State of the Fart Right: Why the bum steers from Jonathan Pohl, et. al? Posted by DanielS on Tuesday, 08 October 2019 08:30.

Lately, I have been making the rounds on some of the prominent racialist hangouts and podcasts, trying to get attention to the ethnonationalist platform that would make most sense, be the most viable and with that, to cultivate means for its coordination as such. As always, I am motivated to help re-direct theoretical/epistemic misdirection to solid theoretical premises for the defense and advocacy of our European peoples.

I have been lured into some hangouts in order to defend myself and this platform against misrepresentations that were happening in real time. That’s what this post is about - to defend this platform as the prominent voices presenting themselves as experts or worthy common sense critics on behalf of European/White interests continue to receive and give terrible misdirection.. Recently I was lured onto a hangout hosted by ‘Babylonian Hebrew’, a young Jewish fellow living in New York but advocating Zionism for Jews and honest, hard criticism of diasporic Jewry.

I joined the hangout in order to correct an egregiuos strawman committed against me/this platform by one of those disingenuous diasporic Jews - Kyle Rowland, an obnoxious kid made infamous in the current racialist conversation by his slatherig dissimulations on Luke Ford’s weasil streams - aimed to provide ways out of responsibility for Jews.

Anyway, the world should know by now that I advocate a platform of Europea/White Left ethnonationalism in order to garner the underlying social organization, accountability and conscientiousness that the concept of unionization provides for, along with other White post modern means to manage our population and stave off infiltration, misdirection into runaway and betrayal - of key importance, the perspective of the union is intent on holding elites to account to our group (union) interests.

Now, Kyle Rowland has been busy peddling the Luke Fraud line that de-emphasizes the hyperbolic ethnocentrism and nepotism of Jewry in its assent to dispropotionate if not hegemonic representation in niches of power and influence; at the same time emphasizing argumentation that Jews have achieved this according to objective merit; while Whites have suffered where they have suffered for lack of objective merit.

Predictably, Kyle had tried to strawman me/this plaform with stereotypes of this platform being anti-elite so he could discourage those Whites of powerful resource from taking our side.

I was happy to disabuse the world of this strawman. It is one of the benefits of defining the left for ourselves, viz., a White ethnonational left is not equalitarian, not against private property and people havig more according to their merit. It is not against elites, it is about holding all union members, especially including elites, to account - they will not betraý our unionized interesrs.

Kyle responded that ‘‘your kind always says that’ ...‘you are an anti-social right winger’

Ah, I rejoined, in truth, that I am not anti-social - you want White advocates to be anti-social and that’s why you want them to identify as right wing, paying short shrift to social accountability in futile quest for pure warrant beyond or within nature, below relative human group interests.

At this point Ecce Lux joined-in against Kyle, wanting him to steel-man his argument that race replacement is immoral. Ecce did well, and I pointed out as well that Kyle was making an egregious buyer beware argument - if White people are hoodwinked into accepting race replacement it’s their fault. But I also polnted out to Ecce that anti race replacement was not the strongest angle in America, because Kyle could just hit you, as he already had, with the displacement of native Americans by Whites.

A better tack is to argue carrying capacity and from there segue into human ecology ... well, we’re sorry about the history but it is history and we’ve got to manage carrying capacity and human ecology now…

This was when Jonathan Pohl’s cohort, STFU James was encouraged by him and other half wits of the fart right to start attackig ...ME…

James was acting as if my adding the word ‘sorry’ was like an offer of reparations along with throwing myself and my people prostrate before the third world.. idiotic straw manning.

To provide some crucial background to the motives for this attack, take a listen the right’s intellectual champion, one ‘Right Ruminations”, on the Praise of Folly’ pocast repremanding those ‘anti-semites who should rather be grateful to Paul Gottfried and other Jews for conceiving rhe need for an ‘Alternative-Right’, a revised PaleoConservatism 2.0, moving right along with (((Frank Meyers))) incoherent and chimeric fusionism of Judeo-Christian, Abrahamic yoke and Enlightenment objectivist disingenuousness/naiivete - that pitted disingenuously against a marketing campaign of a vllainous characterology of ‘The Left’ as oxymoronically liberal (well it is liberal for Whites as it is comandeered by Jewry for internationalist, anti-White coalitions against the would-be conservatism of White uniomization). And particularly as Jewish hegemony peaked with the 2008 scam, Jews such as Gottried and Horowitz were franticically concerned that intersectionality might create a left ethnonational consciousness in Whites - they would organize, unionize and see who was on top, fucking them over - Jewish interests in tandem with White right wing sell outs taking the brbe of no account objectivism and White liberals takig license on similar no account objectivist grounds.

Sure, Right Ruminations! Whites should be grateful for this!

Coming back to our episode, Kyle agaist the world, where James joined-in.

James started calling me a “Pollock”, a moron, saying that Whites don’t and will never think like a group, because they are too individualistic and elite Whites have always sold other Whites out, Whites don’t care about eachother.

He then went into what I now know is his boomer thing about the evils of collectivists, and people supposedly like me, motivated by collectivism in order to take a free ride (not to help my people) while he had picked hiself up by his bootsraps and done everything by himself.

Though this only proved to me that he knew nothing about me or what I’ve said on these matters it was clear that there was no reason to argue with this contentious idiot - he was just going to attack, straw man me, my motives and my arguments from the get go. He just wanted to try to discredt me without so much as understanding anything I say or intend.

But before leaving, I did tip my hat to Gandalf for making a cogent argument against James’ self made man against collectivism bullshit.

This becomes more relevant as James would go on to say with Jonathan Pohl that Gandalf and I are alike in being gratuitously complex, pretentious wannabe scholars who really are not worth listening to (and as lf wevare colleagues, sharing the same platform).

Now, I won’t try to turn the absurdty around on Jonathan Pohl - he is an accredited academic with some insights into history and geopolitics - neither a heavy focus of mine. ^Even James, one of these guys who hasn’t been to college and so thinks everyone who has is pretentious and stuck up, needing to be shown by him how much smarter that he is - even he has a thought or two, but nothing that is any good and mutually exclusive to what I say.

But he is too much of a self righteuos asshlole to realize that I’m not trying to show off and compete with him.

I had only formed a momentary coalition with Gandalf against James bogus ant-collectivist bum steer, but it did illustrate how these temporary coalitons can form between people with ideologies largely at odds - as apparently is happening with moentary coalition formation agaist me/ this platform by Germanophiles, if not imperialists or Nazis as such, Christans and believe it or not, Jews - who are encouraging this right wing nonsense to keep us disorganized, stigmatized, divided and conquered.

Now, I would not be inclined to hold it against Jonthan Pohl that he is fat and ugly - made moreso for the fact that he let his teeth rot, is missing his upper set.

I am not particularly bothered by the fact that he has an Asian wife and mixed kids.

But you put these things together with his unspectacular 111 I.Q. and you start seeing a man who can’t and won’t thnk outside of the box, because he has a large and disgruntled German American demographic to fall back to; and too much invesred in this Jewish framework, as an academic selling point to third world students; his nervous giggle betrays the fact that he is precariously on the fringes of a Nazi German perspective that did things it should not have; and he’d rather have the company of people who stir up blame and hatred of Polish people, rather than the input of a half Italian half Polish man who doen’t hate Germans, who advocates them and their discreet ethnonationalism.

While your concern about the deportation of Volga Germans does not set my heart bleeding any more than yours does over similar plights of Poles, I would not expect you to have selfishness to the point of spite, projection and contempt.

So you have mixed Asian kids, therefore curating and defending the European genome - including German, obviously - is not a worthwhile project? It’s made redundant by your going to your German Oompah lounge and stuffing your face with bratwurst and beer?

It is important to note that the DNA Nations is just one criteria offered from this platform and it is optional - voluntary. But even so, it can provide criteria for dealing with mixed kids and other gray areas. It is not only about maintaining purity, though it can and should do that as well.

Do you know that the DNA Nations concept is not only about negotating purity, but also negotiating complexities and gray areas such as your mixed race kids?

You said in chat that I’d have to deport a million Silesian Germans. Why would I have to do that? never even considered it. Why don’t you get over your antipathy and persecution complex?

And you know, prof. Pohl, your buddy James is not the first of your cohorts to subjct me to thoughtless, nasty, insantaneous attacks, including the racial epithet, ‘Polock’.

It was only a few weeks ago that I followed you and Ecce to the Hangout of a stream coducted by some cartoonist by trade/ Christian who said that ‘Pollocks don’t deserve to be heard’ and that he would block my comment from the chat when I pointed out that Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space (whom he was talking about) may have been Belarusian, not Russian. To compound his willful ignorance, he said that ‘Belarus just means White Russian’....‘basically the same people.’

Never mind that I was defending Belarussians, not Poles….that the name ‘White Russian’ is an artifact of brutal Russification which left millions of what were once Lithuanians dead. That I leaned about this and other profound disinctions between them and Russians from Aleksander Shushkevtch, the man who drafted and signed the dissolution of the Soviet Union along with Yeltsin and then President of Ukraine. Shushkevich would then going on to be the first President of the newly independent Belarus; later deposed by Russian puppet, Lukashenko.

Maybe the friends you keep didn’t want the relevant inference that Belarus, like Poland and all nations between Germany and the Sovier Union, were staunchly against The Soviets, underscoring the lie that Hitler fought a defensive war.

You see, Professor Jonathan, this nasty hatred of Poles (that you’ve countenanced) and the tendency to villify and desparage other European peoples is part and pacel of Nazi platform - a good reason not to coddle those who traffic in it.

Apparently pandering to facile right wing Nazi and Jesus coalitions or perhaps because I don’t focus on Volga Germans and Ghanese, you say that I am not worth listening to. That I have nothing worth hearing or reading. That is worse than stupid, it’s an egregious bum steer for European peoples.

Speakig of the facile right wing coalitions which encourage antagonism of me/ this platform, Ovfuckyou was on a hangout with CoE and none other than Kyle Rowland today. I was invited by Babylonian Hebrew and what did I hear before entering? Ov saying that I (Sienkiewicz) think that all Russians were fighting for Stalin. I never said that ever, and I learned comprehesively in my Theory of Soviet Foreighn policy class at Tufts, that the Russians were fighting mostly for mother Russia, or for the gun at their back; while those Nazis so friendly and kindred to Russians as Ov would like you to believe, were undertaking the killing of millions of Russians at Stalingrad and Leningrãd.

But wouldn"t you know that Jewish Kyle Rowland agreed with Nazi Ov’s lie that I think Russians were fighting for Stalin - see what I mean about these right wing coalitions against a platform such as on offer here, one that really centers on defending European peoples in their genus and species?


One last issue that I have to address about an old saw that James seems wont to bring out agains me -

That I am trying to obfuscate and misdirect with academic language or that I am ‘trying to impress people’ with academic terms.

This goes to the most fundamental absurdity of James, where a semi intelligent guy really is stupid. He imputes these motives on me which are totally untrue.

When I use academic terms and concepts it is to help people, viz. White/Eurpean people understand how they are supposed to be correctly used in their interests.

And in the case of the C.M.M. based posts, while the terms and heuristics are technical and abstract of themselves, I present this material as a resource to help people sort out confusing situations - that’s quite the opposite motive from obfuscation.

I never use words to confuse or for mere decoration, but am rather trying, anywy, to use the word, term, concept that I think serves best.

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