It's been 16 years since Matt Hale was arrested, tried, and convicted. 16 years... Man, we are getting old here.

Seems like yesterday. Remember when he was doing shows on the Turner Radio Network???

I always maintained then, as I do now, that Matt Hale did not deserve the lengthy prison sentence he got. The evidence he wanted to kill a federal judge Lefkow was based on one off the cheek remark.

On Dec. 4, they said, Hale E-mailed their source under the heading 'assignment' and asked him to find out Lefkow's home address.

The next day, the man told Hale he was working on it.

"When we get it, we going to exterminate the rat?" the source asked, according to a transcript that was read in the Jan. 23 hearing.

"Well, whatever you want to do basically," Hale reportedly replied.

"The Jew rat," the informant said.

Matt Hale was denied bond after his arrest for soliciting the murder of a federal judge.
"You know, my position has always been that I, you know, I'm going to fight within the law ... but that information has been provided," Hale allegedly added on the informant's tape recording. "If you wish to do anything yourself, you can."

On Dec. 17, 12 days later, prosecutors said that their source told Hale that plans were in place to assassinate Lefkow. Hale did not directly endorse the murder, but he did tell the source to remember they were discussing Little League baseball. Apparently, Hale feared the conversation could come back to haunt him.

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