Day 2 of the Reo-Lindstedt trial sure didn't start off good for Marty. He oversleeps and the judge nails him big time on it.

THE COURT: Back on the record in
2 15CV1590. The jury is not in the courtroom.
3 I ordered the parties to be here at 8 A.M.
4 and Mr. Reo was here as ordered. Mr.
5 Lindstedt came into the courtroom at 8:20. He
6 took the next nine minutes to unpack his
7 materials and get himself ready, so all the
8 time that I was going to allow him to explain
9 to me why he should be able to use some of the
10 videos or audios from the internet has been
11 squandered. I warned you yesterday.
12 MR. LINDSTEDT: I'm sorry, I didn't
13 know it was 8:00.
14 THE COURT: I made it very clear
15 to you the parties were to be here at 8:00.
16 I'm not going to keep this jury waiting. It's
17 now 8:34. We are going to start. All of
18 yesterday's nonsense is over. You are going
19 to streamline your presentations and you are
20 going to get through this case.
21 Can you bring in the jury?
22 MR. REO: Your Honor, am I to
23 understand the audio is being excluded?
24 THE COURT: Yes.
25 MR. REO: Thank you, Your

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