it's either moot or you've ruled on it or
6 something's happened and as a result -- you
7 know, as a result I don't have any ability to
8 go -- you know, I live 900 miles away. I
9 can't come in except for my emails. So I did
10 -- I did send some jury instructions.
11 THE COURT: Those were received.
12 MR. LINDSTEDT: Which were received.
13 And then I just added one or two items that I
14 got from Wikipedia and pretty much since I
15 don't really recognize that this court has
16 jurisdiction. I agree with -- I agree with
17 Mr. Reo before he became a lawyer, he drafted
18 for Melissa Epperson and William Finck.
19 MR. REO: Objection.
20 THE COURT: Overruled.
21 MR. LINDSTEDT: You know, he drafted
22 for Melissa Epperson and William Finck a
23 pretty good -- a pretty good reason why Mr.
24 Finck should be added, you know, to -- you
25 know, to the case. And Mr. William Shawn
1 DeClue, he was a character I stupidly ordained
2 and I pulled his ordainship a day or so and
3 Mr. DeClue has been bragging for years that
4 he's been working for Mr. Reo.
5 THE COURT: All right. Well,
6 those are all facts that if they're relevant
7 the jury will get to hear.
8 MR. LINDSTEDT: I hope so.
9 THE COURT: I want this case to
10 be decided on its merits and any relevant
11 information the jury will get to hear, but
12 those things that are not relevant they will
13 not get to hear. We'll had been back at 10:00
14 unless we summons you beforehand.
15 MR. REO: Your Honor, one
16 additional matter before we leave?
17 THE COURT: Yes.
18 MR. REO: The previous judge,
19 Judge Collins, issued an order that causes of
20 action without narrative or explanation were
21 to be filed on or by, I believe, September 12,
22 2018. Mine were timely filed, which is the
23 list. Mr. Lindstedt's were timely filed, but
24 he included eight or nine pages of
25 incomprehensible narrative that I couldn't
1 make sense of, so I'm going to move that any
2 pending counterclaims that he may have had be
3 dismissed for noncompliance with that order.
4 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
5 THE COURT: Overruled.
6 MR. REO: And the fact that
7 his --
8 THE COURT: Overruled as to your
9 objection. Go ahead.
10 MR. REO: His counterclaim is
11 simply nonsensical. It's not clear what
12 exactly his counterclaim consists of, what the
13 factual or evidentiary basis is. He never
14 propounded any discovery regarding his
15 counterclaim and he's never offered any
16 evidence as to the basis of any of his claims.
17 And I believe he attempted to plead abuse of
18 process and malicious prosecution, but
19 malicious prosecution requires that the
20 previous action be terminated in the
21 plaintiff's favor for the plaintiff on a cause
22 of action for malicious prosecution, which
23 would make it premature because this action
24 has not been terminated, let alone in his
25 favor, so that cause hasn't even properly
1 accrued yet.
2 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
3 MR. REO: As to the --
4 MR. LINDSTEDT: I don't --
5 THE COURT: Overruled, Mr.
6 Lindstedt.
7 MR. REO: As to the abuse of
8 process claim, it requires an allegation that
9 legal form has been set in motion, improper
10 form with probable cause but has been
11 subverted to accomplish some ulterior purpose.
12 Mr. Lindstedt has long maintained that this
13 proceeding is fraudulent, improper. He has
14 never conceded that this proceeding was
15 initiated in proper form of probable cause but
16 was subverted for an ulterior motive. So in
17 his own pleadings he's undermined his own
18 supposed potential claim for abuse of process.
19 So I think he fails to state a claim for abuse
20 of process and he necessarily fails to state a
21 claim as to malicious prosecution because that
22 cause has not accrued yet at this time.
23 THE COURT: Very good. I'll take
24 your motion under advisement.
25 MR. REO: Thank you, Your
1 Honor.
2 THE BAILIFF: All rise.
4 (Whereupon, the prospective jurors
5 entered the courtroom and the following
6 proceedings were held in open court.)
8 THE COURT: I want to welcome
9 everybody to the Lake County Courthouse. I'm
10 Judge Patrick Condon. I will preside over
11 this trial. I hope everyone made it into the
12 courthouse all right this morning and with as
13 little inconvenience as possible. I know
14 parking's is kind of at a premium because of
15 the construction and at least one other court
16 has a jury here, so I appreciate the efforts
17 you made to find parking and make it in on
18 time.
19 I understand this is your first week of
20 jury service and you had the opportunity to
21 watch a video this morning describing a little
22 bit about what to expect as a juror, but at
23 this time I'm going to provide you with a
24 brief introduction to jury service.
25 Service as a juror is one of the most
1 important valuable civic duties which you can
2 perform. Trial by jury is one of the most
3 valuable rights which we possess in the United
4 States. The preservation of this right is
5 strengthened by your response to the call for
6 jury service.
7 Jury service is both a legal obligation
8 and a civic duty. Notwithstanding that, it is
9 recognized that each of you are making some
10 sacrifice by being here today. That sacrifice
11 may be at home or at work, but most likely
12 both. I know that your service represents
13 some inconvenience to each of you, but I also
14 believe that you will recognize that your
15 service as a juror is necessary.
16 The jury system that we use here in the
17 United States is the best system of justice in
18 the world. It is a system that lets everyday
19 people decide issues that affect their fellow
20 citizens. So the sacrifice being made is a
21 sacrifice required by our American system of
22 government and it is necessary to ensure the
23 continued existence of our way of life and our
24 system of justice.
25 I know that many of you may be feeling a
1 little bit nervous, perhaps a bit apprehensive
2 and stressed at the thought of having to serve
3 as a juror. Those are common feelings often
4 expressed by prospective jurors that have
5 never served before. Many people feel like
6 they do not know what jury duty entails and
7 are not capable of performing the duties of a
8 juror. I want to assure you that everyone
9 here is more than capable of serving as a
10 juror and performing the duties of a juror.
11 Further, it is my hope that you find your
12 service as jurors or prospective jurors to be
13 an interesting and rewarding experience even
14 though the monetary compensation is minimal.
15 And I'll repeat that, it is minimal.
16 You may not think it as you are sitting
17 here now, but most of the people who get the
18 opportunity to serve as a juror leave here
19 wanting to serve again. So on behalf of the
20 court and the community I commend you and
21 thank you for your service here today.
22 Call Maureen.
23 You have been summoned as prospective
24 jurors in this case, which is a civil case,
25 and it's captioned Bryan Reo versus Martin
1 Lindstedt, et al. The plaintiff, Bryan Reo,
2 claims he was defamed by the defendant.
3 Yes, sir?
4 MR. NOVAK: I'm a little hard of
5 hearing. Can I get an aid for hearing?
6 THE COURT: Sure. Anybody else
7 having difficulty hearing?
8 MR. NOVAK: Thank you.
9 THE COURT: Let's give this a
10 try. The plaintiff, Bryan Reo, claims he's
11 defamed by defendants, that defendants invaded
12 his privacy, presented him in a false light
13 and intruded into his privacy activities, that
14 the defendants intentionally inflicted
15 emotional distress against him and, finally,
16 that the defendants engaged in a civil
17 conspiracy against him.
18 The defendants are Martin Lindstedt, Roxie
19 Fausnaught, and the Church of Jesus Christ,
20 Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri. The
21 defendant -- the individual defendants live in
22 the State of Missouri. The church is based in
23 Missouri. The defendants deny the claims of
24 plaintiff.
25 Defendant, Martin Lindstedt, has filed a
1 counterclaim against Plaintiff Bryan Reo,
2 William Finck, and William DeClue for
3 defamation, invasion of privacy, abuse of
4 legal process, spoliation or destruction of
5 evidence, tortious interference with contracts
6 and intentional infliction of emotional
7 distress. The counterclaim, defendants deny
8 these charges.
9 The plaintiff is representing himself,
10 William Finck, and William DeClue in the
11 counterclaim. Mr. Reo, would you please stand
12 and introduce yourself and your clients, if
13 they are here?
14 MR. REO: There must be some
15 understanding, Your Honor. I am not
16 representing Mr. Finck or Mr. DeClue.
17 THE COURT: Okay. You're just
18 representing yourself?
19 MR. REO: Correct. I'm only
20 representing myself. They've never asked me
21 to represent them and I've never entered an
22 appearance on their behalf.
23 THE COURT: Thank you.
24 MR. REO: I'm Bryan Anthony
25 Reo, the plaintiff in this action, and I'm
1 representing myself pro se.
2 THE COURT: Thank you. Mr. Reo,
3 when you filed this, you were not a licensed
4 attorney in the State of Ohio, but you now
5 are?
6 MR. REO: That is correct, Your
7 Honor.
8 THE COURT: Thank you.
9 The defendant, Martin Lindstedt, is
10 representing himself. Mr. Lindstedt, if you
11 would please stand and introduce yourself to
12 the jurors.
13 MR. LINDSTEDT: There's reasons
14 for my appearance. I'm Pastor Martin
15 Lindstedt. My common law wife, Roxie, she's
16 63 years old and she's had -- oh, she broke
17 her leg five-and-a-half years ago and her hip
18 two-and-a-half years ago. She's illiterate
19 practically.
20 And as for my church, I founded the church
21 to try to get out of being forcibly doped up
22 while I was sent to the Missouri state
23 nuthouse and that was a success. I use it for
24 -- I use my church for pretty well explaining
25 my religious beliefs, which are controversial.
1 I don't -- I made it quite clear, I don't
2 think this court 900 miles away has
3 jurisdiction over fighting with Mr. Reo over
4 the internet for the past nine years.
5 THE COURT: Thank you, Mr.
6 Lindstedt. Did you -- what did you say about
7 your church views and controversy? They are
8 controversial?
9 MR. LINDSTEDT: The church is and Mr.
10 Reo was pretending to be --
11 THE COURT: No, I don't want to
12 go into the facts.
13 MR. LINDSTEDT: The church -- the
14 church -- the church is a what is known
15 religiously as dual seedline Christian
16 identity. It -- it -- the Aryan Nations is a
17 political arm of the Church of Jesus Christ,
18 Christian. It is what you would call an
19 out-and-out white supremacist church.
20 THE COURT: Thank you.
21 Defendants Roxie Fausnaught and the Church
22 of Jesus Christ, Christian/Aryan Nations of
23 Missouri are not present and are not
24 represented by counsel.
25 The court provides this limited
1 information in order to find out whether any
2 of you has previous knowledge of this case.
3 MR. REO: Your Honor, may I
4 speak to the church matter?
6 It is important as jurors that you be
7 honest and truthful during this phase of the
8 trial, so as prospective jurors you will be
9 placed under oath or affirmation prior to the
10 court and counsel questioning you. Our Clerk
11 of Courts, Maureen Kelly, has been gracious
12 enough to come and swear you in, so if you
13 would please stand and raise your right hand,
14 and everybody in the back.
15 MS. KELLY: Thank you, Your
16 Honor.
17 Good morning. I'd ask that all
18 prospective jurors raise their right hand and
19 at the conclusion of the oath please answer,
20 "I do."
22 (Whereupon, all prospective jurors
23 were sworn in at this time.)
25 THE COURT: Thank you.
1 MS. KELLY: My pleasure.
2 THE COURT: This being a civil
3 case, the person who claims that certain facts
4 exist must prove them by a preponderance of
5 the evidence or by clear and convincing
6 evidence depending on the claim. This duty is
7 known as the burden of proof. In this case
8 there is both a complaint and a counterclaim.
9 Thus, the burden is on each party to establish
10 the material issues necessary for his claims
11 by a preponderance of the evidence or by clear
12 and convincing evidence depending on the
13 claim.
14 Preponderance of the evidence is the
15 greater weight of the evidence; that is
16 evidence that you believe because it outweighs
17 or overbalances in your mind the evidence
18 opposed to it. A preponderance means evidence
19 that is more probable, more persuasive, or of
20 greater probative value. It is the quality of
21 the evidence that must be weighed. Quality
22 may or may not be identical with quantity or
23 the greater number of witnesses. In deciding
24 whether an issue has been proved by a
25 preponderance of the evidence, you should
1 consider all of the evidence regardless of who
2 produced it. If the weight of the evidence is
3 equally balanced, the party who has the burden
4 of proof has not established such issue by a
5 preponderance of evidence.
6 Clear and convincing. In a claim of
7 defamation, the person who claims that certain
8 facts exist must prove them by clear and
9 convincing evidence. Clear and convincing
10 means that the evidence must produce in your
11 minds a firm belief or conviction about the
12 facts to be proved or the truth of the matter.
13 It must be more than evidence that simply
14 outweighs or overbalances the evidence opposed
15 to it.
16 Each party is entitled to jurors who
17 approach this case with open minds and agree
18 to keep their minds open until a verdict is
19 reached. Jurors must be free as humanly
20 possible from bias, prejudice, or sympathy,
21 and not influenced by preconceived ideas
22 either as to the facts or the law. You will
23 receive the facts from the witness stand.
24 Instructions as to the law will be given to
25 you by the court and it is your sworn duty to
1 accept and apply the instructions given to
2 you. You may not substitute what you think
3 the law is or ought to be.
4 Let me begin by explaining the procedure
5 by which some of you will be selected to act
6 as jurors in this case. This part of the
7 trial is called voir dire, a French term
8 meaning to speak the truth. It is an
9 opportunity for the court and attorneys, and
10 in this case the pro se litigants, to ask you
11 questions in an attempt to learn a little bit
12 about your background to make sure we have as
13 fair and impartial a jury as possible. These
14 questions are not designed to pry into your
15 personal affairs, but to discover if you have
16 any knowledge of this case or any preconceived
17 opinion which you cannot lay aside or if you
18 have had any experience in your personal or
19 family life that might cause you to favor
20 either party. These questions are necessary
21 to ensure each party a fair jury.
22 I will ask you some question first as a
23 group. If a response by an individual is
24 appropriate, raise your hand and I'll call
25 upon you. Every time an individual speaks,
1 your name must be stated either by the
2 individual juror speaking, by the attorney, or
3 by me. We do this so our record is clear as
4 to who is talking. After I've asked my
5 questions, the parties will be given a chance
6 to ask questions as well. The questions are
7 not intended to be offensive in any way, but
8 are asked to help ensure that a jury is
9 selected of individuals who can fairly try
10 this case in the opinion of the court and
11 parties. I'm sure you would understand, for
12 example, that a person who has personal
13 knowledge of the facts in this case or who has
14 already made up his or her mind as to the
15 verdict would not be able to sit as a juror.
16 That person would be excused for what is
17 called good cause.
18 On the other hand -- on the other hand,
19 you should not be offended if you are excused
20 for no apparent reason. There is no time to
21 get to know you personally, so being excused
22 should not be taken personally. The
23 questionnaires you filled out when you were
24 first notified of your jury service help the
25 parties know more about you, but even those
1 are limited in scope. Besides, this jury can
2 consist of only eight jurors, plus two
3 alternate jurors, and there are many more of
4 you from whom to select this panel.
5 Finally, and most importantly, let me
6 stress the importance of answering all
7 questions honestly. That's why it's called
8 voir dire, to speak the truth. We need you to
9 be open and honest. If when you're being
10 questioned you prefer not to talk about
11 something in front of the whole courtroom,
12 just let me know and we'll talk somewhat more
13 privately up her at the bench or in chambers.
14 Brian Jackson will be our bailiff. Most
15 of you have met Brian. It is his
16 responsibility to keep you together and not
17 permit any person to speak or communicate with
18 you. He will direct you where to be and to
19 the jury room.
20 Susan Goodell is our court reporter. She
21 is responsible for recording and taking down
22 everything being said in court, including all
23 the evidence. It is very important that
24 witnesses, jurors, and the lawyers speak
25 clearly and loudly enough for the court
1 reporter to hear them. Because people have a
2 tendency to nod or shake their heads in answer
3 to a question, you will occasionally hear me
4 ask the person to speak up. The stenograph
5 machine cannot see such gestures and one of my
6 primary functions is to make a clear record of
7 these proceedings in case an appeal is taken
8 by either of the parties.


25 MR. REO: Thank you for being
1 here today. The evidence is going to
2 demonstrate that the defendant, Mr. Lindstedt;
3 the defendant, Church of Jesus Christ,
4 Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri; and the
5 defendant, Roxie Fausnaught, embarked on a
6 pervasive and extensive campaign of defamation
7 aimed against myself, that this began probably
8 in 2010. It's continued for the better part
9 of the last nine years. There is going to be
10 a certain showing of malice that I'm going to
11 demonstrate on the part of Mr. Lindstedt to
12 the extent that he said his goal was to ruin
13 and destroy me and that he was hoping that I
14 would commit suicide from anxiety, trauma, and
15 depression and that he was looking to make me
16 unemployable.
17 The evidence is also going to demonstrate
18 that he invaded my privacy by casting certain
19 events from the Perry Nuclear Power Plant in a
20 false light. Specifically the evidence is
21 going to show that without any knowledge as to
22 why my employment came to an end at the Perry
23 Nuclear Power Plant, he declared that I had
24 been a security threat and that I had tried to
25 sabotage the reactor control room. The
1 evidence is going to show that that is not
2 true, that rather there was an employment
3 dispute regarding safety reports that I made
4 to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission after a
5 dispute with the IBEW.
6 The evidence is also going to show that
7 Mr. Lindstedt has falsely disseminated
8 throughout the world wide web an allegation
9 that I have syphilis when I have not, nor do I
10 -- I do not now have, nor have I ever had
11 syphilis or any other venereal disease.
12 The evidence is also going to demonstrate
13 that Mr. Lindstedt disclosed private
14 information about me in a public manner,
15 specifically that he took a Nexis Lexis report
16 containing my license plate, my address, voter
17 registration, and my social security number
18 and he disseminated it throughout the World
19 Wide Web, emailed it to third parties, copied
20 me on some of the emails and ridiculed me in
21 regards to what he was doing.
22 The evidence is also going to show that
23 Mr. Lindstedt has invaded my privacy and my
24 seclusion to the extent that he's intruded
25 into the personal and private affairs of my
1 family, he's harassed my father, he's made
2 disparaging remarks about my wife, he's
3 published private information about our family
4 on the internet and additional similar related
5 claims.
6 Your Honor, regarding these claims for the
7 injunction, that's not triable to the jury --
8 THE COURT: Correct.
9 MR. REO: -- so I'm omitting
10 the injunction from my opening statement then.
11 The evidence is also going to demonstrate
12 that Mr. Lindstedt intentionally inflicted
13 emotion distress against me, that he did this
14 willfully, he did this knowingly. He set out
15 with a malicious sign for a rather purpose in
16 mind that his goal was to maliciously injure
17 me in an attempt to destroy me.
18 The evidence is also going to demonstrate
19 that Mr. Lindstedt statutorily wronged me in a
20 criminal capacity to the extent that he
21 solicited my murder on the internet. I
22 obtained a civil protection stalking order
23 retraining him on the basis of what he had
24 been doing on the internet and that I'm a
25 crime victim under a particular statute which
1 gives me a civil cause of action against Mr.
2 Lindstedt for pursuing my murder on the
3 internet.
4 The evidence will also demonstrate that
5 there is a civil conspiracy, that just means a
6 general plan, between Mr. Lindstedt,
7 Ms. Fausnaught, and the Church of Jesus
8 Christ, Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
9 and that the corporate veil should be pierced
10 as to the actions of the corporation regarding
11 the individual defendants, Martin Lindstedt
12 and Roxie Fausnaught, and that punitive
13 damages are warranted in this case.
14 So I will be presenting evidence to show
15 that communications were made by the Defendant
16 regarding myself, communicated and
17 disseminated to third parties, and that they
18 were untrue or substantially untrue or they
19 were cast in a false light.
20 Thank you.
21 THE COURT: Thank you.
22 Mr. Lindstedt, opening statement?
23 MR. LINDSTEDT: You can't make
24 objections, Your Honor, through opening
25 statement; can you?
1 THE COURT: You can.
2 MR. LINDSTEDT: Oh, you can?
4 MR. LINDSTEDT: Well, I wanted to
5 make objections, but is it true I can go ahead
6 and reserve my opening statement until Mr. Reo
7 has presented his evidence?
8 THE COURT: You may do that. Is
9 that what you choose to do?
10 MR. LINDSTEDT: That's what I choose
11 to do.
12 THE COURT: Very good. Mr. Reo,
13 call your first witness.
14 MR. REO: Plaintiff calls
15 Martin Lindstedt.
16 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, if
17 you'd come up to the witness stand.
19 THE COURT: Please raise your
20 right hand, sir. Do you swear the testimony
21 you will be giving today will be the truth,
22 the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
23 MR. LINDSTEDT: Like Christ said, I
24 shall tell the truth. You know, it says not
25 to swear.
1 THE COURT: Do you swear or
2 affirm the testimony you will give --
3 MR. LINDSTEDT: I affirm to tell the
4 truth --
5 THE COURT: Very good.
6 MR. LINDSTEDT: -- the whole truth
7 and nothing but the truth.
8 THE COURT: Very good. Thank
9 you. You can move the microphone in front of
10 you.
12 THE COURT: Mr. Reo, you may
13 proceed when you're ready.
14 MR. REO: Would you like me to
15 take the podium or remain seated, Your Honor?
16 THE COURT: That's up to you.
19 BY MR. REO:
20 Q. Please state your name for the record.
21 A. Pastor, which is a title, Martin, I was born
22 Frederick, but I use for my political campaigns
23 Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt.
24 Q. Could you please state your legal name for the
25 record?
1 A. Martin Frederick Lindstedt.
2 Q. How old are you, sir?
3 A. Sixty-one and a half.
4 Q. Where do you reside?
5 A. Well, to avoid stalking I live in Roxie's mother's
6 house, but I have as my address seventy-five yards
7 down the road at 338 Rabbit Track Road to avoid
8 harassment.
9 Q. Are you employed?
10 A. I'm employed by YHWH. Yes, I'm employed in my
11 calling as a minister of the dual seedline Christian
12 identity faith.
13 THE COURT: Questioning of
14 Yahwah, Y-A-H-W-A-H?
15 MR. LINDSTEDT: YHWH, which is the
16 true Isrealite name for God.
17 THE COURT: Thank you. Go ahead,
18 Mr. Reo.
19 Q. So you're not gainfully employed then for a
20 business, a company, or entity that would be giving
21 you a paycheck; is that fair to say?
22 A. YHWH provides.
23 Q. Are you employed by a business?
24 A. No.
25 Q. Are you employed by another individual?
1 A. No.
2 Q. So you are not employed for a wage or a salary?
3 A. No.
4 Q. When is the last time you were employed for a wage
5 or a salary?
6 A. Probably twenty years ago. I drove a truck.
7 Q. All right. Are you the owner of the website
9 A. Yes.
10 Q. Are you also the owner of
11 A. Yes.
12 Q. You post on those websites?
13 A. Yes.
14 Q. You've posted copies of the pleadings on those
15 websites?
16 A. I've copied after you had them taken down quite a
17 bit and you started this litigation. What I -- what
18 I do is I post public information about yourself and
19 your dealings.
20 MR. REO: Objection.
21 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, you
22 have to answer, if you're capable, "yes" or
23 "no." He asked you if you posted about
24 pleadings from this case.
25 A. I post --
1 THE COURT: Is that "yes" or
2 "no"?
3 A. I post pleadings about this case, yes.
4 THE COURT: Thank you.
5 Q. Did you file a document with this court on January
6 6, 2016 titled Amended Answer and Counterclaim?
7 A. More than likely, yes.
8 Q. You drafted the document?
9 A. I would say I'm the only one who did so, yes.
10 Q. You posted it on your website?
11 A. Yes.
12 Q. In that document you stated that I, that's myself,
13 Bryan Reo, was having a homosexual relationship with
14 presiding Magistrate Kenneth Roll to get favorable
15 rulings in that case; did you not?
16 A. We've already -- you know, I think it's --
17 Q. "Yes" or "no," please?
18 A. It's already been ruled that your --
19 THE COURT: Is that "yes" or
20 "no"?
21 A. The answer is yeah, I had a lot of -- I had a lot of
22 writing about that.
23 Q. Thank you. So your answer is "yes," that --
24 A. I apologize to Magistrate Roll later.
25 Q. So your answer was -- your answer is yes, that you
1 did put in that pleading that I was having a
2 homosexual affair --
3 A. Could I see -- could I see it to -- could I see your
4 exhibit to jog my memory?
5 Q. Do you need to see it?
6 A. Sure.
7 MR. REO: Can we get this up on
8 the screen, Your Honor?
9 THE COURT: Mr. Reo, is this
10 something that was posted subsequent to the
11 filing of your lawsuits?
12 MR. REO: Yes.
13 MR. LINDSTEDT: Two years after he
14 filed it.
15 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, I
16 didn't ask you a question.
18 MR. REO: Yes, he posted this
19 regarding the 2016 website -- I'm sorry, the
20 2016CV case. He posted it to his website and
21 he says he doesn't remember it, but he said he
22 did it, so I'm trying to pull it up right now.
23 THE COURT: I'm trying to figure
24 out the relevance of that for a cause of
25 action that occurred prior to you filing this
1 lawsuit.
2 MR. LINDSTEDT: And the second
3 lawsuit.
4 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt --
5 MR. LINDSTEDT: Oh, sorry.
6 THE COURT: -- only when you're
7 asked a question.
9 MR. REO: This goes to show
10 motive, it goes to show malice, and it goes
11 to punitive dam --
12 THE COURT: You're not going to
13 -- I'm going to sustain the objection. You
14 are not going to publish that document.
15 MR. REO: All right. May I
16 continue with my questioning then, Your Honor?
17 THE COURT: Yes.
18 Q. Did you have any factual basis to believe that the
19 statement that you published regarding myself with
20 Magistrate Ken Roll was factually true?
21 THE COURT: Mr. Reo, I made
22 myself perfectly clear. The limitations on
23 the alleged defamation is one year in advance
24 of your filing of the lawsuit in these two
25 cases. Limit your questions and your evidence
1 to that.
2 MR. REO: I'm a bit confused
3 then, Your Honor, regarding the statute of
4 limitations, because you're saying the cutoff
5 date is September 2014. This occurred in
6 January 2016. I don't understand how it
7 wouldn't be viable.
8 THE COURT: Evidence prior to
9 your lawsuit, what you brought your lawsuit
10 about. I want to hear about what happened one
11 year prior to you bringing these lawsuits and
12 I do not want to hear about any other
13 evidence.
14 MR. REO: All right. Even
15 though there have been amendment --
16 THE COURT: Mr. Reo, I've made my
17 ruling now three times.
18 MR. REO: Thank you, Your
19 Honor.
20 Q. Do you know a woman by the name of Catherine
21 Williams?
22 A. Catherine Williams was a woman that a Bryan Reo --
23 Q. A "yes" or "no" will suffice.
24 A. Not personally, no.
25 MR. REO: Your Honor, will you
1 instruct him to answer "yes" or "no"?
2 A. Not personally, no. I don't know her.
3 THE COURT: He's answered your
4 question.
5 A. I just heard of her.
6 Q. Did you post an article on your website in January
7 of 2015 stating that I had murdered Catherine
8 Williams in South Carolina in an act of insurance
9 fraud?
10 A. I posted that a Bryan Reo who drove the same model
11 car --
12 Q. Answer "yes" or "no."
13 A. -- you did had accidentally killed this woman.
14 MR. REO: Could you instruct
15 the witness to answer "yes" or "no," please?
16 THE COURT: I believe he answered
17 your question appropriately.
18 Q. Now, you also posted about this in 2011, 2012 and
19 2013. I made it clear through terms of service
20 complaints to your hosters that I was not the Bryan
21 Reo involved in that incident, that I had never been
22 in South Carolina as an adult, and they forwarded
23 these concerns and comments to you; did they not?
24 A. No, they did not and I don't -- I do not believe
25 anything you say. I found out --
1 THE COURT: Do not add
2 commentary. It's a "yes" or "no."
3 A. The answer is that the terms of service violations
4 that you kept complaining about to get my web pages
5 taken down concerns --
6 MR. REO: Objection, move to
7 strike as nonresponsive.
8 THE COURT: Sustained.
9 A. The company --
10 THE COURT: The question was, was
11 it brought to your attention?
12 A. Not by the companies. I found out that it was a
13 different Bryan Reo who drove the same model car and
14 I've been told -- I've been told by --
15 THE COURT: So the answer is it
16 was not brought to your attention?
17 A. It was not brought to my attention.
18 THE COURT: Very good. That's
19 all -- that's all he asked you.
20 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. Thank you.
21 Q. It was not brought to your attention by your server
22 host, but you did find out that it was not me in the
23 story in question?
24 A. I found out it was a totally different Bryan Reo
25 that drove the same model car and -- it was a
1 different --
2 Q. Please answer "yes" or "no."
3 A. It was a different Bryan Reo. I found out way after
4 the fact.
5 Q. All right. But as recently as January of 2015 you
6 were still posting on your website stating that I
7 killed her in an act of insurance fraud. It's on
8 your website dated January 16, 2015; is that
9 correct?
10 A. Unlike you, I don't --
11 THE COURT: Is that correct or is
12 that not correct?
13 A. What happens is when I put something up on the
14 website, I do not take it down unless --
15 Q. Please answer "yes" or "no."
16 A. I don't take something down once I put it up.
17 THE COURT: So the answer is
18 "yes"?
19 A. Yes, it happened to be there after -- you know,
20 after I found out it was a different Bryan Reo.
21 Q. And you've never retracted, recanted, or removed any
22 of your posts from anywhere you've disseminated them
23 regarding the incident with Ms. Williams?
24 A. You have not asked me to. By that time you had --
25 THE COURT: The answer is "no."
1 Q. Answer "yes" or "no," please.
2 A. You didn't ask me to.
3 THE COURT: Mr. Reo.
4 A. I would have taken it down if he had asked because I
5 found out that it was a different Bryan Reo.
6 THE COURT: I just want to make
7 sure you understand what's happening here.
9 THE COURT: He asks questions and
10 you answer "yes" or "no."
11 A. All right. The answer is I left it up there, yes.
12 THE COURT: Very good. Continue.
13 Q. Shortly after the filing of the 15CV case, prior to
14 the filing of the 16CV case did you contact a
15 Michigan attorney by the name of Kyle Bristow?
16 A. This is -- this is -- it was two years -- no, it was
17 -- it was after you filed the second lawsuit when
18 you were pretending to be a white supremacist, so
19 was he.
20 MR. REO: Move to strike.
21 THE COURT: So is your answer it
22 was after the 2016 lawsuit?
23 MR. LINDSTEDT: This was after he
24 filed the second, you know, bogus lawsuit in
25 the Mentor Municipal Court against, you know,
1 my church and Roxie.
2 THE COURT: Continue.
3 Q. At some point did you -- I would like to show the
4 defendant a document from his website dated February
5 10, 2016.
6 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection, because
7 this is after -- this is --
8 MR. REO: It's actually before.
9 The 2016 --
10 THE COURT: Go ahead.
11 MR. REO: -- case was initiated
12 May 13, 2016.
13 THE COURT: Go ahead.
14 MR. REO: This document is from
15 February 10, 2016.
16 MR. LINDSTEDT: I would like to make
17 my objection, though.
18 THE COURT: What was the date on
19 this, Mr. Reo?
20 MR. REO: The 10th of February
21 2016.
22 MR. LINDSTEDT: I think that was
23 after the bogus stalking charge.
24 THE COURT: That's not a
25 question.
1 MR. REO: Move to strike.
3 THE COURT: The jury will
4 disregard.
5 Q. So this post here, do you recognize this post?
6 A. Yes, I --
7 Q. Thank you. Did you make this post?
8 A. It's on my web page.
9 Q. Is that a "yes" or a "no"?
10 A. Yes, I made that post on my web page.
11 Q. Yes, you made that post on your web page. What
12 exactly does it mean "going ass to mouth"?
13 A. Usually -- usually it implies homosexual contact
14 between you two.
15 Q. So you're aware that at the time that Mr. Bristow
16 was my employer; is that correct?
17 A. You were both -- you were both working for a white
18 supremacist advocate group, yes, at the time.
19 MR. REO: Move to strike.
20 THE COURT: Is the answer "yes"
21 or "no"?
22 MR. LINDSTEDT: They were -- they
23 were working -- they were working together,
24 yes.
25 THE COURT: They were working
1 together.
3 Q. Do you have any factual basis to believe that I was
4 in homosexual relationship with Mr. Bristow at that
5 time or at any time?
6 A. Generally a bunch of your pictures --
7 Q. "Yes" or "no", please.
8 A. I have --
9 MR. REO: Your Honor, please
10 instruct him to answer "yes" or "no."
11 THE COURT: He's trying to --
12 he's trying to answer your question.
13 A. The answer is yes, I think I had -- based upon what
14 I see, I think I had definite, you know, definite
15 belief that you were a bunch of homosexuals.
16 Q. So you have no direct knowledge?
17 A. No, I don't peer in people's windows.
18 Q. Have you ever met Mr. Bristow?
19 A. No.
20 Q. Have you ever met me prior to these proceedings in
21 2017 when we had a pretrial conference?
22 A. We -- we had --
23 Q. Have you ever met me?
24 A. -- we had pretrial conference in December 2015.
25 Q. That was on the phone. Have you ever met me in
1 person prior to --
2 A. Not until August 6th of 2018.
3 Q. So then you've never met me prior to August of 2016
4 or 2017 and you've never met Mr. Bristow at all?
5 A. You both were still pretending to be great white
6 supremacist leaders.
7 THE COURT: Have you ever met
8 Mr. Bristow?
9 MR. LINDSTEDT: No, I asked -- I
10 asked him --
11 THE COURT: The answer is "No."
12 MR. LINDSTEDT: I asked him to
13 represent me.
14 THE COURT: The answer is "No";
15 correct?
16 MR. LINDSTEDT: The answer is, "No,"
17 not at the time.
18 THE COURT: Very good.
19 Q. You contacted Mr. Bristow because you were seeking
20 representation at a proceeding that was ongoing at
21 the time that I initiated against you for a civil
22 protection stalking order; is that correct?
23 A. Yeah. I was --
24 Q. All right. Thank you.
25 Is it correct that the civil protection
1 stalking order was granted and restrained you from
2 contacting me or coming near me?
3 A. I couldn't afford to come up to challenge it. I
4 tried to talk to him over the tele -- you know, the
5 judge by telephone. They wouldn't let me. They
6 wouldn't let me answer it. So he was -- he was --
7 Q. Is that a "yes" or a "no"?
8 A. You had already threatened to --
9 THE COURT: Mr. Reo, the civil
10 stalking protection order is not relevant.
11 Ask your next question.
12 MR. REO: Your Honor, may I
13 state what I believe the relevancy of that is?
16 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt.
17 MR. LINDSTEDT: Sorry, sorry, sorry,
18 sorry. I should let him go on.
19 Q. During the pendency of the 15CV case posts of the
20 pleadings were made on websites called Hate and
21 Flame and NIMBusters. Are you familiar with the
22 websites Hate and Flame and NIMBusters?
23 A. Yes.
24 Q. Did you post those pleadings on those websites?
25 A. I did not post -- I did not post on NIMBusters,
1 because I found them retarded and perverted and
2 mongrels. So no, I have not posted on NIMBusters
3 since April or maybe May of 2012. I did not post
4 what you probably posted on NIMBusters.
5 MR. REO: Objection,
6 speculative.
7 THE COURT: What about the other
8 website?
9 MR. LINDSTEDT: NIMBusters, they
10 were --
11 THE COURT: I think he mentioned
12 two, NIMBusters --
13 MR. LINDSTEDT: Yeah, NIMBusters.
14 THE COURT: -- and there was
15 another one.
16 MR. LINDSTEDT: NIMBusters --
17 THE COURT: You already talked
18 about NIMBusters. How about the other one?
19 THE COURT: NIMBusters, Bryan Reo
20 took down four --
21 THE COURT: I don't want to hear
22 about NIMBusters again.
23 MR. LINDSTEDT: All right. What
24 happens is that --
25 THE COURT: What is the second
1 website?
2 MR. REO: Hate and Flame.
3 MR. LINDSTEDT: Hate and Flame.
4 THE COURT: Did you post to Hate
5 and Flame?
6 MR. LINDSTEDT: No, I never posted on
7 NIMBusters after March or April --
8 THE COURT: Is NIMBusters and
9 Hate and Flame the same thing?
10 MR. LINDSTEDT: It's carried by --
11 NIMBust --
12 THE COURT: Did you post on
13 either one of them?
14 MR. LINDSTEDT: No, not after May,
15 not after -- sorry, March or April of 2012.
16 THE COURT: Very good. Thank
17 you.
18 Q. Is it coincidental in your view that moments after
19 you were electronically served with discovery
20 requests and legal proceedings these would appear on
21 Hate and Flame and NIMBusters under your name? Do
22 you have an explanation for that?
23 A. Yes, you post -- anybody can post on Hate and Flame
24 and NIMBusters. That's part of the reason I don't
25 -- you know, I don't post -- I did not post on
1 NIMBusters after 2012. Anybody can post all sorts
2 of stupid crap on NIMBusters and then Hate and Flame
3 was -- I think the original NIMBusters guy had a
4 heart attack so he had another one did and about --
5 oh, about a couple months later I talked to Mickey
6 The Time Traveler saying, "Just take down any posts
7 that claims to be me," because, you know, I find
8 your -- I didn't actually look on Hate and Flame
9 until I got that bogus stalking charge where you
10 were telling me to -- to go ahead and stick my head
11 over the Newton County Sheriff's Department, accept
12 your plea.
13 THE COURT: I think you've
14 answered the question.
15 A. I never posted on NIMBust -- Hate and Flame either.
16 I never posted on Hate and Flame. I stopped posting
17 on NIMBusters about two-and-a-half years before it
18 went defunct because it allows all sorts of idiots
19 to claim to be whoever it was and I thought it was
20 Bryan Reo who was posting that stuff.
21 THE COURT: Your next question,
22 Mr. Reo.
23 Q. Approximately fourteen days after the CPSO was
24 issued, a package of manure was delivered to my
25 front doorstep. Did that come from you?
1 A. No, and if you --
2 THE COURT: That answers his
3 question.
4 A. No, no. In fact, I --
5 Q. Thank you.
6 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, you
7 answered the question.
8 MR. LINDSTEDT: All right.
9 Q. There's a picture on your website around the same
10 time showing yourself dressed as Santa Claus, a
11 stocking with my name on it and you're putting a
12 piece of poop in the stocking and the caption reads
13 something along the lines of "You're getting poop
14 for Christmas." Do you remember that?
15 A. I think it was a NIMBuster tard who had me as
16 Krampus Klaus and yes, it -- you weren't the only
17 one. There was your --
18 Q. So do you remember that?
19 A. Oh, yeah, I went ahead, I thought it was hilarious,
20 so I posted it. But no, I didn't -- I didn't make
21 it up.
22 Q. All right. But it is on your website and you posted
23 it?
24 A. Sure.
25 Q. And it's just a coincidence that you posted that
1 within a week of maneuver showing up on my front
2 doorstep?
3 A. I -- I --
4 Q. That's just an extreme coincidence?
5 A. -- I have told people not to harass or bother Bryan
6 Reo at all, "Please leave him alone."
7 MR. REO: Objection.
9 THE COURT: Overruled.
10 Q. I liked Bryan Reo as a white supremacist leader
11 because he ain't white here and I -- you know, I
12 just find him ridiculous.
13 MR. REO: Objection.
14 THE COURT: Sustained.
16 MR. REO: Move to strike.
17 THE COURT: Disregard the last
18 comment of Mr. Lindstedt.
19 Q. Coming back to the question, is this all just a big
20 coincidence that at the same time you're posting on
21 your website a picture of yourself putting manure in
22 a stocking with my name on it stating that that's
23 what I'm getting for Christmas two weeks after a
24 CPSO was issued that you declared fraudulent
25 maneuver winds up on my doorstep, you say you didn't
1 do it?
2 A. I -- there are some -- there are some rather nasty,
3 nasty Bryan Reo pictures, you know -- you know,
4 mainly from
5 THE COURT: Was it a coincidence?
6 MR. LINDSTEDT: No coincidence. I
7 think Bryan Reo posted the stuff on Hate and
8 Flame as far as --
9 Q. That's not the question that was presented to you.
10 A. Okay. This stiff is -- as far as Krampus Klaus
11 leaving -- leaving a whole bunch of, you know,
12 turds, you know, as pieces of coal, no, I mean, you
13 have -- you have NIMBusters who have a weird and
14 usually perverted sense of humor and I laughed at
15 it.
16 MR. REO: Your Honor, can you
17 just have him answer "yes" or "no," please?
18 A. No, I don't -- I have no idea about coincidences. I
19 don't -- I think it was -- I think it was just some
20 NIMBusters nitwits who posed it there.
21 THE COURT: Was it you?
22 MR. LINDSTEDT: No, no. What happens
23 is I took the picture -- I took the picture --
24 THE COURT: The answer is you had
25 nothing to do with the manure arriving?
1 MR. LINDSTEDT: No. I don't -- I
2 tell people, "Don't send Bryan Reo anything.
3 Just leave him alone."
4 THE COURT: Okay. You've
5 answered the question.
6 Q. All right. Around the same time I also received
7 articles of women's clothing in the mail, including
8 a push-up bra around the same time you were stating
9 in pleadings that I was having a homosexual
10 relationship with members of the bar. Is that also
11 a coincidence that around the same time you're
12 calling me a homosexual, I'm receiving a push-up bra
13 in the mail?
14 A. Probably not a coincidence. You've been doing quite
15 a few people. But no, I didn't have anything to do
16 with it.
17 Q. You had nothing to do with it?
18 A. Nothing to do with it.
19 Q. All right. One of the issues in January of 2016, if
20 you remember, you stated that my cat, Puffy, whose
21 picture is on my blog would be found drowned and
22 that it wouldn't be long before my mutant mongrel
23 father was found in a trash can with a bullet to his
24 head. Do you recall that on post on your website?
25 A. I don't recall it being posted on my website. I
1 think it was a NIMBuster called Frankenwigger
2 (phonetic) who made a bunch of Youtube videos about
3 Puffy.
4 Q. So your answer then is that you do recall or you
5 don't recall --
6 A. I don't -- I recall a whole bunch of parody Youtube
7 videos that NIMBusters made and some of them
8 pictures are still out on the web, but I didn't have
9 anything to do with it. I'm not very good with
10 graphics.
11 Q. But the question wasn't about whether a graphic was
12 made. The question was whether a post with the
13 substantive content that my father should be
14 murdered and my cat should be drowned?
15 A. I did not -- I did not wish -- no, I didn't wish
16 anything upon your father or upon your cat.
17 Q. All right. Do you recall making a post on January
18 12, 2016 on your website stating that I had
19 committed perjury?
20 A. I think -- I think -- I think there was a couple
21 hundred posts that I've said you've committed
22 perjury.
23 Q. So it's fair to say then that you've repeatedly
24 stated that I committed perjury in the last two
25 years?
1 A. You have committed perjury.
2 Q. So we're in agreement then that you've repeatedly
3 stated that I have committed perjury and you
4 assert --
5 A. If you want -- if you want to go ahead and put up
6 about fifty posts, you know, where I say you've
7 committed perjury, probably fine with me. No, I
8 think you're a liar, yes.
9 THE COURT: Did you post those?
10 MR. LINDSTEDT: I'm not quite sure
11 which one, but more than likely I have -- oh,
12 I've gotten -- I've gotten -- I've gotten
13 people who Bryan Reo sued here and they --
14 THE COURT: That doesn't matter.
15 Did you post things that he committed perjury?
16 MR. LINDSTEDT: Yeah. I have no
17 doubt, yeah.
18 THE COURT: Okay.
19 MR. LINDSTEDT: There's probably
20 quiet a few of them, yeah.
21 THE COURT: Thank you.
22 Q. Do you have any factual knowledge one way or another
23 as to whether or not I've ever been convicted of the
24 crime of perjury?
25 A. I didn't say convicted. I didn't say you were
1 convicted.
2 Q. That's not the question. Please answer the
3 question. Do you have any factual knowledge --
4 A. I have not said -- I have not said you have been
5 convicted of perjury, at least not yet.
6 Q. You stated -- you stated that I've committed
7 perjury.
8 A. Yes.
9 Q. Do you have any factual basis to believe that I've
10 been convicted of perjury?
11 A. Quite a bit here, if I'm allowed to go ahead and
12 present posts from my website.
13 THE COURT: Well, you're allowed
14 to answer whether you have proof that he was
15 convicted of the crime of perjury.
16 A. No, he's not been convicted of perjury, at least not
17 yet; okay?
18 Q. Do you have any evidence that I've ever been charged
19 with the crime of perjury?
20 A. No, I'm not -- I'm not the one filing all these
21 lawsuits, no.
22 Q. So your answer then is "No"?
23 A. As far as -- you know, as far as being charged, you
24 know, as of yet, no, I don't know that you've been
25 charged of yet for perjury.
1 Q. All right. So to your knowledge you have no
2 information that I've ever been convicted of
3 perjury, nor even charged with perjury?
4 A. I don't -- as far as -- you know, as far as --
5 Q. "Yes" or "no" will suffice.
6 A. -- as far as being convicted or charged, no, I don't
7 have any proof you've been convicted or charged with
8 perjury.
9 Q. But by your own admission you've said at least fifty
10 times publicly disseminated on your website that I
11 commit perjury?
12 A. I said you've committed perjury. I haven't said
13 you've been charged or convicted of it, no.
14 Q. Your website is publicly accessible; correct?
15 A. Pretty well to quite a few people who look at it,
16 who want to look at such things, yes.
17 Q. You've mentioned some of my other lawsuits; is that
18 correct?
19 A. Not all 61.
20 Q. "Yes" or "no"?
21 A. You know, not all -- not all your lawsuits. A
22 fraction of them, yes.
23 MR. REO: Move to strike the
24 part regarding the number.
25 THE COURT: Overruled. You
1 opened the door.
2 Q. You claimed that you've reached out to parties from
3 other cases that I've been involved in.
4 A. It's more like -- it's more like what I do is I take
5 a public record, including of Hiram Reppert, I take
6 a public record, ask for the dime a page and the
7 real juicy stuff I go ahead and I put it up on the
8 web page which, you know, shows you and your lawyer
9 being called out on perjury in federal court and
10 state court, yes.
11 MR. REO: Move to strike.
12 THE COURT: Overruled.
13 MR. REO: Could you instruct
14 him to answer "yes" or "no" regarding that
15 question, Your Honor?
16 THE COURT: Can you repeat the
17 question?
18 Q. You claim that you've reached out to other parties
19 in cases that I've been involved in. Is that
20 correct that you claim to have reached out to other
21 parties, including attorneys?
22 THE COURT: "Yes" or "no"?
23 A. Other people have reached out to me when they --
24 when they see -- you know, one of them from Kansas
25 City, he came crying to me and offered to pay me
1 $1500 --
2 THE COURT: Have you reached out
3 to anybody?
4 MR. LINDSTEDT: No, but I've
5 threatened it quite a bit.
6 THE COURT: So the answer is
7 "No"?
8 MR. LINDSTEDT: No, not yet.
9 Q. So you do understand that as an attorney it would be
10 highly damaging to someone's reputatoin to be
11 accused of perjury, particularly if it were false?
12 Are you aware of that?
13 A. I would say it's highly -- I would say it's highly
14 detrimental to your reputation to have me putting
15 public documents concerning these cases on my web
16 pages.
17 MR. REO: Can you instruct him
18 to answer "yes" or "no" to that question, Your
19 Honor?
20 THE COURT: I don't think it was
21 a "yes" or "no" question and I think he
22 answered it.
23 Q. Do you recall a document regarding the status
24 conference held before judge -- Magistrate Roll
25 wherein you stated that you had an ex parte phone
1 conversation with Judge Collins and that he stated
2 he didn't like me? Do you recall that? Not the
3 conversation, which I don't believe happened. I'm
4 asking do you recall making the statement?
5 A. You -- it was put up on a Youtube video prior to --
6 you know, prior to you complaining about them and
7 having it limited and prior to the Youtube purge of
8 earlier this month where you claimed that I had said
9 something about, you know, Judge Collins and you had
10 -- you had gone ahead and sued him because he wasn't
11 being mean enough to Roxie and my church, so you
12 filed an appeal and then you claimed that I had
13 talked to him. I never talked to Judge Collins off
14 the record.
15 Q. Well, you represented to Magistrate Roll that you
16 did and then you reversed yourself and admitted no
17 conversation ever took place.
18 A. No conversation ever took place. I think it was you
19 -- I think it was you who went ahead and claimed
20 that it did.
21 Q. So do you understand the difference between a
22 statement of fact and a statement of opinion?
23 A. I would say it depends on who's making it and who's
24 hearing it.
25 Q. So can I take that as a "no" or a "yes"?
1 A. You can take it as what I said is that it just
2 depends on who's listening to it and who's saying
3 it.
4 Q. Are you familiar with Revised Code 2921.11?
5 A. And that's in Ohio?
6 Q. That is correct.
7 A. The only -- the only -- the only Ohio statutes I
8 read was the ones about the statute of limitations
9 not letting you sue me or being a bar to your
10 prosecution of these cases.
11 Q. All right. That's the crime of perjury which you've
12 admitted that --
13 A. No, no.
14 Q. -- you've accused me of fifty times or more on the
15 website.
16 A. I don't -- I don't read the Ohio statutes to know
17 when someone's lying to me.
18 Q. All right. So are you aware that perjury is a crime
19 in Ohio?
20 A. The question is are you aware that perjury is a
21 crime in Ohio?
22 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt.
23 A. Sure. Okay. What's the question? Am I aware that
24 perjury is a crime in Ohio? I'm sure it is, but
25 it's not punished near enough.
1 Q. All right. So then on your website, by your own
2 admission, you've accused me at least fifty times of
3 criminal conduct?
4 A. I've accused you of lying about, you know, probably
5 666 times. As far as being convicted or charged,
6 no, I've not accused you of being convicted or
7 charged. If -- if I did go ahead and come across
8 something like that, you can bet it would be on my
9 web page.
10 Q. Did you make a post on February 23, 2016 on your
11 website stating that I'm a catamite?
12 A. Is this -- is this after the -- is this after the --
13 this is after you filed, which you've been told not
14 to bring up anyway; hasn't it -- isn't it?
15 Q. This is three months prior to the filing of the 2016
16 case.
17 A. Is it three months prior to the 2016 case?
18 THE COURT: This is before the
19 2016 case, so do you --
20 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. Could you go
21 ahead -- could you go ahead and show it,
22 please?
23 THE COURT: Do you recall making
24 the post?
25 MR. LINDSTEDT: I more than likely
1 did make the post, yes, but I can't say for
2 sure, but I would like to go ahead and look at
3 it. Usually I take the private information,
4 you know, the public document and I go ahead
5 and post my own little commentary on the top,
6 so I would like if we can see it.
7 Q. Do you recognize this post?
8 A. Yeah, I think it was one of the -- I think it was
9 one of the --
10 Q. Thank you.
11 A. -- sixty people you were suing.
12 MR. REO: Move to strike.
13 THE COURT: The jury will
14 disregard the last portion of that answer.
16 Q. The highlighted portion, catamite, and then --
17 A. I like the other one --
18 Q. -- extort --
19 A. -- victim number 38.
20 MR. REO: Move to strike.
21 THE COURT: Overruled.
22 Q. What is a catamite?
23 MR. LINDSTEDT: Overruled?
24 Q. How would you define a catamite?
25 A. It's pretty well an Anglo-Saxon term for, oh, a
1 subservient homosexual.
2 Q. How would you defined the term, "extort"?
3 A. Extort? Well, I'd claim it pretty well about half
4 the times you go ahead and tell me that you're going
5 to sue me here if I dare -- if I dare go ahead and
6 publish public information about you. So yeah, I
7 would say generally extort, in the case -- in the
8 case of one of them, he went ahead and told me that
9 you were extorting him to go ahead, you know, you
10 were going to sue him in Lake County and you
11 extorted him for 25,000 and 15,000, then 12,000,
12 then 10,000, then 5,000, then 2,000. So what I do
13 is that, oh, every so often I go ahead and look at
14 your --
15 MR. REO: Objection, he's
16 already answered the question.
17 A. That's fine. I think you're an extortion artist,
18 but...
19 THE COURT: Sustained.
20 MR. REO: And he made no
21 reference regarding who "he" is.
22 Q. Do you recall around the same time that this post
23 was made you made a Youtube video --
24 A. Go ahead -- go ahead and take it -- go ahead and
25 take it down, so I can go ahead and know for sure
1 when this post was made. I mean, it has my date on
2 every post. I don't -- I don't -- I don't usually
3 take something down.
4 Q. It's dated the 23rd of February 2016.
5 A. Okay. Was this -- which -- which -- which case were
6 you -- which case were you now pursuing against me?
7 Q. I'm the one asking the questions, sir.
8 A. Okay.
9 Q. Do you remember a post you made on Youtube around
10 the same time that you made this post on the forum?
11 You made a Youtube video around this time; do you
12 recall?
13 A. Let me see. I think it's one -- it's one -- it
14 might have been one of the ones that you went ahead
15 and threatened to sue Youtube if I didn't get taken
16 down. They put a warning label here before the
17 Youtube holocaust of June 5th of this month.
18 Q. So do you or don't you remember making a Youtube
19 video around --
20 A. I made a number -- I made a number of Youtube videos
21 about you and, you know, you've taken down -- well,
22 you tried to take down one. You -- you went ahead
23 and destroyed the evidence of the August 14 --
24 MR. REO: Objection.
25 A. -- 2014 one.
1 THE COURT: Sustained.
2 Q. So the answer is "yes" then, you do remember making
3 a Youtube video around this time?
4 A. I've made -- you know, I've made 100 and -- I made
5 104 Youtube videos, not counting the ones that you
6 made them take down.
7 Q. All right. I'll take that as a "yes."
8 A. Okay. Fine.
9 Q. In the Youtube video you posted in February of 2016,
10 you referred to plaintiff as a butt buddy of
11 Attorney Kyle Bristow from Michigan, who plaintiff
12 was working with at the time in the capacity of a
13 law clerk.
14 A. Could you -- could you show me that in this one?
15 Q. It was in a Youtube video. Do you recall --
16 A. Don't you save the Youtube videos before you have
17 them taken down?
18 Q. Do you recall referring to me and Kyle Bristow as
19 butt buddies in February of 2016?
20 A. That's when you -- that's when you two were
21 pretending to be great white supremacist leaders.
22 MR. REO: Objection.
24 THE COURT: Do you recall making
25 a video like that?
1 MR. LINDSTEDT: More than likely I
2 did. You know, I don't re -- I mean, I found
3 this character hilarious, so...
4 MR. REO: Objection.
6 THE COURT: Sustained.
7 MR. REO: Can we bring that
8 down, please? Actually, let's leave that up
9 there.
10 Q. Do you recognize this exhibit, sir? Do you
11 recognize this document? Do you know what it is?
12 A. Yes, it was when you were --
13 Q. All right. Thank you.
14 A. When you were starting --
15 Q. Thank you.
16 A. I recognize it. I didn't post it. Someone named
17 Russ Walker did.
18 Q. Thank you.
19 A. I'm not the one that posted it, you know, initially.
20 Q. Initially. So let's explore that for a moment.
21 A. Okay.
22 Q. So this document then in your view was obtained by
23 another individual, Russ Walker, who initially did
24 something with it and then you did something with it
25 after you obtained it from him. So you did
1 ultimately disseminate this document to third
2 parties through the World Wide Web; did you not?
3 A. Hold on. You --
4 Q. "Yes" or "no," please.
5 A. The answer is, "No." Russ Walker --
6 THE COURT: If the answer is no,
7 you didn't repost it, then that's the answer.
8 MR. LINDSTEDT: I'm not the one that
9 initially posted it.
10 THE COURT: Did you ever repost
11 it?
12 MR. LINDSTEDT: No, I never reposted
13 it. I allowed -- I knew that Russ Walker had
14 posted it when he was extorting John Britton
15 and John Britton's lawyer pulled up this
16 public Lexis Nexis from 2011 and since he had
17 tried to destroy John Britton's case by
18 interfering with it, his lawyer sent -- sent a
19 public printout that anybody can get to John
20 Britton and then John Britton sent it to me
21 and Russ Walker and then Russ Walker sent it
22 to, oh, about forty of his retard list here,
23 but mainly Bryan Reo and --
24 THE COURT: What, if anything,
25 did you do with it?
1 MR. LINDSTEDT: Pretty well I just
2 looked and laughed. I said, you know,
3 "Look" --
4 THE COURT: Did you disseminate
5 it in any way, shape or form?
6 MR. LINDSTEDT: I allowed other
7 people about a year or two later to go ahead
8 and post this public thing. I don't --
9 THE COURT: You allowed them to
10 post it where?
11 MR. LINDSTEDT: On my forum and Bryan
12 Reo took it down. This is a Lexis Nexis page
13 from -- it was gotten because John Britton's
14 lawyer was annoyed at John Britton trying to
15 destroy John Britton's case.
16 MR. REO: Objection.
17 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. Well --
18 THE COURT: Sustained.
20 THE COURT: You allowed others to
21 post it on your forum is the answer?
22 MR. LINDSTEDT: Pretty well, yeah,
23 for people who I allowed to post to my forum.
24 My forum is a public platform.
25 THE COURT: Very good.
1 Q. How many members are there on your forum?
2 A. Well, what I used to do is that you would have
3 Russian and Israeli and Chinese spambots and what I
4 did is I --
5 MR. REO: Objection.
6 THE COURT: Overruled.
7 A. It depends. There's either 45,000, you know, 45,001
8 case if you go ahead and look at all the critters
9 who come in trying to sell wares and then about --
10 you know, I got it to where there's really about ten
11 or so, I would say here, and they post whatever they
12 want to and then occasionally they post every so
13 often.
14 Q. I see here an account on the post that we were just
15 looking at a few moments ago --
16 A. Uh-huh.
17 Q. -- and it's in my name.
18 A. Yeah.
19 Q. But that's not my account; is it?
20 A. No, and, you know, this is a family
21 resemblance, so I just went ahead and put
22 underneath it because you took down -- you were
23 charging me with copyright violations.
24 MR. REO: Objection and move to
25 strike.
2 THE COURT: Overruled.
3 Q. So this is not my account. I am not in control of
4 this account; is that correct?
5 A. What I do is I take your public statements and I put
6 them up on the internet, yes.
7 Q. So "yes" to what? Yes, this is not my account, I am
8 not in control of this account? You control this
9 account?
10 A. You -- you went ahead and took down -- you went
11 ahead and took down about a dozen of my web pages --
12 MR. REO: Objection.
13 A. -- so yes, it's not your account.
14 THE COURT: So the answer is it's
15 not his account?
16 MR. LINDSTEDT: It's not his account.
17 THE COURT: Let's just limit
18 ourselves to answering the question.
20 THE COURT: You're going to have
21 your chance to get up and give a statement.
23 Q. So this is your account then. You're the one who
24 controls the content associated with this account?
25 A. Yes.
1 Q. Would it be fair to say that every single poster on
2 this website is just you?
3 A. I would say about 95 percent of it is me, yeah.
4 Q. So 95 percent of all the accounts on this website
5 are just you using different people's names?
6 A. Well, some are librarians, some of are Meercat 1, 2,
7 3, 4, 5 and 6. Some of them are -- I've got
8 zogemperordrumf (phonetic). I mean, that's not him.
9 COURT REPORTER: I'm sorry?
11 THE COURT: Yeah, you're just
12 throwing out nonsensical words.
13 MR. LINDSTEDT: I'm sorry. I know.
14 some of these are parody accounts of Trump,
15 some of them are, you know, of Hillary. Some
16 of them --
17 THE COURT: How many on these
18 are not you?
19 MR. LINDSTEDT: Huh? I would say
20 about, like I said, about ten over the years.
21 Q. All right. So I'm going to scroll down to the
22 bottom of your web page.
23 A. Uh-huh.
24 Q. It says you have 553 members who have made 19,513
25 posts and you said about five or ten of these are
1 actually different human beings other than just
2 yourself?
3 A. Yeah.
4 Q. So of the 19,513 posts on this website, would it be
5 fair to say 90 to 95 percent of the posts are from
6 you, regardless of the name that is making the post?
7 A. And 99 percent of the posts aren't you, aren't --
8 don't have anything to do with you as well.
9 Q. So your answer to my question is "yes" then?
10 A. Yeah, probably.
11 Q. All right. You recognize this post from November of
12 2015 on your website? It's a docket entry of Reo
13 vs. Reppert. Are you familiar with this post, sir?
14 A. Yeah, I went ahead, I was curious as to --
15 Q. So yes, you are familiar with it or no, you're not?
16 A. I remember the name of Saint Hiram of Reppert, yes.
17 Q. So that's a "yes."
18 Now, you stated -- all right, here you are.
19 You're stating that I was terminated from the Perry
20 Nuclear Power Plant --
21 A. The date here is outside -- outside the parameters
22 of this case.
23 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt. When
24 is the date of this post?
25 MR. REO: November 9, 2015.
1 It's before the 16CV case was initiated.
2 THE COURT: Go ahead.
4 Q. So the question here, you state that I was
5 attempting to cause a nuclear incident to destroy
6 the mistake by the lake. Can we assume that the
7 "mistake by the lake" refers to the city of Mentor,
8 Ohio?
9 A. No, Cleveland is named "mistake by the lake."
10 Q. Oh, okay. So were you at the Perry Nuclear Power
11 Plant during the time I was employed there?
12 A. No, I didn't know about it --
13 Q. Okay. Great. So you weren't there. Thank you.
14 Have you ever worked for the FirstEnergy
15 Nuclear Operating Corporation, FENOC?
16 A. You made sure nobody on the jury does either here,
17 but no.
18 Q. Okay. Great. Thank you.
19 So you didn't work at the Perry Nuclear Power
20 Plant, you didn't work for the FirstEnergy Nuclear
21 Operating Corporation. Do you have any factual
22 basis to know one way or another why my employment
23 at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant came to an end?
24 A. I looked -- I went ahead and looked at the -- if I
25 remember, I was answering your --
1 MR. REO: Can you please
2 instruct him to answer "yes" or "no"?
3 A. Well, you're asking me what I remember. I'm telling
4 you --
5 Q. I asked you if you had any factual basis one way or
6 another. It's a "yes" or "no" question.
7 MR. REO: Your Honor, could you
8 please instruct the witness to answer "yes" or
9 "no"?
10 A. Factual basis, what I found out -- you know, what I
11 found out, you know, in February when I was
12 answering his -- when I was answering his bogus
13 stalking thing and I --
14 MR. REO: Objection.
15 THE COURT: So what is your
16 factual basis?
17 A. Well, the factual basis is that -- I mean, this is
18 about the only time I wish I had taken down
19 everything from Bryan Reo, because when I found out
20 he got fired at the Nuclear Power Plant, I was sort
21 of disappointed. I was really hoping that he would
22 go ahead and make it go all Chernobyl. And really
23 if I had known he worked at the nuclear power plant,
24 I would have taken everything down about Bryan Reo.
25 It took a while --
1 MR. REO: Objection.
2 THE COURT: Do you have any
3 factual basis?
4 A. This is pretty well -- this is just pretty well --
5 this is just pretty well a parody account and my
6 opinion of what happened after -- after I found out
7 that he worked at the nuclear power plant. I would
8 tell everybody in white supremacy the good news. As
9 I say, six million people.
10 MR. REO: Objection.
11 THE COURT: Overruled.
12 A. The bad news, he lived in Cleveland. So I was
13 really -- I mean, really if I had known he worked at
14 the nuclear power plant, I would have taken down
15 everything about Bryan Reo, everything, everything
16 at all. There wouldn't have been nothing about
17 Bryan Reo because --
18 THE COURT: You've answered the
19 question.
21 MR. REO: I move to strike all
22 his previous testimony regarding that matter.
23 THE COURT: Overruled.
24 MR. LINDSTEDT: Overruled.
25 Q. So you've never worked at FENOC and you've never
1 worked at the nuclear power plant. We established
2 that.
3 A. I have never -- I have never been to -- I have never
4 been to Mentor, Ohio.
5 THE COURT: Answer "yes" or "no."
6 A. No, I never -- I've never -- I may have passed
7 through here thirty-some years ago when I drove a
8 truck, but no, I never worked here or been here or
9 lived here, had anything to do with here.
10 Q. So you have no knowledge then why or even how, you
11 don't know how my employment at the Perry Nuclear
12 Power Plant came to an end; do you?
13 A. I have -- I would say that I'm an expert on
14 everything Bryan Reo and I know you and I've seen
15 you in action. Yeah, I am --
16 Q. So you're aware that I quit working at the Perry
17 Nuclear Power Plant in July of 2012?
18 A. No, no. What they said is that --
19 Q. "Yes" or "no" are you aware that I quit working --
20 A. I was told, according to Channel 5 news, that
21 somebody was, you know, fired as an internal
22 security risk here and --
23 MR. REO: Objection.
24 THE COURT: Sustained.
25 A. Okay. I just heard something --
1 THE COURT: You can't say what
2 other people told you.
3 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. I was just
4 expressing an opinion.
5 MR. REO: Move to strike.
6 THE COURT: Overruled.
7 Q. So you have no actual firsthand knowledge. You
8 didn't work at the plant, you didn't work at the
9 company. We've established that. Are we in
10 agreement?
11 A. I think we established that I don't want to get up
12 around here very often, no.
13 Q. Okay. This account, Meerkat 1, is this yours?
14 A. Yeah, there's -- there's really --
15 Q. Thank you.
16 A. There's really no -- there's no really Meerkats 1,
17 2, 3, 4 or 5 or SheMeerkat. SheMeerkat, Meerkat
18 with tits.
19 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt.
20 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay, I'm sorry.
21 A. All right. But there's no -- meerkats, they don't
22 post on the forum.
23 THE COURT: We don't need the
24 history of meerkats. Are they your account?
25 MR. LINDSTEDT: All right. Okay.
1 THE COURT: Are they your
2 accounts, Mr. Lindstedt?
3 MR. LINDSTEDT: Yeah, they're -- you
4 know, what happens is that --
5 THE COURT: Are they your
6 accounts or are they not your accounts?
7 MR. LINDSTEDT: They're my accounts.
8 They're used as -- they're used as filler.
9 THE COURT: That's all we need to
10 know.
11 Q. Thank you. So it's your account, you made the post.
12 We're in agreement.
13 A. Okay.
14 Q. Do you recognize the post right here dated 19th
15 January 2016?
16 A. Could you put it down here? Down.
17 Q. Down or up?
18 A. Down. I want to see -- it has a date. It has the
19 date on every single one of them. You can see which
20 date it was.
21 Q. Yes, right there. That's what we're looking at.
22 You filed -- you posted this the day this case was
23 initiated.
24 A. I posted -- I posted -- I posted what I got of -- of
25 a public --
1 Q. So "yes" or "no" do you recognize the post?
2 A. Could you go ahead and put it down?
3 Q. Down or up, because I keep putting it down and you
4 keep pointing up?
5 A. Well, I asked you to put it down to see what date it
6 was. Okay. Well, not today, it wasn't today.
7 Q. Obviously not. The day it was taken was then today.
8 Right here, 1/19/2016.
9 A. 1/19/2016. Yeah --
10 Q. So you remember it; "yes" or "no"?
11 A. Yeah, Mr. -- yeah, I went ahead and --
12 Q. Thank you.
13 A. -- posted the docket sheet here.
14 Q. Okay. Thank you.
15 Barratry and fraud. Barratry, that's a rather
16 technical term. That's a legal term. What does the
17 term "barratry" mean to you?
18 A. It means using like you do the courts to generate
19 bogus litigation against someone.
20 Q. All right. Thank you. What does the term, "fraud"
21 mean to you?
22 A. Well, I would say it means pretty well close to what
23 Mr. Elijah -- what it is, Norton Elijah went ahead
24 and called me. He went ahead and told me a tale of
25 woe about how you were shaking -- shaking his
1 business down in Kansas City, Missouri and he
2 offered -- he offered to pay me $1500 if I take it
3 down. So I took it down because I felt sorry for
4 him and he was supposed to -- he was supposed to --
5 him and his lawyer brother --
6 MR. REO: Objection.
7 A. -- we were supposed to go ahead and finish you off.
8 THE COURT: Move to strike.
9 You'll disregard the last portion of
10 Mr. Lindstedt's answer.
12 THE COURT: You need to focus
13 here, Mr. Lindstedt.
14 MR. LINDSTEDT: I'm very bad -- I
15 know I'm very bad at that.
16 Q. So barraty and fraud, those would be rather serious
17 allegations to level against somebody who was in law
18 school working to become a lawyer. And as we've
19 seen in a previous post, you mentioned that I was in
20 law school at the time because correct me if I'm
21 wrong, you learned that I was a law student sometime
22 in 2015 from Magistrate Roll during the phone status
23 conference; did you not?
24 A. Yeah.
25 Q. All right. Excellent. So at the time you make this
1 post accusing me of barraty and fraud, you're aware
2 that I was in law school and working to become a
3 lawyer?
4 A. Yeah, you were --
5 Q. Okay. Thank you, sir.
6 A You wrote up -- you wrote William Finck's, you know,
7 motion to dismiss.
8 THE COURT: Answer "yes" or "no."
9 MR. REO: Objection, move to
10 strike the last portion.
11 THE COURT: Overruled. Just ask
12 your next question.
13 Q. So you were aware that I was a law student at the
14 time, you're aware of what barratry and fraud are,
15 you're aware I'm attempting to become an attorney.
16 You're also aware that how damaging an accusation of
17 barratry and fraud could be to somebody who is
18 undergoing character and fitness or who is actually
19 licensed and practicing law; "yes" or "no"?
20 A. I'm trying to get you disbarred.
21 Q. Thank you. I'll take that as an answer to the
22 question then. So your answer is "yes."
23 A. Definitely.
24 Q. All right. Thank you, sir.
25 A. I would like to finish you off before you got 61.
1 MR. REO: Objection.
2 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. All right.
3 THE COURT: There is no question
4 in front of you.
5 MR. REO: Your Honor, may we
6 take a brief break so I can use the bathroom
7 and get some water?
8 THE COURT: How many -- how much
9 longer is your examination?
10 MR. REO: It might go for
11 another half hour to another hour?
12 THE COURT: We will take a
13 mid-afternoon break. I'd ask the jurors to be
14 back in the jury room at ten minutes after
15 three. I would remind you of the instructions
16 I gave you earlier. Do not discuss this case
17 amongst yourselves, don't allow anyone to
18 discuss it with you and don't do any --
19 Mr. Reo.
20 MR. REO: Sorry. I shouldn't
21 have done that. I'm so sorry, Your Honor. I
22 just -- I do that every time I'm at home --
23 THE COURT: Don't do any
24 investigation on your own. We'll see you at
25 ten minutes after three.
1 THE BAILIFF: All rise.
3 (Whereupon, a brief recess was held
4 at this time.)
6 (Whereupon, the following
7 proceedings were held in open court without
8 the jury present.)
10 THE COURT: All right. Mr.
11 Lindstedt, why don't you come back up to the
12 stand.
13 MR. LINDSTEDT: Sure. Will I get a
14 chance the use my computer?
15 THE COURT: When it's your turn.
16 MR. LINDSTEDT: Oh, to cross-examine
17 -- to cross-examine Mr. Reo?
18 THE COURT: Sure.
19 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. I just feel
20 sort of badly picked on because Mr. Reo sort
21 of cherry picking them posts off my web page.
22 THE COURT: Now, I laid out some
23 ground rules when we started and we're
24 violating one of the most important ground
25 rules. When someone speaks, the other person
1 listens and that goes for both of you.
3 THE COURT: When he asks you a
4 question that's a "yes" or "no" question,
5 you're going to respond "yes" or "no".
6 MR. LINDSTEDT: The problem is is
7 that he usually twists it to where it's not
8 really a "yes" or "no" question.
9 THE COURT: Well, if that's the
10 case, say, "I can't answer that 'yes' or
11 'no'."
12 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. Thank you.
13 THE COURT: All right. If you
14 can get the jurors.
15 THE BAILIFF: I sure can.
16 MR. LINDSTEDT: I should -- I should
17 -- I should -- I should be used to this. I've
18 been convicted of seat belt violations and all
19 sorts of stuff, and been arrested five or six
20 times.
21 MR. REO: Save that for a few
22 minutes. We're going to get into that.
23 MR. LINDSTEDT: And getting quiet a
24 few contempt of court. But you are -- you are
25 a saint compared to Missouri judges who I am
1 suing three of them.
2 THE COURT: All right. All this
3 is being taken down, so be careful.
4 MR. LINDSTEDT: Oh, I'm sorry. I
5 probably shouldn't be -- I didn't know --
6 THE COURT: While we're in here.
7 MR. LINDSTEDT: Oh, okay. I'm rather
8 inartful, I guess. Do I stand up too?
9 THE COURT: Yes, for the jurors.
10 MR. LINDSTEDT: All right.
12 (Whereupon, the jury returned to the
13 courtroom at this time and the following
14 proceedings were held in open court.)
16 THE COURT: Mr. Reo, you may
17 continue with your examination.
18 MR. REO: Thank you, Your
19 Honor.
21 BY MR. REO:
22 Q. In the 15CV case on 3/7/2015 you filed a particular
23 document titled Defendant's Answer to More Definite
24 Statement to Bryan Reo's Latest Vexatious and
25 Frivolous Motion for a More Definite Statement to
1 Bryan Reo's Frivolous Lawsuit, which in the document
2 I'm referencing I captioned Defendant's Answer and
3 Statement. Among other things on Page 1 you stated
4 that I was engaged in extortion, mail fraud and wire
5 fraud. Do you remember that document and that
6 statement?
7 A. Not offhand. Could you go ahead and show it?
8 Q. I'll try and find that.
9 A. Okay.
10 THE COURT: Mr. Reo, what is the
11 relevance of this?
12 MR. REO: I was going to
13 inquire of the defendant whether he has any
14 knowledge if I've ever been convicted or even
15 charged with mail fraud and explore the basis
16 for his statement regarding mail fraud and
17 wire fraud.
18 Q. Well, suffice to say, are you familiar with the
19 United States --
20 A. I'm not -- I'm not -- I'm not -- some basis here,
21 you have to go ahead and put the thing up first.
22 What you do is you file a motion to strike and I
23 file a motion to strike your motion to strike and
24 you file a motion to strike my motion to strike and
25 then --
1 Q. Thank you.
2 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt --
4 THE COURT: -- we just talked
5 about this.
6 MR. LINDSTEDT: Oh, okay. Well, I
7 would like to see it.
8 Q. Here is the document. I would call your --
9 A. Can you put it --
10 Q. I'm gonna call your attention to the bottom portion
11 of Page 1.
12 A. I would like to look at the top so I know what the
13 heck I'm talking in relevance here to, so can you go
14 ahead and put it up?
15 Q. Defendant's Answer --
16 THE COURT: One at a time.
17 Q. We're coming now to the final paragraph on Page 1,
18 "Pastor Martin Lindstedt acting to defend the assets
19 of his church has chosen to simply allow Bryan Reo
20 to file all these fraudulent and vexatious motions."
21 Continuing on, "extortion, mail and wire fraud
22 through this court." So at that time, this is your
23 document, you made the accusation that I was engaged
24 in mail fraud and wire fraud and extortion operating
25 through the Court of Common Pleas of Lake County,
1 this court.
2 A. Yeah.
3 Q. Is that correct? All right. Thank you.
4 Are you familiar with the United States Code's
5 definition of mail fraud?
6 A. I would say you need to be more acquainted with
7 that. I'm not -- I'm not offhand, no.
8 Q. All right. Then so are you aware of my ever having
9 been convicted of mail fraud or wire fraud?
10 A. Not yet, no, not that I know about.
11 Q. So the answer is "No."
12 A. I don't know, I would --
13 THE COURT: Is the answer, "No"?
14 A. Am I aware that he's been convicted of mail fraud?
15 No, he's not been convicted of mail fraud;
16 otherwise, I would -- there would be another post on
17 my blog.
18 Q. Are you aware of my having been charged with mail
19 fraud or wire fraud?
20 A. I've been looking, but no. I think I answered that
21 earlier.
22 Q. All right. Great. So at the time you made this
23 statement that I was engaged in mail and wire fraud,
24 you had no knowledge whether or not I actually have
25 been convicted of either or charged with either;
1 that's fair to say?
2 A. No, it's unfair to say. What you do is you post all
3 these motions to strike --
4 MR. REO: Objection.
5 A. -- and then I go ahead and use that as an excuse to
6 go ahead and write a whole bunch of nonsense and
7 post it and then you --
8 MR. REO: Objection.
9 THE COURT: I'm going to sustain.
11 THE COURT: The jury is going to
12 be disregard everything that you said after
13 that question was asked.
14 MR. LINDSTEDT: All right. He files
15 these motions. I file some nonsense back.
16 MR. REO: Objection.
17 THE COURT: So you filed it?
18 MR. LINDSTEDT: Well, yes, I did. I
19 did whenever that occurred, yeah.
20 Q. That's your signature; is it not, sir?
21 A. Yep.
22 Q. And you've also signed it on behalf of the Church of
23 Jesus Christ, Christian/Aryan Nations. It looks
24 like you wrote, "Pastor CJCCAN"; is that correct?
25 A. I am pastor and every so often I put a few dollars
1 in the fund.
2 Q. It looks like you're an archbishop as well.
3 A. Yeah, I could be pope here, but that would be too
4 catholic.
5 Q. You could be pope? Regarding that, who made you an
6 archbishop?
7 A. Oh, what happens is that rather than pay, oh, 50,000
8 or, you know, to go attend the divinity school, it's
9 a whole lot cheaper to just send $25 to the Missouri
10 Secretary of State. But I did that in --
11 Q. Do you have a name?
12 A. I did that in 2006 to avoid being doped up at the
13 nuthouse, but I usually put a few dollars -- I
14 usually put a few dollars whenever I need to pay for
15 an internet bill. There's not very much money in
16 the church.
17 Q. So the nuthouse, are you referring to Fulton State
18 Hospital in the State of Missouri?
19 A. Well, yes, you know that.
20 Q. So is it fair to say that you spent approximately
21 three-and-a-half years institutionalized in a mental
22 asylum in Missouri?
23 A. I was put in a nuthouse because I refused to accept
24 a public defender.
25 Q. So was that a "yes" or a "no" you were in --
1 A. I was -- I was illegally caged --
2 THE COURT: How long? How long?
3 MR. LINDSTEDT: Let's see, December
4 -- December 5th of 2005 until -- until I got
5 to medium security and started filing
6 litigation to get out and they stopped the
7 illegal doping and pretty well, you know, sent
8 me back to face these bogus child molestation
9 charges on which I had been charged based upon
10 the coercion of -- of, you know, my retarded
11 grandson. So what I was -- what I was is it
12 never went to preliminary hearing because the
13 thing fell out. But because I refused to
14 accept a public defender, I was imprisoned
15 from December illegally. I was not allowed to
16 -- you know, there's a -- there's a United
17 States case Strope (phonetic) versus Missouri
18 where the State of Missouri --
19 MR. REO: Objection.
20 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay. But there's
21 been -- Missouri --
22 THE COURT: Overruled.
23 MR. LINDSTEDT: Missouri has been --
24 Missouri has been charged with either -- okay.
25 But, anyway, it was a -- it was a landmark
1 case about nuthouses. They sort of ignored it
2 my case. I was put in there about Day 3 when
3 I got there and, you know, I got five teeth
4 knocked out by the Newton County Sheriff's
5 Department.
6 THE COURT: How long were you in
7 there? That's all I want to know.
8 MR. LINDSTEDT: December 6th, day
9 that will live in my infamy, of 2005 until
10 January -- sorry, July 31st of 2008 and for
11 all except for three months I was illegally --
12 I was illegally doped up.
13 THE COURT: Okay.
14 MR. LINDSTEDT: You know, so...
15 Q. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
16 A. Yeah, I got convicted of not wearing a seat belt
17 after a jury trial and it will cost them -- cost the
18 State of Missouri about, oh, about $1500. I had to
19 pay the $10 fine, but no court costs. I've been --
20 I've been -- let me see, I've been convicted of
21 driving with a burned out headlight illegally, but I
22 spent thirty days for contempt of court because I
23 refused to pay that bogus fine.
24 Let's see, I was convicted of trespassing when
25 I was about to be kicked out by the Missouri
1 Libertarian party for being the sort of man I am.
2 THE COURT: Are there specific
3 convictions you wish to inquire about,
4 Mr. Reo?
5 MR. REO: I would actually like
6 to hear them all, Your Honor.
7 MR. LINDSTEDT: I'm sorry --
8 THE COURT: You're not going to
9 hear them all. Are there specific
10 convictions?
11 MR. REO: He's alleged a
12 counterclaim against me that I've defamed him
13 and I would like to establish that he's
14 essentially defamation-proof, Your Honor.
15 THE COURT: If there is specific
16 convictions, go ahead.
17 A. If I was convicted --
18 Q. All right. Then --
19 A. I was convicted of two counts of violating Municipal
20 Ordinance 815, ridiculing and making fun of the city
21 of Granby mayor and that's on a trial date novo and
22 I don't think -- they're not supposed to give --
23 they're not supposed to give jail time, but they did
24 so anyway, so I'm suing a bunch of judges and
25 lawyers and whatever so --
1 THE COURT: All right. Get to
2 the next question, Mr. Reo.
3 A. -- I've been convicted five times.
4 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt.
6 Q. So you were on trial at one time for statutory
7 sodomy on a minor; is that correct?
8 A. That is incorrect.
9 THE COURT: Mr. Reo, is there a
10 conviction on that case?
11 MR. REO: There was not, but he
12 was sent to a mental asylum as a result of the
13 case.
14 THE COURT: Mr. Reo, move on.
15 You are to disregard that question and you
16 know that is improper.
17 MR. LINDSTEDT: Yeah, he knows it.
18 THE COURT: Do not go there
19 again.
20 MR. REO: Side bar, Your Honor?
21 THE COURT: No. Mr. Reo, do you
22 have any further questions?
23 MR. REO: None at this time,
24 Your Honor.
25 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, you
1 may step down.
3 THE COURT: Mr. Reo, call your
4 next witness.
5 MR. REO: I call myself, Your
6 Honor, Bryan Anthony Reo.
7 THE COURT: Very good.
8 MR. REO: I may still need to
9 make use of my computer, Your Honor, if that's
10 permitted.
11 THE COURT: Yes.
12 MR. REO: I've never examined
13 myself before, so...
14 THE COURT: Proceed.
15 MR. REO: Should I come up
16 there and bring it?
17 THE COURT: I don't know if it's
18 going to make it that far.
19 THE BAILIFF: It won't.
20 THE COURT: If you need to return
21 to your seat at some point, I'll allow you to
22 do that.
23 MR. REO: All right.
24 MR. LINDSTEDT: How do I -- how do I
25 use the computer?
1 THE BAILIFF: I'll get you set up
2 once you're ready.
3 MR. REO: Can you blank the
4 screen, please?
5 THE COURT: Please raise your
6 right hand.
8 BRYAN ANTHONY REO, of lawful age,
9 having first been duly sworn, testified as
10 follows:
12 THE COURT: Please have a seat.
13 Since you are representing yourself, you can
14 testify in narrative form.
15 MR. REO: Thank you, Your
16 Honor.
17 I would like to begin by stating for the
18 record that my name is Bryan Anthony Reo, the
19 plaintiff in this action. I'm presently
20 employed as an attorney, solo practice. I
21 graduated from Cleveland Marshall College of
22 Law. I'm admitted in municipal federal
23 courts, appellate courts and seeking admission
24 in other state jurisdictions at the present
25 time.
1 I have never been convicted of any crime.
2 I've never been charged with a crime. I have
3 never committed perjury, wire fraud, or mail
4 fraud. I have never had a venereal disease,
5 nor do I presently have a venereal disease. I
6 was not fired from the Perry Nuclear Power
7 Plant, nor was my employment terminated on the
8 basis that the defendant has claimed; rather,
9 there was an issue regarding a safety report
10 that was made to the NRC and then there were
11 disputes that arose as a result of that, but
12 at no time was there a security threat or any
13 sort of security investigation.
14 Mr. Lindstedt's conduct vis-a-vis the
15 World Wide Web has essentially made it very
16 damaging to my professional reputation to find
17 and retain clients and by his own admission he
18 stated he would like to see me disbarred, he
19 would like to see some of my friends
20 disbarred, and he would like to destroy my
21 family.
22 This has been very damaging on my psyche.
23 It's caused me to have many sleepless nights.
24 I've had gastrointestinal and stomach problems
25 as a result of this. It's caused what I would
1 say bouts of depression and he has indeed
2 succeeded in causing me extreme emotional
3 distress and I believe that's been his goal
4 all along, to harass me because I find his
5 views contemptable and because I told him nine
6 years when I encountered him in a chat room
7 that I thought he was psychotic and needed
8 help.
9 I would like to now pull up the --
10 MR. LINDSTEDT: When do -- when do I
11 get -- when do I get to cross-examine him?
12 THE COURT: When he's done giving
13 his statement.
14 MR. LINDSTEDT: When he's done?
15 THE COURT: Yeah.
16 MR. LINDSTEDT: Oh, I thought he
17 already had an opening statement. This is
18 another one?
19 THE COURT: This is his testimony
20 and you'll be allowed to do the same thing in
21 your case.
22 MR. REO: I would like to pull
23 up Google now and Google my own name to show
24 you what this man has done to the internet
25 regarding search results about me. Could we
1 do that on your computer or should I go back
2 to my computer, Your Honor?
3 THE COURT: I'm not going to
4 allow that. Do you have any exhibits showing
5 what he's done to your name?
6 MR. REO: The search results in
7 the first page of Google will resolve to his
8 website, which are exhibits.
9 THE COURT: Are they printed out
10 somewhere?
11 MR. REO: I have them
12 electronically.
13 MR. LINDSTEDT: I have a question.
14 THE COURT: Yes, sir?
15 MR. LINDSTEDT: Mr. Reo -- Mr. Reo
16 has been cherry picking what's on my web page.
17 Would I be -- would I be allowed to
18 essentially go back to where he is complaining
19 to show, you know, where this all started at?
20 THE COURT: You will have an
21 opportunity to explain your relationship with
22 Mr. Reo when it's your time to testify.
24 MR. REO: May I -- may I
25 respond to that are, Your Honor?
2 MR. REO: So variously
3 Mr. Lindstedt has claimed that I committed
4 wire fraud, barratry, perjury and that I've
5 engaged in improper relationships with my
6 employer and with other members of the bar,
7 including judges and magistrates in this court
8 and in other courts to obtain favorable
9 rulings. There is no truth to any of those
10 allegations. I've never conducted myself in
11 that kind of an unprofessional manner.
12 I'm married to a woman. I'm not a
13 homosexual, not that I see that that would
14 have relevance or bearing one way or another,
15 it's just one more false allegation and lie
16 from a man who spent nine years, in his own
17 words, trying to ruin me and now that I've
18 became an attorney, trying to get me
19 disbarred.
20 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
21 THE COURT: Overruled.
22 MR. REO: Mr. Lindstedt knows
23 for a fact that I am not the same individual
24 as the one who was found at fault in South
25 Carolina for killing that woman, Catherine
1 Williams, in 2006. He's posted all over his
2 website in the last five to six years claiming
3 that it was me. Even after having actual
4 knowledge that it was not me, he has still
5 left that up on his website and I have had
6 people inquire and ask me if I was the
7 at-fault party in a fatal accident in South
8 Carolina and then I have the awkward position
9 of having to explain to them the situation and
10 the background information.
11 And I've had clients and potential clients
12 come to me and ask me, "What's going on with
13 this guy, Martin Lindstedt?" They were
14 looking me up, they were looking for a
15 consumer attorney in Northeastern Ohio. They
16 find information on the internet that he's
17 posted, so they come to me and they ask me
18 questions and it becomes very awkward as a
19 professional to have to explain why somebody's
20 on the internet claiming that I have syphilis
21 and putting my name to the post too.
22 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
23 THE COURT: Overruled.
24 MR. REO: As we saw earlier, he
25 has an account on his website with my name on
1 it, a picture of a monkey. It used to be my
2 picture, though. It was taken down due to a
3 copyright complaint and a terms of service
4 complaint made to his site hoster and his ISP.
5 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
6 MR. REO: They made him take
7 down the picture of the monkey.
8 THE COURT: Overruled.
9 MR. REO: Previously it was a
10 picture of --
11 THE COURT: Slow down.
12 MR. REO: Sorry.
13 THE COURT: The court reporter
14 needs to take this down.
15 MR. REO: Previously it was a
16 picture of me and he was signing my name to
17 the posts electronically to make it look like
18 the posts had originated from me and that I
19 was posting on his website that I shared his
20 views and that I was associated with whatever
21 bizzare Missouri Aryan church that he claims
22 to be the leader of. It's an organization
23 I've never affiliated with, never belonged to
24 and whose views I do not support.
25 Mr. Lindstedt also posted a jpeg with my
1 name on it, my phone number, and my address
2 stating that I wanted to be contacted by men
3 for gay sexual purposes and he also posted the
4 same and stated that I supported the North
5 American Man/Boy Love Association.
6 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
7 THE COURT: Overruled.
8 MR. REO: Which the North
9 American Man/Boy Love Association is an
10 organization that advocates for the abolition
11 of the age of consent and the legalization of
12 pedophilia, causes that I do not support.
13 Because of Mr. Lindstedt's campaign of
14 harassment, I've had family members ask me at
15 family gatherings and reunions about things
16 that they've read or the internet. I've had
17 people call me up at odd hours of the night
18 asking if I was available for gay sex. I've
19 had people call me up telling me when I
20 answered that I was on an online podcast and
21 that they wanted my version of the dispute
22 with Lindstedt. I've had online radio hosts
23 from New York City and New Jersey call me up
24 in the middle of the night telling me that I
25 was live on the air and I didn't know what was
1 going on. I've had, as I said, potential
2 clients and clients ask me direct questions
3 about content from his website and I've had
4 some potential clients and clients ask me if I
5 could handle their case without their winding
6 up in their crosshairs because they were
7 afraid that he would begin stalking them and
8 defaming them and harassing them --
9 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
10 MR. REO: -- the same way he's
11 been stalking, harassing and defaming my
12 employer.
13 THE COURT: Overruled.
14 MR. REO: Previous employer,
15 rather, Mr. Bristow in Michigan, who he's
16 threatened to grieve, he's threatened to sue,
17 he's tried to get Mr. Bristow disbarred. He
18 brags about that. So this man has basically
19 been stalking me for the last nine years and
20 he shows no signs of ever being willing to
21 stop. And to my knowledge he has a history in
22 Missouri of stalking other individuals.
23 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
24 THE COURT: Sustained. The jury
25 will disregard that last statement from
1 Mr. Reo.
2 MR. REO: Everything this man
3 has done has been calculated to injure me
4 personally and professionally and emotionally
5 and to bring injury and disrepute to my
6 family. My father is an electrical engineer.
7 My wife is an artist. We want to be left
8 alone so we can pursue our family life in
9 peace. Everything this man has done has been
10 calculated to either directly harass us on his
11 own part or cause third parties to harass us
12 by associating us with contemptible ideas.
13 My wife is from Brazil. She's a Latin
14 American. She wouldn't share in anything from
15 his Aryan creed.
16 My father's family is orginally from
17 Italy. They're immigrants. He wouldn't share
18 in any of this bizarre Aryan church creed, but
19 this man is associating us with his ideas.
20 He's associating us with contempible causes,
21 such as the legalization of pedophilia and
22 he's claiming --
23 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
24 THE COURT: Overruled.
25 MR. REO: -- that we have
1 venereal disease.
2 He and his church have engaged in a
3 pattern of conduct and harassment through
4 telecommunications in concert with each
5 another and as I believe with the other
6 director of the church, the defendant who is
7 not here today, Ms. Fausnaught, and through
8 the website that they control by their own
9 admission or by his own admission --
10 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
11 MR. REO: -- 95 percent of the
12 posts come from him, 95 of the accounts are
13 his. He's either directly harrassing me or
14 inciting them allowing third parties to harass
15 me or a forum that he controls.
16 THE COURT: Sustained.
17 Conjecture as to who he's working with and the
18 conspiracy. You're making legal conclusions.
19 State facts.
20 MR. REO: All right.
21 Withdrawn.
22 Mr. Lindstedt incorporating the Church of
23 Jesus Christ, Christian/Aryan Nations of
24 Missouri. He is listed as the director and as
25 of the present time he is listed as the sole
1 officer having removed Ms. Fausnaught from the
2 list of directors of the corporation.
3 Therefore, I --
4 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
5 THE COURT: Overruled.
6 MR. REO: -- believe that he
7 and the church are one in the same. His
8 control over the church is so complete that
9 there is no meaningful distinction between the
10 two. Whatever is being done in the name of
11 his church is basically him doing it in the
12 name of a church entity that exists for -- I
13 won't even begin to speculate as to why his
14 church exists, but I do not believe he should
15 enjoy any sort of a liability shield with the
16 church. If something has been done by the
17 church, it's the same as if it's been done by
18 him, in my view.
19 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
20 THE COURT: Once again, you're
21 making a legal conclusion.
22 MR. REO: Withdrawn.
23 Lindstedt -- Defendant Lindstedt has
24 furthered the activities of the church by
25 serving as the director and publishing
1 materials under the church's website, which by
2 his own admission he put the posts in question
3 on the website, he has control over the
4 website, he's the administrator of the
5 website. He's had the ability to remove
6 content even when it comes to his knowledge
7 that the content is actually factually false,
8 but by his own admission he doesn't believe in
9 removing any of that content even when he
10 knows and has been informed that it is
11 actually false.
12 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
13 THE COURT: Overruled.
14 MR. REO: And by his own
15 admission his goal is to see me disbarred and
16 ruined. And I could reasonably conclude that
17 the reason he's not removing this defamatory,
18 abusive, oppressive content is because it
19 furthers his campaign to destroy me.
20 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
21 THE COURT: Overruled.
22 MR. REO: And it's my belief
23 that Mr. Lindstedt will not stop unless he is
24 forced to stop.
25 MR. LINDSTEDT: Objection.
1 THE COURT: Overruled.
2 MR. REO: I'm done with my
3 narrative, Your Honor.
4 THE COURT: Good.
5 Any cross-examination, Mr. Lindstedt?
10 Q. Let's see, I'm going to go ahead and look at your
11 own plaintiff's complaint filed September 18th of
12 2015. That's what -- that's what -- that's what,
13 well, most of the lawsuit is about and it's already
14 been ruled that the Ohio Statute of Limitations --
15 MR. REO: Objection.
16 Q. The Ohio --
17 THE COURT: Ask a question.
19 THE COURT: Ask a question.
20 Q. Has it just been ruled --
21 THE COURT: Ask a question.
22 Q. Your -- your 2015 lawsuit was stuff dating prior to
23 September 18, 2014 is beyond -- is barred from
24 prosecution by the Ohio Statute of Limitations of
25 one year; correct?
1 A. Are you asking me or telling me? I'm not sure I can
2 answer the question the way it's been formed.
3 Q. All right. You're an attorney.
4 THE COURT: He asked you if that's
5 correct. Do you agree with that statement or
6 do you disagree with that statement?
7 MR. REO: I don't know if
8 that's correct or not. It's a legal
9 conclusion he's seeking.
10 THE COURT: That's his answer.
11 Q. Okay. So you're a lawyer and you're not aware of
12 the Ohio -- that the Ohio statutes forbid you
13 from --
14 THE COURT: I have made rulings
15 on that, Mr. Lindstedt.
16 MR. LINDSTEDT: I know you have.
17 THE COURT: So move on --
19 THE COURT: -- to relevant
20 questions about this case.
21 MR. LINDSTEDT: All right.
22 Q. In the introduction you claim that you are a
23 private, not a publish figure; correct?
24 A. That's correct, and the Magistrate Ken Roll said I
25 am a private figure at the status conference. I
1 believe that issue was resolved.
2 THE COURT: Answer the question
3 that's asked. The jury will disregard the
4 last portion of that answer.
5 A. Yes.
6 Q. You claim to be a private, not a public figure?
7 A. Correct.
8 Q. Well, how is it -- how is it, would you want to
9 explain that someone who lives what, 853 miles away,
10 how did you get -- how did you get in my gunsite, so
11 to speak?
12 A. You're asking for my narrative. You want an answer?
13 Q. Oh, yeah.
14 A. Because it wasn't a "yes" or "no" question, so I'll
15 answer. I believe it was the Autumn of 2009, a
16 stockbroker friend of mine, former friend from --
17 Q. But --
18 MR. REO: Your Honor, may I
19 answer?
20 THE COURT: Allow him to answer.
21 You can follow up with questions.
22 A. A stockbroker from Massachusetts by the name of Buck
23 McHugh was hosting a Skype conference call with
24 about thirty to fifty other individuals in it. He
25 said that he knew somebody from Missouri who was
1 interesting, absurd and would be worth a laugh and
2 that turned out to be you. He invited you into the
3 chatroom. I knew nothing about you at that time.
4 You were going off on a diatribe within about three
5 minutes claiming that a great tribulation was
6 coming, that you would be killing police, lawyers,
7 judges, doctors, governors, senators and that your
8 followers in Missouri were going to make you the
9 archduke and the archbishop of a kingdom in the
10 great plains.
11 As I recall I made some remark to you that you
12 needed professional help and you sounded insane.
13 You then went off the handle on me and started --
14 Q. When was this?
15 MR. REO: Your Honor, am I
16 allowed to answer? He's interrupting me.
17 THE COURT: Answer the question
18 that he just posited to you. When did this
19 take place?
20 A. The autumn of 2009.
21 Q. 2009. Not June 10, 2010?
22 A. I don't remember where I was or what I was doing
23 June 10, 2010.
24 Q. Okay. So this occurred sometime, according to you,
25 in 2009?
1 A. Approximately the Autumn of 2009. It might have
2 been the early months of 2010. I'm not -- you're
3 asking me about a Skype conference chat with thirty
4 to fifty people in it that happened approximately
5 ten years ago. I'm telling you that as I recollect
6 that it was the Autumn of 2009. It could have
7 been --
8 Q. June of 2010?
9 A. -- May, April, June 2010. I don't see the relevance
10 of eight months, nine months, ten months one way or
11 the other. The substance of the conversation,
12 though, I recollect, I told --
13 THE COURT: He asked you how you
14 became acquainted. I believe you've answered
15 that. Next question.
16 Q. Okay. And this stockbroker was Buck McHugh?
17 A. He identified himself as Buck McHugh, former
18 stockbroker from Massachusetts living in California.
19 Q. And I'm trying to think. Buck McHugh claimed to be
20 Christian Identity at the time; correct?
21 A. No.
22 Q. You claimed to be Christian Identity at the time?
23 A. No.
24 Q. Okay. It was 2010. You were -- you were very good
25 friends with, say, William Finck?
1 A. I'm acquainted with the individual to the extent
2 that he has emailed me about this case.
3 Q. Okay. Well, that -- yeah, that was -- that was sent
4 on December 2015. Did you used -- did you used to
5 -- did you used to have long Talk Shoe shows on his
6 show and your show, you know, reading Wikipedia
7 aticles about Hitler?
8 MR. REO: I'm going to object
9 to this, Your Honor.
10 THE COURT: Overruled. Answer
11 his question.
12 A. Not that I recollect.
13 Q. Not that you recollect.
14 A. I recall a few times doing programs about outdoors,
15 hunting, camping with a -- some individual in Texas.
16 Q. You don't recollect -- you don't recollect -- you
17 don't recollect the reading, you know, what, oh,
18 about two -- you know, two times a week on your show
19 and about two times a week on his show doing a Talk
20 Shoe show about the wonders and glories of Adolf
21 Hitler?
22 A. I don't recall that.
23 Q. You don't recall it or it didn't happen?
24 A. Well, I generally don't recall things that didn't
25 happen, so...
1 Q. I don't know. You know, did -- did you have a Talk
2 Shoe show?
3 A. I don't -- I don't recall in 2010 ever saying
4 anything positive regarding Hitler.
5 Q. 2010 -- say 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.
6 A. Are we going somewhere with this?
7 THE COURT: Yeah, you're going to
8 answer his question. Did you ever have a Talk
9 Shoe, is that what you're saying, T-A-L-K
10 S-H-O-E?
11 MR. LINDSTEDT: It was podcast -- it
12 was a podcast where a whole bunch of people,
13 you know, like NIMBusters, can go in and type
14 in all sorts of stuff.
15 THE COURT: Have you ever hosted
16 or participated in a Talk Shoe program that
17 extolled Adolf Hitler?
18 MR. REO: No.
19 Q. Okay. Let's see, I have a -- I have a -- I have --
20 I'm not quiet sure how to go ahead and bring up
21 something from a web page pretty well showing a
22 totally different story, you know, about -- about
23 Mr. Reo. How do I -- how do I access my computer to
24 show stuff?
25 THE COURT: Is this something
1 that Mr. Reo himself created?
2 MR. LINDSTEDT: He was on -- he was
3 on the racist web page called Stormfront about
4 him wanting to purchase the names to the Ku
5 Klux Klan and sue everybody who didn't make
6 him archbishop or something like that.
7 THE COURT: And how do you know
8 it's this Bryan Reo. You've been mistaken
9 about Bryan Reo in the past. What evidence do
10 you have --
11 MR. LINDSTEDT: This was -- this was
12 just -- this was just the case of a Bryan Reo
13 who drove the same make car and killed a woman
14 in South Carolina.
15 MR. REO: I don't know what
16 exhibits he's talking about, Your Honor.
17 He's --
18 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, if
19 you'd approach.
22 (Whereupon, the following
23 proceedings were held at side bar.)
25 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, what
1 are you trying to pull up on your computer?
2 MR. LINDSTEDT: Mr. -- Mr. Reo has
3 been playing white supremacist with --
4 THE COURT: I'm not asking you to
5 give me some history. What are you trying to
6 pull up on this computer?
7 MR. LINDSTEDT: I'm trying to put up
8 where on Stormfront as Sword Brethren he was
9 mentioning archbishop and archduke, that he
10 was going to become head of the Aryan Nations.
11 THE COURT: Were you Sword
12 Brethren on any of these sites?
13 MR. REO: No. He makes
14 accounts, by his own admission, and posts in
15 my name. He has fake accounts in my name.
16 None have been provided in the pretrial order.
17 I don't know what exhibits he's talking about.
18 I've never seen or heard any of this before
19 today.
20 THE COURT: Have you provided
21 Mr. Reo with any of these?
22 MR. LINDSTREDT: Mr. Reo -- Mr. Reo
23 was cherry picking from my site. He was known
24 as Sword Brethren and was doing Talk Shoe
25 shows.
1 THE COURT: What evidence do you
2 have that he is Sword Brethren?
3 MR. LINDSTEDT: Well, quite a bit of
4 it if I can go ahead and give it out.
5 THE COURT: No, I'm not going to
6 let you throw that in front of the jury before
7 you tell me what evidence you have he is, in
8 fact -- did you get records indicating he is
9 that person?
10 MR. LINDSTEDT: A year or two ago --
11 THE COURT: Do you have records?
12 MR. LINDSTEDT: Well, what he's been
13 doing is taking them down. They are on the
14 web page. But also he was listed -- he was
15 listed as a member, he was listed as a member
16 of the Foundation for Marketplace of Ideas and
17 what it was was was Kyle Bristow -- what
18 happens is he's pretending to be a white
19 supremacist for -- since 2005 when he was
20 kicked out because he wasn't white.
21 THE COURT: Do you have
22 conclusive proof he's Sword Brethren? You are
23 not just going to pull it up and show the
24 jurors. You can ask questions.
25 MR. LINDSTEDT: And he's lying.
1 THE COURT: You're stuck with the
2 question.
3 MR. LINDSTEDT: He's playing a white
4 supremacist and I'm onto him because he's not
5 white. That's pretty well the --
6 THE COURT: You haven't shown me,
7 one, that you turned any of this over to
8 Mr. Reo, and, two, you have any proof this is
9 Mr. Reo. You can ask him questions about it,
10 but you are not going to just put it up on the
11 screen.
12 MR. LINDSTEDT: Everyone -- everyone
13 knew, including himself, that he called
14 himself -- he has a number of aliases over the
15 years.
16 THE COURT: Go ahead and ask him
17 those questions.
18 MR. LINDSTEDT: Okay, sure.
20 (Whereupon, the following proceeding
21 were held in open court.)
23 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, you
24 may ask your next question.
25 Q. Were you ever involved with one William Finck?
1 A. Involved how? In a homosexual relationship with
2 him? What do you mean, "involved"?
3 Q. Maybe that, but mainly were you -- were you doing
4 podcasts, were you doing podcasts with him on Talk
5 Shoe?
6 A. Maybe a few.
7 Q. A few. How about maybe -- how about maybe three or
8 400?
9 A. No.
10 Q. 300?
11 A. No.
12 Q. 200?
13 A. No.
14 Q. More than -- 100 or more?
15 A. No.
16 Q. Okay. Your -- your voice is sort of distinctive to
17 someone. So were you -- the problem I have is how
18 to prove what everybody -- what everybody knew and
19 which can be proven.
20 MR. REO: Objection, Your
21 Honor.
22 THE COURT: Sustained. Ask
23 questions. Don't make statements.
24 MR. LINDSTEDT: Ask questions.
25 Q. So you were -- how many Talk Shoe shows do you think
1 that you did with William Finck?
2 A. I don't recollect. I said, "a few."
3 Q. A few.
4 A. As I said, I'm not a --
5 Q. More than two?
6 A. Maybe.
7 Q. Maybe.
8 A. As I said, I'm acquainted with the man. We weren't
9 best of friends.
10 Q. You weren't best friends. Okay. Are you aware that
11 Mr. William Finck had killed a Puerto Rican in the
12 Jersey City Jail and testified against the other
13 jailer who he induced to kill that Puerto Rican
14 sneak thief and that Mr. Finck as a result of
15 turning testimony still had to do twelve-and-a-half
16 years?
17 A. That's one of the reasons I ended our acquaintance.
18 Q. When did you end your acquaintance?
19 A. 2013 or 2014.
20 Q. Not -- not on, say, December 5, 2015 when you're
21 writing -- you're writing a jurisdictional, you
22 know, trying to get Mr. Finck from off this lawsuit?
23 MR. REO: Objection.
24 THE COURT: Answer the question.
25 Was it 2015?
1 A. No, it was not 2015.
2 Q. It wasn't December, you know, when Mr. Finck and --
3 MR. REO: Objection.
4 THE COURT: He's answered your
5 question.
6 MR. REO: Move to strike the
7 part regarding my authoring some document for
8 somebody else. There's no basis for that.
9 THE COURT: Overruled.
10 MR. LINDSTEDT: Good. Okay.
11 Overruled.
12 Q. How would you explain -- how would you explain how
13 many -- how many nonwhites are there in Cleveland?
14 Would you say maybe --
15 MR. REO: Objection.
16 THE COURT: I'm going to sustain.
17 That's not relevant to this at all.
18 Q. Okay. How is it -- how is it that you say you got
19 on Skype here. Mr. Buck McHugh, would you -- would
20 you doubt that he told me that you were not white
21 and gave me all -- all the evidence about you except
22 for your name and where you lived?
23 A. That's a compound question. Can I answer that point
24 by point?
25 THE COURT: Sure.
1 Q. Sure.
2 A. I don't know one way or another what Mr. Buck McHugh
3 told you about my heritage or ethnicity or race or
4 even how that's relevant to anything or any reason
5 why we're here today. Again, as I referred to him
6 as my former friend, there's no doubt in my mind
7 that he provided you with a copy of my resume and my
8 CV, which I had given him under the understanding
9 that he was going to help me find a job, but he
10 thought it was more amusing to cause problems so he
11 gave that information to you. He gave you personal
12 information about me and I believe he kind of
13 instigated and egged you on into latching on to me
14 and harassing me. So there's little doubt in my
15 mind that Buck McHugh had a hand in that and put you
16 up to that and that's one of the reasons why I
17 referred to him as a former friend.
18 Q. And -- ah, shoot. I'm not used to this. So
19 Mr. Buck McHugh, do you think that he told me that
20 you weren't -- that you weren't white even though
21 you were on what was essentially a racist Skype to
22 call in?
23 A. I don't understand the question, the portion about
24 Skype.
25 THE COURT: What do you mean by
1 that?
2 Q. On these conference calls, you know, Mr. Buck
3 McHugh, he was the one who --
4 THE COURT: Conference calls with
5 who? Is this a podcast, is this --
6 MR. LINDSTEDT: A conference call is
7 Skype. What it was was Mr. Buck McHugh would
8 invite quiet a few people and he would invite
9 -- you know, he would invite Bryan Reo.
10 THE COURT: Did you participate
11 in any of these Skype conference calls with
12 Buck McHugh?
13 A. Some of them yes, but I do not know what Mr. Buck
14 McHugh did or did not tell him regarding my
15 heritage, so I can't speculate as to those things.
16 He's asking me to speculate.
17 Q. On Wednesday -- on the Wednesday after Halloween
18 when I figured out --
19 THE COURT: Is there a question
20 coming here?
22 THE COURT: Because you're
23 looking at the jurors and you're not looking
24 at the person who's going to be answering the
25 question.
1 Q. On -- let me see, I'm not sure what would be the
2 Wednesday after Halloween, but would you say that,
3 like you say in your --
4 THE COURT: What year are we
5 talking about?
6 MR. LINDSTEDT: 2010 Halloween.
7 MR. REO: I'm going to object
8 on statute of limitations.
9 THE COURT: I want to hear the
10 question first.
12 THE COURT: What's your question,
13 Mr. Lindstedt, about Halloween 2010?
14 Q. The question -- the question -- the question is is
15 that what time would you say -- what day would you
16 say that I ascertained your real -- your real name?
17 A. I can't speculate.
18 Q. Would you say October 29th of 2010?
19 A. I have no clue.
20 Q. And you were -- you were friends with another wanted
21 would-be Christian Identity pastor called Eli James
22 who's also known as Joseph November?
23 A. I have no clue. You're asking me about a date and a
24 time and --
25 THE COURT: Do you know this
1 person he's talking about?
2 MR. REO: I know somebody who
3 called himself Eli James. When I found out
4 that that was not his real name and that he
5 had certain beliefs that I did not share, I
6 ended my acquaintance with him and we'd only
7 met, I think, three times in my entire life.
8 THE COURT: Met in person?
9 MR. REO: Yes, met the
10 individual as he came through the area. We
11 had lunch together several times.
12 Q. What time in June of 2009 were you and Eli James and
13 William Finck meeting -- meeting at a white
14 supremacist conference in Binghamton, New York?
15 A. I don't remember any conference.
16 Q. Okay.
17 A. I don't remember meeting with those individuals and,
18 honestly, I don't know what I was doing in June of
19 2009. You're asking me to recollect something from
20 ten years ago.
21 Q. Okay. Do you rec --
22 THE COURT: You don't recollect
23 whether you were at a white supremacist
24 conference?
25 MR. REO: Well --
1 THE COURT: You were either there
2 or you weren't there, whether it was ten years
3 ago or fifty years ago.
4 MR. REO: I have not attended
5 any white supremacist conferences.
6 THE COURT: Well, then maybe you
7 should answer in that way.
8 MR. REO: All right.
9 Q. Yeah, "yes" or "no" would be nice.
10 A. Sometime in December of 2009 I probably did have
11 lunch with Mr. Eli James, but I wouldn't call it a
12 conference and it wasn't a white supremacist event.
13 Q. William Finck, he runs a website even after, you
14 know, after he got out of prison.
15 A. Is there a question here?
16 THE COURT: What's the question?
17 Q. Okay. Mr. -- I get easily sidetracked. So I'm
18 trying to figure out how many, you know, about to
19 the closest hundred how many times you talked to
20 Mr. William Finck, did a show with him.
21 A. I wouldn't say we were talking hundreds. I've
22 already said few.
23 Q. A few?
24 A. As in several. And as I said, I was acquainted --
25 Q. Two or three?
1 A. -- I was acquainted with the man and I met him on
2 one or two occasions over several years and I ended
3 my acquaintance with him, as I said, in 2013 and I
4 haven't heard from him since 2015 when he contacted
5 me about this case, nor have I initiated contact
6 with him since probably 2013 or 2014.
7 Q. Did -- did you have a -- did you have a conversation
8 where you argued, where Mr. Eli James said that
9 Canaanite Jews couldn't be saved --
10 MR. REO: Objection. Is this
11 going somewhere?
12 THE COURT: Overruled. Ask a
13 question.
14 Q. Did you have -- did you have an argument -- did you
15 have a Talk Shoe call to where instead of letting
16 fifty percent Jews live, you thought they all should
17 be terminated?
18 A. What's a Canaanite? Can you define your terms?
19 Q. You don't know now? I mean, if I --
20 MR. REO: He's asking me to
21 answer questions with terms that aren't
22 defined and that I don't know.
23 Q. If I went --
24 THE COURT: Let me ask it this
25 way: Were you ever on a conference call or
1 any other sort of forum where you advocated
2 for the extermination of one or more Jews?
3 MR. REO: No.
4 MR. LINDSTEDT: Would -- would I be
5 able -- would I be able to play, you know,
6 where he is doing just that?
7 THE COURT: If you have such
8 evidence, you may play it.
9 MR. REO: Your Honor, side bar?
11 (Whereupon, the following
12 proceedings were held at side bar.)
14 MR. REO: There is no way to
15 authenticate any of this. It hasn't been
16 provided. He has a history in podcasts
17 playing my voice, having persons impersonate
18 me. I have no idea where the audio came from.
19 THE COURT: How long is the
20 audio, Mr. Lindstedt?
21 MR. LINDSTEDT: Hour and a half.
22 THE COURT: How long is it going
23 to take you to find his portion you claim is
24 him?
25 MR. LINDSTEDT: I saved it. It will
1 be a while. I probably prefer to play it
2 during my time when I have my chance. The
3 problem is is that he has hundreds of shows
4 with William Finck. I could play where he
5 discusses with William Finck taking down my
6 web pages, taking down my web pages and being
7 annoyed.
8 THE COURT: You are not going to
9 play it now. You ask questions. If he denies
10 he's ever done that, when it's your
11 opportunity outside of the presence of the
12 jury, I'll listen to it and decide whether the
13 jury is allowed to hear it or not.
16 (Whereupon, the following proceeding
17 were held in open court.)
19 THE COURT: Go ahead and ask your
20 next question, Mr. Lindstedt.
21 Q. So you only had two or three Talk Shoe shows with
22 Mr. William Finck?
23 A. I said several, a few. You posed the idea of 100 or
24 more. I disagree with that. I said, "several,"
25 however you want to define, "several."
1 THE COURT: How would you define
2 "several." Let's just quit with the games.
3 MR. REO: A small quantity.
4 THE COURT: Under ten?
5 MR. REO: I would say under
6 ten.
7 Q. Under ten. Okay. Were -- have you discussed with
8 William Finck a conspiracy with Eli James to take
9 down, you know, via Digital Millennium Copyright Act
10 my web pages?
11 A. No.
12 Q. Not in -- not in August 2013?
13 A. I don't remember where I was in August 2013.
14 Q. So you categorically deny talking with Eli James --
15 with William Finck about how Eli James wouldn't take
16 down my web pages in 2000 -- in August 2013?
17 A. Are you asking me if I was talking with two
18 individuals about how one of them would not
19 cooperate in taking down your website or are you
20 asking me if I was only talking with one of those
21 individuals?
22 Q. I said were you speaking with William Finck
23 complaining that Eli James wouldn't help file a
24 bogus Digital Millennium Copyright Act in order to
25 take down my forums?
1 A. I don't recall that, but, as I said, I was
2 acquainted with both individuals. I do recall at
3 various times raising concerns and complaints about
4 your website to Mr. Finck individually and Mr. James
5 individually before I ended my acquaintance with
6 both of those individuals. So I don't recollect
7 specifically if a conversation happened in August of
8 2013 wherein I discussed anything about your
9 websites with both of those individuals, but at
10 var --
11 Q. Did it happen?
12 A. I don't remember.
13 Q. You don't remember? Okay.
14 A. You've posted so much stuff, you've made so many
15 website, you've polluted the internet.
16 THE COURT: His answer is he
17 doesn't remember.
18 Q. He doesn't remember.
19 THE COURT: Your next question.
20 Q. Would you say that it didn't happen or that you
21 don't remember?
22 THE COURT: Is that a question?
23 Ask him a question.
24 Q. Is it a matter that you don't remember or that it
25 didn't happen?
1 A. I said, "I don't remember." Whether or not it
2 happened, I don't remember and I'd rather not
3 speculate. As I said, it's possible I had a
4 conversation with one of those individuals. I don't
5 recall a conversation with both.
6 Q. On November 28th -- on November 28th --
7 THE COURT: Of what year?
8 Q. Of 2010 about a month after, after I discovered your
9 identity, do you remember -- do you remember calling
10 into my show and it was -- it was the longest -- it
11 was a -- it was twelve seconds less than six hours,
12 which was a Talk Shoe record at the time, but
13 approximately about from 1:30 to 2:30 do you
14 remember calling into my Talk Shoe show, the
15 Movement Turd?
16 A. On November 28, 2010?
17 Q. Yes.
18 A. No.
19 Q. You don't recollect doing that?
20 A. No offense, but you're a fairly insignificant
21 individual except to the extent that you've damaged
22 me and harmed my family. I don't remember every
23 little thing that you do or that you're involved
24 with.
25 Q. Do you remember -- do you remember calling me a
1 pedophile turd and child molester?
2 MR. REO: Your Honor, may I
3 explore this? He's asking me --
4 THE COURT: Do you remember
5 saying those things?
6 A. I remember saying that in my opinion you were a
7 pedophile. I remember stating in my opinion you
8 should have been convicted of child molestation and
9 I distinctly remember that I've never said that you
10 were convicted or that it had been factually
11 established that it happened, but that in my opinion
12 you likely did what you were on trial and accused of
13 having done. So yes, I remember stating that to my
14 belief you were a pedophile and I still believe that
15 today.
16 Q. Okay. You remember saying that was your opinion.
17 You don't remember just simply calling me repeatedly
18 a pedophile; correct?
19 A. I believe you are a pedophile. I recall calling you
20 a pedophile. I've never called you a convicted
21 child molester.
22 Q. Okay. You've called me a pedophile and then he
23 whines when I say he's not white and he's pretending
24 to be a white supremacist.
25 THE COURT: Ask a question, Mr.
1 Lindstedt.
2 MR. REO: Move to strike.
4 THE COURT: The jury will
5 disregard Mr. Lindstedt's last comment.
6 Q. Let's see. Do you remember -- do you remember
7 posting, let's see, an Eli James' article written on
8 your -- on your forum, on your Wordpress forum owned
9 by William Finck, do you remember posting Eli
10 James', which is still up on William Finck's board
11 where I'm called nine times a convicted child
12 molester?
13 A. Which site are you referring to? The only websites
14 I own are --
15 Q. Now you do.
16 A. -- and then the bryanreo.blogspot, which is under my
17 name Bryan Reo.
18 Q. Do you remember -- do you remember having a blog --
19 A. No.
20 Q. -- given by -- okay.
21 A. I don't remember -- well, first of all, how long ago
22 are you alleging this was?
23 Q. Well, did it happen or not?
24 A. No, but I'd like to know how long you're --
25 THE COURT: What was the name of
1 the blog that you're talking about?
2 MR. LINDSTEDT: The thing -- the
3 thing was called, I think,
4, which is William Finck's
5 web page. William Finck runs and still runs a
6 and number of christogenea
7 dot sites. Bryan Reo was given -- was given a
8 blog and he reposted Eli James' --
9 THE COURT: There's not a
10 question there.
11 MR. REO: Move to strike.
12 THE COURT: Are you familiar with
13 the blog he's talking about?
14 MR. REO: No, I'm not, but I'm
15 familiar with the website that Mr. Finck
16 owned, but not the blog.
17 THE COURT: And did you have
18 anything to do with that website?
19 MR. REO: No.
20 Q. Okay. The stuff -- the stuff prior to -- let's see,
21 this would have occurred in 2010; correct?
22 A. What you're asking me, if "this would have occurred
23 in 2010; correct," I don't know. I don't remember.
24 So you're asking me --
25 Q. Do you remember -- do you remember -- do you
1 remember interfering with John Britton's law -- you
2 know, helicopter crash lawsuit in Idaho?
3 A. No.
4 Q. Would you -- would you be greatly surprised if
5 they --
6 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, I
7 don't see how that's relevant to what we're
8 here for, if you can focus on the issues we're
9 here for.
10 MR. REO: Move to strike.
11 THE COURT: The jury will
12 disregard that question.
13 MR. REO: May I get my bottle
14 of water, Your Honor?
15 THE COURT: Yes. Hold on one
16 second, Mr. Lindstedt.
17 Go ahead, Mr. Lindstedt.
18 Q. Have you insinuated yourself into John Britton's
19 lawsuit in January, February, and March of 2011?
20 THE COURT: How is that relevant?
21 MR. LINDSTEDT: Mr. -- Mr. Reo
22 impersonated John Britton and he deliberately
23 tried to --
24 THE COURT: You are not -- ask
25 questions that's pertinent either to the claim
1 against you or the claim you are bringing
2 against Mr. Reo.
3 MR. LINDSTEDT: The claim I'm
4 bringing against Mr. Reo is that Mr. Reo does
5 not have clean hands in this matter and I'm
6 trying to figure out without playing about 400
7 Brian Reo shows with William Finck and Eli
8 James and --
9 THE COURT: Ask a question.
10 MR. REO: Move to strike.
11 THE COURT: Overruled.
12 Q. So you are aware -- you are aware that the trial
13 against me didn't even get to preliminary hearing;
14 are you not?
15 A. I have no idea what the procedural disposition of
16 that case was except that it was dismissed without
17 prejudice as I found on the documents you posted on
18 your website and then you were sent to a mental
19 asylum for three-and-a-half years.
20 Q. When was I sent to a mental institution according to
21 you?
22 A. You testified previously that you were in a mental
23 asylum. You referred to it as the nuthouse. We
24 established that.
25 Q. From 2005 --
1 A. Right.
2 Q. -- to 2008.
3 A. Yes. And then you were also in jail for several
4 years.
5 Q. Several years?
6 A. By your own admission it was what, two-and-a-half
7 years in the county jail? So do you have a
8 question?
9 Q. Is it -- is it the case that in most cases sixteen
10 minutes can't pass when I post something on my web
11 page that you are already looking at it and in one
12 case calling me up?
13 A. Calling you up?
14 Q. For example, for example, on the federal lawsuit
15 where you made the, you know --
16 MR. REO: Objection.
17 THE COURT: What's your question?
18 Q. Okay. Did you file -- did you file a federal
19 lawsuit against me involving the Digital Millennium
20 Copyright Act on -- in April of 2014?
21 THE COURT: The fact of whether
22 something was filed in another jurisdiction or
23 in another case isn't relevant. If there's
24 some interactions you had based on some other
25 case, ask the question, but I'm --
2 THE COURT: You need to start
3 narrowing your focus and ask questions that
4 are relevant.
5 MR. LINDSTEDT: My problem is that
6 Mr. Reo and I know each other quite well and
7 I'm not quite sure how to go ahead and ask the
8 questions that you'll go ahead and allow me to
9 bring in this evidence.
10 THE COURT: Ask your next
11 question.
12 Q. Did you file a federal lawsuit against me involving
13 your public Facebook page?
14 THE COURT: His objection is
15 sustained as to that. Ask your next question.
16 Q. After -- after the lawsuit was dismissed, the
17 federal lawsuit for --
18 MR. REO: Your Honor,
19 objection.
20 THE COURT: Ask a question. Quit
21 trying to --
22 Q. Did you -- did you -- did you sue me for 10.75
23 million dollars?
24 THE COURT: We're not talking
25 about that and the jury is to disregard any
1 mention of that.
2 MR. REO: This is the fourth
3 time he's tried to go there, Your Honor.
4 THE COURT: Mr. Reo, I don't want
5 to hear from you either.
6 Q. Okay. Thank you. So when did you file your initial
7 complaint on 15CV001590?
8 A. What's it stamped?
9 Q. Do you want to answer the question?
10 A. I've penned in on mine, 9/18/2015, but this is not
11 time stamped by the court, so I could be incorrect
12 potentially, but I'm going to go with September 18,
13 2015.
14 Q. Okay. Ten days after the federal lawsuit was --
15 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt.
16 Q. All right. So you claim -- you claim to be a
17 private and not a public figure?
18 A. This has been asked and answered.
19 THE COURT: You did ask that
20 question and he said he's --
21 Q. He claims not to be a public figure.
22 A. Is there a question there or are you making a
23 statement?
24 THE COURT: Mr. Reo.
25 MR. REO: Sorry.
1 THE COURT: Do you have a
2 question, Mr. Lindstedt?
3 Q. Yes. Would you be -- would you be deemed a limited
4 purpose public figure for purposes of the white
5 supremacy or Christian Identity movement?
6 A. Since I'm not a white supremacist and I'm not
7 involved in any of those things, no.
8 Q. Not now. Okay. Were you, you know -- were you
9 involved with Mr. Brio -- Mr. what, Kyle Bristow in
10 something called the Foundation for the Marketplace
11 of Ideas?
12 THE COURT: Go ahead and answer.
13 A. Yes.
14 Q. Yes. And the purpose of that was to --
15 A. Are you asking me the purpose or are you going to
16 tell me the purpose?
17 Q. I was --
18 THE COURT: He's cross-examining
19 you, so wait for the question to be asked.
20 Q. Okay. I would like to -- I would like to, you know,
21 put up who the board of directors are.
22 THE COURT: Why don't you ask him
23 about the organization.
24 Q. Were you a member of the board of directors from its
25 very foundation in 2015 or 2016, early 2016?
1 A. From its very foundation or at any time?
2 Q. Were you -- you know, were you on the board of
3 directors?
4 A. Yes, I was.
5 Q. And Richard Spencer, known as a alt right, you know,
6 white nationalist and white supremacist, he is also
7 -- he was also a member on the board of directors?
8 A. I don't know that man.
9 Q. Okay. But was he on the board of directors too?
10 A. As a founding member the board of directors was
11 comprised of myself; family law attorney, Kyle
12 Bristow; family law attorney, Brett Klimkowsky; and
13 Texas debt collection attorney, Jason VanDyke. I
14 don't know who was added later. I wasn't the head
15 of the organization.
16 Q. Okay. Would you say that Kyle Bristow was the head
17 of the organization?
18 A. I think that's a fair statement.
19 Q. Okay. And when -- in early March or March 3rd when
20 he retired, based upon what was said about him on a
21 number of things, pretty well that -- that
22 foundation pretty well collapsed pretty quickly;
23 didn't it?
24 A. I don't know who you are referring to by Mr. Bristow
25 retiring. He's still practicing law.
1 Q. No, no.
2 A. The foundation was started to do 1983 Civil Rights
3 litigation for free speech causes for people across
4 the political spectrum, right, left and center who
5 were being denied access to libraries and other
6 traditional public venues, sidewalks outside of
7 government buildings, people who wanted to protest,
8 demonstrate. So I don't know what you mean by
9 retired, because Mr. Bristow is still practicing law
10 and to my knowledge he still does 1983 and he FOIAs
11 police departments involved in use of force cases.
12 Q. Okay. And he -- when he resigned would you say it
13 was in six or twelve hours his foundation collapsed?
14 A. I don't know.
15 Q. Well, you were -- you were on the board of
16 directors.
17 A. I didn't set a stopwatch the minute he told me he
18 was resigning and then wait to see what would happen
19 with the foundation in six to twelve hours. I was
20 in law school and basically didn't really care about
21 the situation.
22 Q. I think it said you were a law school graduate.
23 A. It said I was a law student at the time. If this is
24 2016, I was a law student. I finished my law degree
25 in May of 2017.
1 Q. And it fell apart -- it fell apart in March of 2018,
2 which is about what, March, April, May, June, July,
3 which is fifteen months ago?
4 A. I have no recollection. I really -- as I said, I
5 didn't follow any of that. I don't even know if the
6 group is current or defunct or moribund. For all I
7 know it's still operating, but Mr. Bristow, Kyle, he
8 contacted me and said he didn't want to be involved
9 in any of that and that he was quitting the
10 foundation. I said that in light of that that I
11 would quit as well. I don't know what, if anything,
12 the foundation is doing these days, so you're asking
13 me something that I have no base of knowledge for.
14 Q. Okay. Jason Robb, who is Tom Robb, head of --
15 A. I don't know that individual.
16 Q. But he was also a member of the board of directors;
17 correct?
18 A. I don't know. As I said, the founding directors
19 were myself, Brett Klimkowsky, Jason Dyke -- or
20 Jason VanDyke and Kyle Bristow, all attorneys except
21 for myself. I was a law student at the time. I
22 don't know who did or did not join the organization
23 later.
24 Q. Richard Spencer; correct?
25 A. Are you asking me if he was a member or are you
1 telling me, because I've never met the guy. I don't
2 know.
3 MR. LINDSTEDT: Could I -- could I go
4 ahead and just simply put up the board of
5 directors for --
8 A. I've never met the man and I don't know who he is.
9 Q. All right. You don't know Jason Robb or son of Tom
10 Robb; correct?
11 A. I don't know either of those individuals.
12 Q. Okay. Were you part of when Jason Edwards --
13 A. Who's Jason Edwards?
14 Q. Oh, the guy who runs the Political Cesspool radio
15 show. I'll -- I'll go ahead and look. You know, I
16 used to -- I used to post quite a bit.
17 THE COURT: Is there a question?
18 Q. Were you part -- were you part of Mr. Edwards suing
19 a negro journalist of the Detroit Free Press for
20 saying that he interviewed, you know, Mr. Tom Robb
21 who was head of the Ku Klux Klan?
22 MR. REO: Can I object to the
23 use of that word?
24 THE COURT: I'm gonna sustain the
25 objection to the question. I don't see how
1 that's relevant to what we're doing here
2 today. You're getting off the track here.
3 You need to focus and ask questions that are
4 relevant.
5 MR. LINDSTEDT: I'm trying -- I'm
6 trying to point out that Mr. -- that Mr. Reo
7 is no stranger to white supremacy.
8 THE COURT: Then why don't you
9 just ask him that.
10 Q. Okay. Would you -- did you used to call Hal Turner
11 all the time here in --
12 A. Who?
13 Q. Hal Turner.
14 A. I don't know that man. I've never met him.
15 Q. Hal Turner who -- well, your voice is distinctive.
16 Would you say that you used to call him all the time
17 before it was revealed he was a federal informant
18 and he went to jail for threatening to kill three
19 judges?
20 A. No.
21 Q. Okay. You say you never called Mr. Hal Turner?
22 THE COURT: He's already answered
23 that.
24 A. I don't know the man.
25 Q. But did you call into the Hal Turner Show?
1 A. I don't know the man. You're asking me about
2 something I don't know.
3 Q. I'm asking you --
4 A. No.
5 Q. -- if you called in to Hal Turner's show?
6 A. You said, "call in all the time."
7 Q. Have you ever --
8 THE COURT: Have you ever called
9 into this show?
10 A. Well, you're asking me to remember like everything
11 from the day I was born to today.
12 Q. No.
13 THE COURT: Everything that has
14 to do with white supremacy I'm asking you; all
15 right?
16 MR. REO: If I was fifteen years --
17 THE COURT: I'm asking you, and
18 you're going to keep your mouth shut until I'm
19 done asking you the question; do you
20 understand?
21 MR. REO: Yes, Your Honor.
22 THE COURT: If up do not
23 subscribe to the same views that Mr. Lindstedt
24 does, I think it would be very easy for you to
25 answer "yes" or "no" to these questions. Have
1 you ever called into a talk show where the
2 subject was white nationalism, racism,
3 natzism, any of those types of subjects?
4 MR. REO: No, but I may have at
5 age fifteen called in once or twice to the Hal
6 Turner show. But, as I said, I've never met
7 the man.
8 THE COURT: But now the name is
9 familiar to you?
10 MR. REO: Like I said, I might
11 have called him once or twice when I was
12 fifteen years old, but we're talking about
13 something from almost twenty years ago that
14 his statement "call in all the time," we're
15 talking about somebody from like 2002, 2003.
16 MR. LINDSTEDT: 2005.
17 THE COURT: Ask your next
18 question, Mr. Lindstedt.
19 MR. LINDSTEDT: Let's see. All
20 right. I'm sort of -- I'm sort of nonplussed
21 because Mr. Reo doesn't remember all these
22 people.
23 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, I
24 don't care what you are. Ask your next
25 question.
1 Q. Were you ever -- were you ever known as
2 SwordBrethren?
3 A. No.
4 Q. No. Does Mr. Finck still spell your name B-R-I-A-N
5 instead of B-R-Y-A-N?
6 A. I haven't been acquainted with the man since 2015.
7 I have no idea how he spells my name.
8 Q. Okay. Well, it used to be 2013, 2014. When is the
9 last time you discussed anything with Mr. Finck?
10 A. He contacted me in 2015 regarding the case,
11 regarding you naming him as a counterclaimant in the
12 case and we spoke momentarily. I was in law school
13 and told him I was busy. And as I said, I had
14 already ended my acquaintance with him and I did not
15 want to converse with him.
16 Q. Would you say that you were in touch with Mr. Finck
17 as late as 2017 when you kicked out a man called
18 Alan Rouse (phonetic) because he was a race mixer?
19 A. I just said the last time I spoke with Mr. Finck was
20 2015 and I was in law school.
21 Q. Okay. So it wouldn't be 2017 then?
22 A. One, I haven't spoken with Mr. Finck in 2017; two, I
23 don't know who Alan Rouse is. I've never heard that
24 name before and I've never met that individual.
25 Q. Okay. Well, let's go on -- let's go on to your
1 complaint about me here. Now, you say it's 2009,
2 but in a statement of fact, "Plaintiff first came in
3 contact with defendant in early 2010 when defendant
4 was invited to a lively" --
5 THE COURT: We are not going to
6 go through the complaint word by word,
7 paragraph by paragraph. If you have questions
8 to ask, ask your questions or you're --
10 THE COURT: -- done questioning
11 this witness.
12 Q. Okay. You said that I, you know, promised to
13 ascertain the real life identity of plaintiff. Is
14 it a -- is it a crime to find out what your real
15 name is on the internet?
16 MR. REO: He's asking for legal
17 conclusions. Do you want me to answer this,
18 Your Honor?
19 THE COURT: If you know.
20 A. Generally I would say no, it's not a crime, unless
21 you have some nefarious motive, such as defaming
22 somebody, creating accounts and impersonating them,
23 impersonating audio, splicing things together,
24 fabricating their signature, putting pictures up on
25 the internet, claiming that someone supports
1 pedophilia and supports various disreputable causes.
2 Q. Do you have -- do you have any proof that I have
3 done that?
4 A. I think we've established that you've done quite
5 enough.
6 THE COURT: The jury will
7 disregard that last answer.
8 Q. Do -- do you remember ever threatening to shove a
9 spear through the head of an 86-year-old woman in a
10 wheelchair named Athena, because you were mad
11 because she spoke Greek and she made fun of Bill
12 Finck being a Greek scholar?
13 A. Is this --
14 THE COURT: Did you ever say it?
15 A. No.
16 Q. Did you call her a Turkish whore because she made
17 fun of William Finck being a -- being a Greek
18 scholar? Well, the answer could be "yes" or "no."
19 A. Well, you're asking me if there's a woman who I
20 don't know and have never interacted with and if
21 I've ever called anybody a whore.
22 Q. But it -- it --
23 A. I don't think I would make light of somebody's
24 Turkish heritage, but it's --
25 Q. It -- it would be the same woman that you've now
1 denied that you threatened to shove a spear through.
2 A. Well, that's because that didn't happen. I've never
3 met this woman, I don't know who she is and I doubt
4 anybody's given name is Athena.
5 Q. All right. This is 2010 beyond the statute of
6 limitations.
7 A. Then why are we here?
8 Q. Because you filed a lawsuit against me.
9 THE COURT: Mr. Lindstedt, ask
10 your next question.
12 THE COURT: You're coming towards
13 the end of the line.
14 Q. All right. Is there something wrong with being a --
15 you know, let's say I say you're a pawn store owner.
16 Is there anything objectionable about being a pawn
17 store owner?
18 MR. REO: He's going through
19 the complaint sentence by sentence, Your
20 Honor. Do you want me to answer this?
21 THE COURT: Yes.
22 A. Not per se.
23 Q. Not per se. Would it be more a matter of on, say,
24 Talk Shoe show that as a result of you showing all
25 your guns that me and John Britton speculated that
1 your father must be a pawn shop -- a pawn store
2 owner so that --
3 THE COURT: Okay. He can't
4 possibly answer what you were thinking, Mr.
5 Lindstedt.
6 Q. Okay. Would you -- would you have heard me and John
7 Britton saying your father might have -- you know,
8 has to be a pawn store owner for you to own all
9 these guns you've got?
10 THE COURT: Once again, he
11 can't speculate as to that, Mr. Lindstedt.
12 A. I don't know your state of mind.
13 Q. Saying, you know, you claim that I called you a
14 Jewish pimp. Where did I call you a Jewish pimp
15 at?
16 A. It's on your website.
17 Q. Okay. Where? I would think -- I would think that,
18 you know, among all the cherry picked stuff on my
19 website you'd be able to pick out where I called you
20 a Jewish pimp.
21 A. Is there a question?
22 Q. Yes, there's a question. Where did I call you a
23 Jewish pimp on my website?
24 A. You've made 19,500 posts on your website.
25 Q. Yes, so -- but you're accusing me -- I've made
1 probably only one percent, if that, are of you.
2 I'm asking, you're complaining that I called you
3 a Jewish pimp. Where did that happen at?
4 A. Somewhere on your website.
5 Q. Somewhere on my website?
6 A. Or one of your posts.
7 Q. What if it didn't happen at all? Where -- you know,
8 you accused me of doing this. Where did I call you
9 a Jewish pimp on my website?
10 MR. REO: Are we going to go
11 through his website line by line?
12 THE COURT: Did you bring any
13 evidence to substantiate the claim that he
14 called you a Jewish pimp?
15 MR. REO: I haven't presented
16 that in my case in chief, so...
17 MR. LINDSTEDT: In chief. Well, you
18 presented it in this complaint.
19 THE COURT: Ask your next
20 question, Mr. Lindstedt.
21 Q. I was wondering, if I called you a Jewish pimp, what
22 would you pimp out?
23 A. What do pimps normally pimp out?
24 Q. I have no idea what kind of pimp you are.
25 THE COURT: All right,
1 Mr. Lindstedt, we're going to break for the
2 day. You're way, way off base here. Maybe
3 you need some time tonight to refocus.
4 MR. LINDSTEDT: Maybe I need -- yeah,
5 maybe I need some time tonight. What I'm --
6 what I'm --
7 THE COURT: I don't want you to
8 say another word while the jury's sitting
9 here.
10 MR. LINDSTEDT: You're right. Break
11 for tonight?
12 THE COURT: We're going to break
13 for today. I'd ask you to be back in the jury
14 room tomorrow at 8:30.
15 once again, I'll remind you, do not
16 discuss this case amongst yourselves, don't
17 allow anyone to discuss it with you and please
18 don't do any research on your own about
19 anything you've heard in this case. We'll
20 see you tomorrow morning at 8:30.
21 THE BAILIFF: All rise.
23 (Whereupon, the jury was excused for
24 the evening at this time.)
1 (Whereupon, the following
2 proceedings were held in open court without
3 the jury present.)
5 THE COURT: The parties will be
6 here at 8:00 tomorrow.
7 MR. REO: 8:00? Yes, Your
8 Honor.
9 MR. LINDSTEDT: Would I be able to
10 present my -- my -- my problem is I'm trying
11 to figure out, he's cherry picked -- he's
12 cherry picked what he wanted off my web page.
13 How do I -- you know, I'm not quite sure how I
14 put this up.
15 THE COURT: That's what the
16 discovery procedure was for, that you were to
17 supply discovery both ways and that everyone
18 would know what was going to come out here in
19 trial.
20 MR. LINDSTEDT: He refused to give
21 me any discovery, but --
22 THE COURT: We will deal with
23 that problem tomorrow.
25 MR. REO: Thank you, Your
1 Honor.
2 MR. LINDSTEDT: Thank you for a great
3 deal more patience than I usually get from the
4 judiciary, Your Honor.
5 THE COURT: Don't count on it
6 tomorrow.
7 MR. LINDSTEDT: Well, I am what I
8 am.
9 - - - - -
10 (Hearing Adjourned at 4:30 P.M.)
11 - - - - -
3 I, Susan Goodell, Official Court Reporter, in
4 and for the Court of Common Pleas, Lake County, Ohio, hereby
5 certify that the foregoing pages constitute a true and
6 complete transcript of the testimony requested to be
7 transcribed from my Stenograph notes, taken at the time and
8 place designated herein.
10 September, A.D. 2019.
Susan Goodell
13 Official Court Reporter and Notary Public
Lake County Courthouse
14 47 North Park Place
Painesville, Ohio 44077
15 440-350-2313
16 My Commission Expires: February 9, 2022
Recorded in Lake County

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