Don't see how I was a loser in high school.

1. had lots of friends
Nope, you were loner according to those on facebook

2. was in track and cross country
Only in track. No mention of you in the yearbook of you being in cross country. And the only reason you ran track is because you had to do something extracurricular. And you always finished last, running a 9 minute mile, slower by far even the girls. Plus you were shortest male on the team.

3. was on student council
No you weren't. NO mention of you being on it in the yearbook, and no photo of you in it. You may have been in special ed though

4. was in a few school plays
Not mentioned in any yearbook on classmates

5. was well liked and as said before had lots of friends
Facebook says different. You were a loner and had little friends and ate your lunch all by yourself