Ok, for anybody who never quite understood the complex relationship between Bob Filus a/k/a Pete Jefferson and Charles Arthur Bishop a/k/a Arty, then this little video sums it up perfectly: the buff, tanned dude with the tats represents Arty whilst the skinny, pasty twink represents Peetie. Ok, ok, I KNOW that in real life, whilst Arty may have tats, he's an obese jew pig with NO visible signs of muscle, and as for Peetie Filus, the only time HE was ever skinny in his life was when he was born, MAYBE! Otherwise, enjoy this little reenactment of a typical get-together with Arty and Peetie, back before Arty murdered Peetie for demanding to be a Top just once (Arty doesn't roll that way): *LINK*

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